From time to time, monty roared out and disappeared into the clouds.
The younger brother of the Taixu Sect changed his face. "They released the monty and told the master quickly."
Accompanied by a clear sound, a Tai Chi halo appears too empty, and Yin and Yang Dao Jun strides out.
Tai extremely hurriedly hand way "master forgive my brother oversight didn’t expect the magic field to make a virtual export, those monties have run out I don’t know how many, if it spreads, it will threaten the world".
Too empty Yin and Yang Tao Jun’s face remains the same. "Hades already know that if Wang Xuanfa handles it, he will show up."
I am extremely stunned. "But those monties …"
Too empty, Yin and Yang Daojun glanced at it lightly. "Without magic, there is no divine grace like the sea."
This is a very clear immediately.
Hades and Taixu Yin and Yang Daojun’s ability will not know the situation of the demon land, and they will escape from the monty.
Wang Xuan got the town prison exorcism emperor, so he must suppress the celestial fiend and close this virtual channel first.
After that, those who escaped from monty will also be held back.
Monty can blend into the world like a shadow, and even escape into a monk’s heart to create the devil.
I don’t know how long it will take to get rid of it
Nowadays, the whole world wants to cut off the communication between heaven and earth, cut off the fairy road, and the people have to convert to Shinto.
No matter how strong Wang Xuan is, they collect incense and remove the magic knife.
Thinking of this, I deeply surrendered that "the master’s clever plan is not in case."
Although he is ostensibly flattering, he is somehow uneasy …
Outside Wang Xuan’s eyes also flashed a flank.
None of the great powers that caused such a great disaster showed up, only the mixed yuan and the emperor were willing to help.
Because of the long distance, he explored the limited method and entered the magic field with intelligence errors.
But those great powers are capable of probing.
He is good at calculating, and he can’t see anything strange.
This is a cage of exorcism emperor in Yangmou town prison, which trapped himself and the people.
Became a shinto to promote incense.
Defeat made him stink and gave Pluto an excuse to attack him.
And those who escape from monty will also cause chaos, flesh and blood disasters from all walks of life and quickly unite their great power.
"Lure the enemy to suppress one by one!"
Wang Xuan suppressed his anger, and the sound system cut through heaven and earth.
There are advantages in this situation
These heavenly fiends have no thoughts and feelings, just like toxins destroy the three realms by choosing the most favorable scheme.
It’s really a headache if they run around.
But it happened that gathering here to maintain the virtual channel could not escape anyone!
As Wang Xuan ordered dozens of Japanese warships to suddenly shine, the sun’s true fire converged and a golden awn crossed.
On the left side of the virtual large array stands a pyramid, and there are strange black eyes in the huge palm of the mountain fiend.
The sun is really hot, and the golden awn almost divides in half.
But the breathing is huge, and the meat mountain is two and one.
Weird roar resounded through the heavens and the earth
This fiend suddenly appeared in the palm of an army with black eyes staring at everyone.
Many soldiers suddenly have visions in their heads.
This fiend’s ability is to bewitch the strange swarms around him, and all of them are infected by the spirit and impact the army like moths to a flame.
"Four Elephants and White Tigers!"
Zhang Heng’s roaring military orders reached various Japanese warships through Sanchen Baoshu.
At present, the patrol army is a combination of Ganyuan large array, four elephants and three talents, and nine legions each occupy the ninth house, and the three talents of heaven and earth can also operate the four elephants in the ninth house
With the large-scale operation of Zhang Heng’s military command, all the legions gathered together and roared with the sun’s true fire, turning into a giant tiger method
Different from the former white tiger, these white tiger methods are all stars, bodies, the sun and real fire wings
The winged tiger is even more powerful, accompanied by a roar of tigers, and it blends with each other into a larger giant tiger. With a single stroke, the first celestial demon will crash into the large array.
The large array of dry elements runs, and the bright mountain shines in the sky
And Wang Xuan has flashed out of the army array and blessed the altar city method to show that the god gun crashed into the fiend body
Terror, murder, spread, the first fiend suddenly became stiff, and then quickly turned white and dissipated like dust.
Wang Xuan was also taken aback.
They thought that the power of destroying the magic gun suddenly rose like these fiends.