It’s not easy for Shaodi to send this three-step great power. His name is Tong Gao, and he is a well-known strong person among the royal families of Tang Dynasty. He is also a person with great prospects to become an eternal figure. His surname is not Li Suo, and he is not a monk of the royal family of Tang Dynasty. He was recruited from other places of Shaodi.
Tong Gaolai wanted to break through to the eternal territory before the coming of this catastrophe and then put together a fight to see if he could get the qualification of Emperor Gao Chengdi in this catastrophe. He took refuge in the Tang Dynasty royal family rather than temporarily because of his weak power.
He doesn’t want to come out when his personality encounters this kind of thing. Tong Gao doesn’t like this limelight, but this time it’s different. This Li Yanshen is likely to have a half-source rule and a thunder source rule, and his rule power is just thunder.
If there is a chance to slay and seize the half-source rule in this battle, then he will not stay in this big fellow, just run away and return to his own life star breakthrough, and then come out when he reaches the eternal realm.
And tong Gao also has a way to escape from the eternal territory.
"Is Li Yan afraid of me if he doesn’t talk?" Tonggao cold drink a way
Yuan Xiang frowned and showed her eyebrows. She said, "Li Lang looks arrogant, but in his eyes, he does not lose his vigilance, even if he estimates that Li Lang will fight."
"I have seen that Xianger, you are staring at this little emperor. Just now, he saved Li Ding, but this time he won’t save this monk. If he makes moves, you will also make moves. Then I will go directly into the crowd and cut off these powerful departments." Li Yan said that he had a plan in his heart, because this little emperor wanted this person to stall himself in exchange for the so-called fire source rules. He didn’t expect it.
"Well, my body knows." Yuan Xiang replied without moving.
Then Li Yan took a few steps forward with a cold hum. "I can’t wait to be beheaded by me?"
"Anyone who talks big also depends on whether you have anything. I also want to know what’s special about your mere two-step ability. Even the imperial city pays attention to you less." Tong Gao also took a few steps forward, and the three-step ability exudes momentum, which is filled with thunder and thunder like the wrath of the sky.
Li Yan didn’t exude momentum, but the momentum of children’s height didn’t have any influence on him. It is interesting to know that there is a complete Yan Emperor in his body.
He felt the thunder rule corners of the mouth can’t help but give me a smile. Of all the rules, he was least afraid of fire and thunder. The fire rule is over. He now has demigod blood. Even if he didn’t understand the fire rule, the flame couldn’t hurt himself, but it would be absorbed by himself. Although the thunder was amazing, for nine days, all the thunder couldn’t exert any power.
Tong Gao also hesitated at the moment. He felt that his sense of crisis was even stronger after he suddenly and violently leaked the thunder rules. "Since this person can suppress the thunder emperor, is it something with God’s restraint of thunder rules? If so, that would be bad. "
But Li Yan won’t give him a chance to back down. At once, other fields have exhausted their fire rules and surged away.
At this time, Tong Gao has also come to his senses and made his own field, which is a field full of countless thunder.
Thunder suddenly collided with fire in this virtual space.
However, this collision Li Yan field is in the power of wind and fire rules to burn, and the longer you stay in this fire rule, the harder it is to live, while the thunder rule is different. This thunder rule is more aggressive than the fire rule, and the thunder is instantly split through the virtual sea of fire.
And the power of the rules is more than that. The thunder that suppressed God was also attracted by the power of the rules and rushed out and integrated into the field of children’s high school.
The thunder, which is already huge, is as fierce as hundreds of thousands of runaway wild horses at the moment, and everything in front of you will be destroyed
"When the rules touch him, the wind will prevail." Li Yan’s eyes will beat around with thunder. "It will also restrain each other from the power of the rules. In that case, let these people see the true power of Emperor Yan."
