Lin Yuexin gave birth to a plan and screamed exaggeratedly. After that, the horse aimed the crossbow at the door!
And soon more than a dozen lizard people just stepped into this room and were roared out, and the crossbow arrow was directly dumped backwards and screamed!
Lin Yue has retreated to the deepest part of this altar, where he held a sacrifice to the stone statue-a sniper rifle was set up at the support point of the vampire monster!
Night vision goggles, he can already see several lizard people crawling close to the door, and he can also see the beggars with weapons!
Beggars? Then destroy it for the first time!
The magazine was shot and poured, but there was no shot. Soon Lin Yue hit a magazine and changed it again.
The lizard man screams and the beggar screams keep ringing, while Lin Yue’s side is calm and presses the trigger.
In the night vision goggles, lizard people and beggars can’t stop Lin Yue’s bomb attack if they want to rush over or get up and try to escape.
However, there are also some Cong who hide from their companions and explode next to the treasure chest, trying to avoid Lin Yue’s attack, but to no avail.
Little ice lizards are no joke.
At that time, when the lizard people and beggars joined forces to throw spears, they had already rushed out to harass and attack the enemy directly behind them to ensure that no beggars escaped.
They can all walk at the top of the cave, and it takes only a short bite to deal with beggars
And Lin Yue was the first beggar. The target attack didn’t make any survivors appear!
They are the most dangerous and easy for him to expose secretly.
"Poof-poof-poof-poof-poof-poof" The little ice lizards called twice to tell Lin Yue that the enemy had been destroyed.
He quickly collected the treasure chest and checked the condition of the passage at the same time.
Although the battle just now was not long, it seems that they all planned it from a lizard man or a beggar.
Put that head and body of my Sun Zhenxiong, who was kil by him yesterday, back together and put it in this small altar. if someone runs into it and step on the ground machine, then my Sun Zhenxiong’s body will explode!
When the time comes, lizards and beggars who lie in ambush in the distance will rush here to check what happened here.
But these bastards didn’t think it was him!
[You got 2 cubic meters! 】
[You got 1 cubic meter! 】
[You got …]
Six beggars, 7 cubic meters of objects and 26 bronze treasure chests, but the number of lizard people is almost fifty, which means that almost half of the lizard people in a chaotic war were supplemented by small ice lizards.
It’s also called
If you can, Lin Yue really wants Xiao Meng and Xiao Bai to kill these lizard people and save him energy.
It’s no pity to get a bronze treasure chest.
Add this time after entering the site, the number of copper treasure chest in his hand is almost four hundred.
At that time, it was very difficult to get dozens, and this is so many that it is ridiculous.
Lin Yue really can’t read the copper treasure chest now, although I don’t know what others think of it. For him, what’s inside really helps him is very limited.
If it’s a silver treasure chest, it’s worth it. Then a gold treasure chest is naturally better.
Platinum chest?
The more the better, the better.
After the search, Lin Yue horse left this dead end with the little ice lizards.
The main road outside is quiet again, and the original relic style has been restored. After this battle, Lin Yue did not return to the shelter but moved on.
This time, he doesn’t want to go back until the lizard man in Area C is destroyed.
Mess with me? You got the wrong person!
Want to treat me like a thorn in my side? Kill me and then quickly?
I’m sorry, this side will be tit for tat and eye for eye!
Come to him this time, when the ruins of Gu Men appear, they are going to have a little stroll and then put more energy into the secret world.
After all, compared with this relic, he can build a large-scale refuge in a different world, and he can find more resources and things in the secret world to enrich the life and production needs of the refuge.
But this was completely disrupted by people who accepted beggars lizards.
Now even if he doesn’t go to find these lizard people, lizards will come to him!
Even after he issued a warning to kill three or four hundred lizard people in one night, the meaning of the other party’s immortality was even stronger!
And this battle just now is the most direct embodiment.
He also found that the number of beggars was increasing.
"No matter what, today we must let these guys know that this place is amazing!" Lin Yue and the little ice lizards moved on, and he came to the wooden door again after the stone wall blocked the access to another site partition.
Here, the weapons were rearranged, and Lin Yue put a Snickers in his mouth.
I have to say that without the exoskeleton, everything seems to be quite strong, just like holding a weapon is different from feeling it out.
Snickers are too sweet and full of chocolate.
Lin Yue managed to force himself to eat the original earth, and then the horse pulled the wooden door after he couldn’t eat.