I didn’t expect to get more soldiers by acting without authorization. This is what Mr. Zhan didn’t expect. Mr. Zhan didn’t care. After all, he was still an outsider
"Sir, can you tell me what you have achieved today?" The nangongshan jinyu didn’t suppress his curiosity.
"Don’t worry, we’ll have a good show tonight, and maybe we can achieve our long-cherished dream for many days." Mr. Zhan said his vicious plan
"Ha ha! Sir, it was a master, so I’ll wait for good news. "Nangong Jinyu smiled after hearing this. There’s nothing I can do about Muqingfeng this evening. Who called this the site of Nanyue Wangfu?
There was a lot of laughter in the barracks. Zhang Peng was walking around on crutches. It was a miracle that he survived the fierce siege war. You know, the death rate of the wounded soldiers with the array exceeded 70%
"Come and have another drink, just one. Don’t let that bad old man know, or I’ll be in trouble." Zhang Peng said that the bad old man was naturally suspected by Xiao Langzhong that his medical skills were superb, and many soldiers in the line of life and death were pulled back by him, so he now has a high prestige in the army
However, since Zhang Peng, everyone is far away from him as if they didn’t hear him, for fear that the wave will reach them. There is no reason why the doctor is behind Zhang Peng.
Zhang Peng suddenly felt a chill behind him, just thinking about it. Suddenly, he felt that his right side was numb and the whole person would not move.
"Captain Zhang seems to recover quickly." Xiao Langzhong sneered coldly. "Since you are almost injured, keep an eye out here. Know that Captain Zhang likes to be lazy. I ordered your big hole. Don’t worry, it will be solved in two hours."
Say that finish shaw card shark also don’t go back, leave yelling Zhang Peng there miserable.
The whole town of Changlin was immersed in laughter. Although there were many casualties, after all, the whole street was full of festive flavor.
Except for one person, of course, that is, Fang Qing-sha lost the bet. At this time, Fang Qing-sha realized what Mu Qingfeng was betting on. It turned out that Li Daoling was in low spirits all day for a reason, and the kite was too annoying.
"I said, silly, we haven’t been to that stall yet. Take me to see it."
"Miss, you have hands and feet. Why do you want to take me with you?" Fang Qing felt that his head was about to explode. Since everyone came out together, he and * * kites have been to at least ten stalls. * * kites are still tasted, saying that they are afraid of ruining their body shape. As a result, Fang Qing is going to eat himself up.
"I don’t have martial arts now or I’m a star saint. What should I do if someone assassinates me? Otherwise, don’t bet with my brother. Isn’t the Star Tower the most particular about keeping your word?" * * It’s also a good choice for the kite to find out for the first time that it doesn’t have martial arts. It seems that someone is helping him with everything.
In fact, she didn’t like the bandits because she was ordered by Master. If Mr. World War I hadn’t followed him, it would have been impossible to make the bandits so powerful. In previous siege wars, she sincerely wanted to help, but because of her status, both Xiao Langzhong and Mu Qingfeng refused.
Zhuonongyue is very comfortable and Muqingfeng is walking in front. She doesn’t say a word. He knows how tired this man around him is these days. He has exhausted a lot of effort to keep this Changlin town. He is less than 20 years old, and a gray hair has appeared in his temples.
"Don’t move!" Zhuonongyue stretched out his hand and took the white hair.
"hmm!" Muqingfeng doesn’t know what Zhuolong Moon is going to do, but he obediently stays still.
Zhuo Nongyue carefully feared hurting Mu Qingfeng. When she pulled out that hair, she lost a long breath as if she had accomplished a big thing.
"I didn’t expect to have white hair. It seems that the years are really urging people to get old. Throw it away quickly. I don’t want to find myself old again," said Muqingfeng Region.
"I don’t want to put it away carefully. This is your first white hair. When your other white hair grows, I don’t know if there is any chance to pull it out for you." Say that finish, Zhuo Nongyue carefully put this white hair in his pocket and collect it personally.
After so many days of getting along with each other, I like this knowledgeable chess fairy more and more, but my hair is awake in my arms and I have a beautiful woman waiting for me in the grassland.
The night will come soon, but tonight’s silence is a cruel and bloody prelude.
According to the agreement, Zheng ou came to the south gate with his most elite 1000 people, and he was dismissed. You know, Nanyue Wangfu can’t afford to sell more than 10,000 troops now, but he didn’t know that Mr. Zhan didn’t intend to let go of Zheng ou. It was a lot of people.
"Zheng Shouling to elite troops? Don’t blame me if ordinary people are planted here. "They are still greeted by Mr. Zhan and Zhou Huo."
"Sir, don’t worry, this is my confidant. I relied on them when something happened in those years. It’s absolutely reliable. Either I blew it or this thousand-man team and the regular army fought against each other." Zheng Ou patted his chest and said.
"That’s good. Changlin Town celebrated its defeat today. People who attacked you were too relaxed and injured the barracks. Here is the place where the guards are stationed. The civilian area here is where the people who participated in guarding the city were. I won’t tell you what to do that day." Mr. Zhan handed Zheng Ou a drawn map.
"Sir, rest assured in white." Zheng Ou remembered that he died in the city wall brothers, especially after he was injured in Muzhong Mountain, his eyes became a little red.
The wounded soldiers in the barracks are resting. They never thought that the butcher knife would fall on their heads.
⑧ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ 931
"Brothers! Kill it for me! Revenge for the dead! " Zheng ou’s team is far ahead of Changlin town disabled people’s hospital in terms of quantity and physical strength, and he has no intention to hide it.