Tong Gao saw this field of Li Yan, but he couldn’t fight it immediately. The friar in his heart was happy. The main fight was the rule power. If the rule power couldn’t beat his opponent, it would certainly beat him. However, his smile on his face was just revealed, and a terrorist will suddenly rushed out from this Li Yanshen.
If his thunder is a runaway wild horse, then this will is to roam the sky, and the dragon is incomparable day by day.
"The will of the great emperor …" Watching the little emperor’s listless face in the distance revealed a trace of dignity. "This Li Yanyan emperor seems to be more powerful than Yiqia. The will of the great emperor has been completely exerted. This boy is afraid that he will fall into a bitter struggle. Although the will of the great emperor can’t hurt people, it will suppress the monk’s thoughts. After the suppression, the ten layers of power will be weakened, and it is not impossible to be directly suppressed by the will of the great emperor."
With the emergence of such a terrorist will, the thunder around immediately lost control and then disappeared into the void, and then Li Yanshen, a sun flame, formed a pillar of fire and rose to the sky until the flame receded, and a giant appeared in heaven and earth.
This giant is wearing imperial clothes and a tongtian crown, which is seven points similar to Li Yanyan’s, but three points more dignified and domineering. Those eyes have no eyes but exude Lei Guang that will never go out. As Lei Guang suddenly shines in these eyes, the rules against thunder in Li Yanyan’s field are like being ordered by the emperor to rush to converge.
In a short time, the field of children’s high school disappeared and could no longer be condensed. As soon as it was condensed, the rules of thunder were absorbed cleanly.
"This is what’s going on?" Tong Gao was a little scared, and the power of his rules could not be exhausted.
Li Yan said, "It’s very simple, because I, Emperor Yan, have the rule of thunder, which is stronger than you. Naturally, the same kind of rule power is that the weak can’t make a little bit of it from the strong."
"It’s impossible for an avatar to have the power of rules." Tong Gao was unwilling to say.
"It’s really impossible, but the facts are in front of us," Li Yan said, and then Emperor Yan said with dignity, "I dare to offend me for nine days!"
As the sound fell, the thunder gathered for nine days. In the hands of Lei Di, these thunders turned into a huge knife and then cut it toward Tong Gao.
Chapter one thousand six hundred and nineteen Defeat
This knife not only contains the will of the emperor, but also contains some artistic conception of the knife method. Maybe one of the two emperors, the emperor and the reincarnation emperor, will use the knife.
If they want to know Emperor Yan’s real body, they will be reflected one by one. You are welcome to say that a complete Emperor Yan’s real body is equivalent to a strong man with the memory and will of the emperor. Li Yan has some doubts that if Emperor Yan’s real body has four great achievements, will he have four powerful members comparable to the emperor?
If that’s the case, then when he becomes a great emperor, he must be the strongest one.
"Can’t fight hard" Tong Gao saw this knife and his eyes suddenly shrank. He knew that the power of this knife was condensed by this thunder, and there were not only the will of the emperor but also the rules of fire.
That is to say, two rules, a high will, and such a power is by no means against the fate of the monks, who can resist the strong in ancient times to fight back before this knife.
But this giant wields a knife, which is not only very powerful, but also can suppress the idea that the Godsworn’s root method is teleporting away.
Tong Gao felt that the method of teleportation didn’t want to give way to the side immediately, and it was an extremely fast speed, and the whole person seemed to disappear.
However, for nine days, Lei Di didn’t stop because Tong Gao disappeared. This knife was completely powerful and the former position of Tong Gao broke out.
The thunder and fire rules, the power of the emperor’s will, when these forces are mixed together, they are like harvesting life, dying, sickle roots, and people dare to touch them before they fly out. Tong Gao was shocked by this burst of power, and then his body immediately stagnated and then his blood gushed out, and then the whole person was swallowed up by this afterglow.
"Is this equal power?" Watching the great power with the little emperor was speechless. At this moment, they completely understood what the emperor and the little emperor would say a few words to this Li Yan.