And more importantly, it also means that the master values the lives of himself and others.
Rattan Yuan and others are just, but Luo Fei is secretly glad that he chose to be a servant in Zhang Yang, which is really a correct choice.
"Now take these life fluids and fight!"
Zhang Yang, with a wave of his hand, immediately scored 10,000 bottles in front of him and threw them at everyone.
Everyone is a wave of his hand, and his face is full of joy.
Promise one after another to drive away in the direction of that small world.
Zombie Zhang Yang took a Nawu ring and handed it to human Zhang Yang.
In addition to the average distribution of life fluid, there are several treasures including white jade seals in the ring of accepting things.
When Zhang Yang, a white jade seal, was hit by a Explosicum worm, he blocked Zhang Yang’s body and cracked and was thrown into the turbulence.
After Zhang Yang entered the turbulence, it took a little effort to find the white jade seal and took it back
The crack is just a crack in the printing body. The core part of the artifact that Baiyu Dayin can make is the Xuanlingzhu in the printing body.
If Xuanlingzhu is not damaged, the vitality of white jade seal will not be weakened, and cracks will be repaired soon.
Chapter seven hundred and seventeen Conditions
"There is a white jade seal, a life fluid, a few big arms, and more silver-winged magic ants … even if we can’t keep the vast majority of female ants in the small world, it is definitely not a problem. Today, the advantage of the first world war is in our hands! Ha ha ha … "
Zhang Yang, a human being, ended up laughing and turned away.
Arrange all this. Zombie Zhang Yang will scruple again. With a wave of his wings, he will flash back and forth on the battlefield and let go of the slaughter.
In the place where I passed, a Explosicum worm crashed into dust.
If god wants to lock the insect nest, he must kill it at all costs.
Si Ming’s master sits in the mother’s nest command room, or watches the battlefield video or the gods directly attach a borer to watch the battle. More borers will send back the news from the battlefield … Generally speaking, Si Ming’s master is in good position to control the battlefield situation.
He soon discovered the secret of that small world.
"hmm? It seems that all the silver-winged magic ants come from that small world. It seems that their female ants must be in that small world. "
"Killing these silver-winged magic ants is the only way to kill the mother ant."
Body zerg dominate SiMing dominate nature is to know the weakness of swarm.
What he wants to kill nature most is that he suspects that he has the potential to dominate Zhang Yang as a swarm of insects. But Zhang Yang has great mana, almost immortality, many magic weapons and treasures, and it is even more cunning than … All this makes it difficult for Siming to master Zhang Yang.
Being able to kill the female ant step by step is equivalent to breaking Zhang Yang’s biggest arm. Without the brute force of the silver-winged magic ant colony Zhang Yang, it would not be so terrible.
Like the yellow tide, swarms of insects poured out from the damaged barriers of the celestial world. Except for some of them, they supplemented the battlefield, but more borers circled and flew towards the Hanazono Sakura world.
Immediately Hanazono Sakura world silver wing magic ants sent a black tide to meet.
Here we are-
Here we are-
The swarm is obviously ready. Before the silver-winged magic ant colony gets close, it is just a few red slurry jets, most of which are Explosicum insect attacks mixed with insect nest battery attacks.
Powerful slurry attacks clouds of silver-winged magic ants and is burned with dust.
Clouds of red flames exploded in the black tide.
However, the volume of this black tide is too large, and the loss caused by the attack is only a small part. Most of the silver-winged magic ants have taken the opportunity to break through the obstruction and fight with the stem borers.
Zerg vs zerg!
Teng Lin and others are shuttling back and forth among the insect groups by various means, relying on the support point of life fluid to kill Explosicum insects, which is even a face worm
Soon Gisiah arrived, and the Lord arrived, and they all joined the battlefield one after another.
With the support of the strong as the backbone; There are a large number of silver-winged magic ants fighting against stem borers, and Zhang Yang gradually takes over the wind
After a few days of persistence, Gisia got into trouble.
This kind of high-intensity fighting has to fight against a large number of borers almost every moment. Even if Gizia is careful, the power consumption will far exceed the recovery speed.