The words sound just fell and a gray pickup truck rushed out of the living area path and went straight to the foot of the mountain!
"second car?" Asked the young man next to him
"No!" Qi Lin shook his head without hesitation. "We don’t have such a car."
24-inch wheel hub and modified pickup truck with high-heeled tires. This is an ice pack pavement. Although it can’t afford absolute speed, it can be rushed all the way.
No matter how fast a person’s legs are, they can’t be wheeled. The other party is responsible for covering. Four people just want to step back and the pickup truck will blink.
Brother Chexiao pushes the co-pilot door, pulls the window frame with his left hand and sweeps the gun with his right hand.
"Dadada …!"
A shot went off, and the other side poured two people and the car knocked down one person!
Xiao Ge ceased fire. blazing with anger shouted in the direction of Qi Lin, "Kill him together!"
JiLin started to throw forward after one leng.
Shanjiaochu fork road
Wu Wensheng ran pale and looked back at the entrance. When he heard the sound of the motor, he immediately shouted, "It’s okay. Someone will pick up our horse and we will continue to run!"
The words sound just fell and a fork in the road suddenly rushed out of an off-road vehicle.
The car door booth was covered with gauze and Yuan Ke waved his hand and shouted, "Shengge car!"
Wu Wensheng turned his head and saw Yuan Ke with his eyes. He was overjoyed and immediately ran over and shouted, "Mom, I am still in front of you!"
"Let’s talk about the car!" Yuan Ke language gas urgent press a way
Wu Wensheng gasped and ran to the car and reached for the back door. "Give a message to Lao San to let him take Xiao Xiong with him. We will go out tonight!"
Yuan Ke turned his right hand and pointed a gun at Wu Wensheng.
Wu Wensheng rushed to the right temple and suddenly turned his body stiff.
“……!” Yuan Ke face wrapped in gauze eyes looked at him calmly.
"You … what do you mean …!"
"It’s not what I mean," Yuan Ke replied in a low voice. "It’s what the White House means. They don’t want you to go back to Songjiang to be tried."
Wu Wensheng heard this head felt a.
"… uncle, I can’t sink with you after paying so much!" Yuan Keyin said coldly, "You can’t run out of Songjiang if you come. I want to see if you can take the old cat, but you still can’t."
"You are special with …!"
Wu Wensheng words haven’t finished Yuan Ke has pulled the trigger.
The bullet flashed through the skull. Wu Wensheng’s temple was bleeding. He took two steps back and crashed to the ground with a clash.
The back door bounced. Two strong guys with guns shot and killed the last two wings around Wu Wensheng.