In the distance, a large shiny spot suddenly appeared in the sand, which was particularly conspicuous in the dark.
When the ship approached them, these flashing lights suddenly flew from the sand and rushed over here!
Whoosh!’ The flashing light passed by a reaper, and Lin saw clearly that this was a crystal bomb.
So that’s it. Did the’ creator’ hide the bomb launching base underground?
Boom!’ There was an explosion on the ship, and several crystal bombs hit the side of the ship, and the roar made the ship tremble.
Are they trying to shoot down the ship?
Lin found that a few bombs were ejected to the harvesters around the ship, and none of them hit the base, while most of them rushed to the head of the ship and exploded one after another, and a large number of fragments splashed, and the flying height of the ship became lower.
Sure enough, the’ creator’ wants to destroy the ship. It may think that the ship has been saved by law?
But Lynn doesn’t think so …
Bang!’ The reaper of the ship’s head shot some fluffy balls from its wings, which stuck to the deck and were blown out of cracks. These balls grew joints in their bodies and quickly climbed into the ship.
Boom!’ Because of the explosion, these pompoms in the rocking ship are crawling rapidly. The protection of the light balls in the current channel has completely failed, but there are many pieces of debris blocking everywhere. Lin is a little worried about whether she can find the Mktu Institute in time.
If we find Mkturingen, we can understand all the structures of the ship without disassembling it, and probably include many things about the’ creator’.
And the’ creator’ obviously doesn’t want Lynn to get these.
If the law saves it, destroy it.
A large area of light appeared in the desert in front of the ship, and the flashing light spots of several bombs gathered together to form a galaxy like a desert.
The huge shadow of Tianyun Island in the rear is getting closer and closer. Although it has been hit hard by arrow stones, it is still fast.
I’m afraid the whole ship will be enveloped by the explosion glory again soon.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-four Sneakers
The desert is shining brightly at night …
The five-kilometer ship is still moving rapidly, and it is less than 100 meters away from the ground. The sand grains also raise dust all over the sky with the strong airflow.
The sparkling light in the flying sand is not shielded, and several crystals follow the sides of the ship with crystal color brilliance.
Such as moth swarms and crystal swarms near the firelight, and the ship’s target then explodes with three collision surfaces.
The rocking ship emits scorched smoke, and every explosion makes it lower in height and nothing stops these crystals.
The reapers flying around the original ship have now risen to a higher school and they will face a huge opponent.
The huge island in flight.
The island flies faster than the ship, and its speed increases instead of decreasing when facing the reaper. It seems that it intends to hit this group of troops with its huge size …
However, as the target approached, dozens of reapers suddenly accelerated, and they divided into two teams and flew to the silver wings on both sides of the sea of clouds, and at the same time, they crossed the edges of the outer islands of Yundao, and the clouds suddenly flew into the middle like being cut.
The reapers got together after Yundao, turned around and flew to Gao and dived into Yundao casually.
Beep-!’ Small rays of light suddenly scattered from the cloud island, and they stood hundreds of lights that went straight to the sky at night, but they didn’t hit the target.
The reapers changed their flying posture before the light came out. Now every reaper keeps moving forward in the light gap, and when the light disappears, they also fly to Yundao.
It really consumes too much, and now it can emit not much tiny light.
At the moment when the reapers approached Yundao, dozens of sharp silver-winged islands were scattered around, and a large number of cracks were cut in the clouds, while the following reapers rushed into the cracks cut by the previous reapers …
Sharp wings and strong impact made it tear the island in an instant, and the clouds hit an island body.
Boom! !’
The echo and roar of the sky shook the island, and its whole body tilted and its flight direction turned to the right.
The reapers followed the island, as if it had just been blown off course, but it still kept its speed and adjusted back.
But it has been badly damaged, and this time it can be completely defeated.
Meanwhile, on the other side …
Unlike a large number of troops in the island war, a few troops entered the ship, and they were moving rapidly towards the goal of Mktu.
The ship’s ten pompoms quickly destroyed and floated in the passage, and they rushed to the target as quickly as possible according to the information of Mktu.
Although you can’t see the crystals outside here, you can still clearly feel their harm. Everything here is on the verge of collapse.