"The enemy attack! Enemy attack! The bandits killed the city! " A soldier was hacked to death by Zheng Ou as soon as he shouted out.
"Don’t kill them one by one, just set the house on fire and let them burn alive!" Zheng ou wants to make things bigger, the better, and he doesn’t care about the subsequent development of things
Many people in the wounded barracks were killed by the bandits, not to mention resisting. Many people were burned alive on the road. The bandits gathered their grievances for many days at this moment, so their animality was even more obvious. Many wounded soldiers were directly cut off by them and died of pain. Others were poked by their spears for more than a dozen holes, but none of them were hurt in the key, watching them bleed to death.
The surrounding residents are not much better, after all, but in order to consider the convenience of treatment, the wounded barracks are directly set up near the slums
The bandits are like evil spirits in hell. They kill everything they see and rob the people. I don’t know when I will wake up.
Muqingfeng didn’t have an early rest, and she was drinking in the room with Zhuo Nong and * * kite. When she heard the news that the bandits were killing in the city, her glass fell directly to the ground and broke into pieces.
"I have defeated the bandits. How could they appear in the hinterland of Changlin Town! Unless … "MuQingFeng said can’t go to the present situation, there is an explanation that the Nangong Jinyu hit the gate of the bandits, which led them to March in.
"How cruel it is for the old lady Wang Egg to kill this little rabbit cub." On the side, Dr. Xiao Langzhong and Li Daoling flew into a rage and decided to kill the people.
"Master Xiao Langzhong, wait a minute. I have something to ask you." I didn’t expect Mu Qingfeng to let them be calm.
"Nine times out of ten, Changlin Town can’t stand it now. We are not only short of troops, but also without geographical advantages. This battle is run. I hope you two can help me send three girls to Wanchun Valley to help her restore her memory." Mu Qingfeng didn’t feel safe at all.
"Give me the antidote, Miss. I’m going to kill all those people and see who can do us." When I heard that I was going to send myself away, I was the first to quit. Finally, a group of people spoiled myself and suddenly told me that I just knew my brother, and she might lose it. She really couldn’t accept it.
"Listen, now that you have a special status, you can’t be with me anymore. Besides, the bandits won’t care about their status. Now get out of here before the situation gets that chaotic!" Muqingfeng has written urgent.
"I don’t want to follow you!" I didn’t expect this time * * kite launched a big miss temper.
MuQingFeng also want to persuade what only to find that * * the kite head tilted down in ZhuoNongYue arms see ZhuoNongYue smiled at himself turned out to be she see the situation is not good directly knocked out * * the kite.
"Brother Feng, if you don’t say anything, I’ll live and die with you, so don’t persuade me." Zhuo Nongyue stopped Muqingfeng.
In fact, Mu Qingfeng really hopes that Zhuo Nongyue can go with * * kite, but seeing her decisively will know that it’s over.
"The ego is waiting for you in Wanchun Valley." Xiao Langzhong directly took the * * kite and walked out without looking back. In fact, Xiao Langzhong would rather go with Muqingfeng to kill the enemy, but if the problem of * * kite is not solved, he can’t put it down.
"I’m afraid I can’t accept the second apprentice when I’m old. Try to get me back to Wanchun Valley. Flowers and plants are not suitable for me. I’m still waiting to take you back to my legacy." Li Daoling also went out directly. At this time, mother-in-law is not his style.
When Xiao Langzhong and Li Daoling disappeared into the night with a coma kite, they said, "Shall we meet those animals?"
"I hope Mu Dage can protect Chess Xian ‘an" Mu Qingfeng whispered in Mu Chongshan’s ear.
sea of blood
When Mu Qingfeng arrived near the north gate, the whole north gate became a xiuluo field, where screaming gods and bandits were everywhere, and the blood was turned into a stream with blood on his feet. Mu Qingfeng felt that his eyes were full of red blood, and when he was going to kill himself, he suddenly found that the owner of the wonton stall was dying in front of his booth. Around his stall, there were ordinary residents who died of bandits’ butchers.
"Less … less general … give … give revenge to the villagers …" Found that Muqingfeng came to the wonton stall owner and his eyes lost their luster after struggling to finish the last sentence.
"I want these animals to blood out today!" Rarely angry, Mu Chongshan couldn’t help it. He grabbed a gangster and smashed his sternum directly. The gangster screamed and died, attracting a lot of gangsters to rush here.
"There are beautiful ladies and brothers here to have fun!" Found MuQingFeng beside ZhuoNongYue comparable fairy has killed red eye disorderly bandits where there is mind descended directly like a hungry ghost in color.
Chess fairy’s no words and no waves are just a handful of "flowers and rain all over the sky". One by one, dark chess hits their eye sockets as accurately as eyes, ending one by one evil life.
Maybe killing can calm the anger in his chest. Zhuo Langyue directly drew his sword and flew to the bandits like a Hua Hudie, but this butterfly was deadly. The sword flashed and took away the bandits whose hands were covered with blood
Mu Qingfeng was a little tired, but the sight of horror and indignation in his chest made him full of revenge. He took the knife thrown by Mu Chongshan and gave a cold heart to a gangster in front of him. At this time, he suddenly felt that Master had given himself a little meaning in swordsmanship. Now the situation is much more suitable for his mood. Although Mu Qingfeng has not learned serious swordsmanship, he has been practicing swordsmanship all the year round, adding his former hunter experience, and he can always float a lot of blood when he cuts himself.