"They really came!" The brain bug hit the other wall and continued to shout.
"What do you mean they’re coming?"
Although the fluffy ball asked it this question, it still didn’t respond. It just repeated this sentence, but the pheromone in its brain has decreased, and it should regain some reason.
Does it mean that?
The ship’s foreign troops detected something and quickly approached here.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-seven Attacks in the distance
Target is 1,100 meters away …
It’s only a few seconds before it hits the object here, but.
Boom!’ The sound of explosion rings in an instant, and you can smell the thick smoke even if it is far away.
This is where the high school ship stops.
This ship is now not only surrounded by insects, but also the area with a radius of hundreds of meters around the ship is covered with a lot of black dust and fog, and Lin’s troops hide in the fog composed of this microorganism.
The purpose of these troops is to guard the outer surface of the ship against possible reinforcements.
And then Lin really saw something after the head worm shouted’ They are coming’ like crazy.
Many microorganisms in the black fog have strong vision, which can not only shield Lin troops, but also increase Lin’s field of vision.
Some microorganisms at the edge of the black fog just saw a strange thing flying this way.
This thing is about five meters long, like a cone-shaped crystal. Its jet mode is extremely fast, and it seems to fly from far away …
Lin thinks it may come from the place where the signal is sent, that is, about 100 kilometers from here, and there may be another ship or other base places
Generally speaking, Lin will try to see what power it has, but this time she took the lead in shooting it down. Seeing its explosion brilliance, she can determine that it is an explosive bomb or something.
It seems that the’ creator’ will not only make light but also make some of these tricks.
And there are more than one flying crystal block.
Now Lin saw the second piece coming this way, about two kilometers away from the ship’s position, and it was approaching quickly.
The’ Creator’ really intends to attack here, and the flying crystallization has special effects. Generally, brain waves can’t be detected, but the eyes are very clear.
Looking at the target getting closer and closer, Lin is ready to shoot it down again. Lin aims her weapon at the target.
Beep!’ A flash of light flashed through the sky and the explosion rang again.
Smoke a Lin arms’ arrow stone’ holding something that just can emit light … a crystal.
This crystal was found in an island parked on the side of the hull of Lin. It can be said that the energy transmission device is connected behind the launch port. The whole device is very large and needs a large arm like Arrow Stone to catch it.
Lin hasn’t studied how it works yet, but she has been able to bring it all here and make it have a gold controller at the end. If she wants to give this gold controller some stimulation, it will launch.
There it is again …
Now Lin saw two pieces of crystals flying over again.
One is from the west and the other is from the east. It seems to fly from two different directions deliberately. Is it to make Lynn unable to tell which side it is from?
But no matter how many, just shoot them down …
Arrow stone slowly turned the light emitting device in the tentacle to aim at the crystal from the west.
One second before the light emission, all the microorganisms in the whole black fog quickly changed their positions, and they immediately gave up a channel that went straight to the edge of the black fog to ensure the smooth flow of light.
Lin’s release of black fog will hinder the enemy from interfering with his own side, so that they can take away the dust in the air and make the air clearer.
The power of light will also rise to the maximum.
Beep!’ When the light flashes, the opposite crystal turns into a crashing spark, and the other crystal is also the same field.
Lin took a total of five such light emitting devices from the island in the ship. If there are five targets, she must attack them in other ways …
Lynn doesn’t know how many crystals the Creator will attack here or … Will it attack with something else?
Boom!’ The explosion sound outside the dense fog sounded again. This time, four crystals flew in. They still went forward and hit different positions like that, but they were still destroyed by several numbers.
By the way, Lin feels that their attack mode may actually be to test where to guard against it
Does this mean they don’t know about the black fog?
They should occupy the ship completely before they attack completely.