At this time, all the breath in Xiao Shen Zhou converges like a fine woman.
"Elder sister, you arrived so fast. These two …" Baiyun Building was smiling and sideways. Please introduce two school sisters by the way.
"Chaoyang Ziyan …" Xiao nodded slightly and directly evoked the names of two women.
"Sister Xiao often listens to the elder brother about today’s meeting with Chaoyang and sister …" Xia Chaoyang immediately saluted warmly before staring at the beautiful woman.
Chapter one thousand and seventy-seven The past of an old friend
Ziyan is also famous for a long time. When we meet today, we will be ready and respectful to sister.
"Elder sister, let’s have breakfast together. It’s just too late …"
Heaven’s moves are naturally extraordinary. Through the identity of Baiyun Tower sister, he naturally blended into people and took a new name himself.
White House gentleman Baiyun Building has a well-known elder sister.
My sister has been brilliant since she was a child. since the enlightenment has been traveling away from home for a long time and finally has to go home today.
Since then, the green ant and koi fish have become Xiaowen’s third and fourth sisters, and the white wolf has conveniently become the fifth brother.
Looking at the lively scene in the backyard, Baiyun Tower sighed and thought that when I went to Jiangnan to study by boat, I was still alone. I didn’t expect that it was only three or four years ago, but there were more than six brothers and sisters
A hearty and lively breakfast is smoother than expected in Baiyun Tower.
Before, I was secretly worried that sister would be difficult to adapt to ordinary life, but what I saw and felt completely reassured Baiyun Tower.
With the taste of the road, the big sister of every food is more and more like a woman, and her manners are somewhat smoky.
Enjoy breakfast food elder sister didn’t idle pulling koi fish out of the door, saying she was going to visit the market in Luoshui County.
Niang was in a good mood and went to the cloth shop to choose silk and satin noodles, saying that she wanted to prepare new bedding.
Bai’s father is playing fish tea in the backyard of the old gods and listening to anecdotes in the spiritual world.
According to Yamaraja’s order, it is necessary to wait until the full moon, midnight, when Baiyun Tower and Chaoyang Ziyan put this matter temporarily. It is very rare to chat with the people in the White House Yard for tea.
The so-called gossip is, of course, inseparable from people and celestial affairs. Aly, the white wolf, roughly said the recent changes in Nanzhou and his own practice
Later, the green ant also said a lot of anecdotes and interesting things about the customs changes in Dahe country in the 100,000 mountains in the southwest.
It seems that these days, the green ant has already adapted to the blue cloud palm, and there are many thoughts about the blue cloud brother in the identity speech.
What Nangong Xiaoxing sees is naturally more in Kyushu and all over the world.
Huo Linger talked about the restoration of the fairy world, and Xiaohua Ling presided over everything smoothly. It was only in the past few days that the core of the wonderful immortal domain has been integrated by more than 40%
Upon hearing this, Baiyun Tower is temporarily relieved about celestial affairs.
Adults always talk about this kind of spiritual practice. When Bai Xiaoni listened to the fog, she immediately picked up Xiaowen and greeted everyone. She turned around and went into the small bamboo house to practice poetry and calculate money together.
Looking at these two little leaving figures, I thought of the early green ant and immediately said to the green ant, "Little sister is just free today …"
Hearing this, the green ant could not help but ask, "Ah … is today suitable?"
"There is no stranger here, and most snow silkworms are familiar with each other. Say something about the past as if you miss the old friend …" Baiyun Tower freely replied that it was very calm.
"Snow silkworm sister? An old friend’s past … "Zhao-yang Xia was surprised and guessed that the green ant had something to say. He couldn’t help but turn and look at the master elder brother.
Baiyun Tower smiled and raised a glass to the southern sky. "Brother Zhiyong, the ghost is dead, and I’m also curious about the elegance that once gave birth to the soul."
When this statement came out, Dad Bai couldn’t help but sit back and listen to it.
Zhao-yang Xia couldn’t help but then stopped and whispered, "Yes, I’m curious …"
Zi Yan looked at the elder brother’s eyes and looked bright. "The elder brother really broke the puzzle of the heart mirror."
"Heart mirror puzzle … thanks to my younger sister’s advice, the broken heart mirror gave my brother an epiphany machine." When I spoke, the heart mirror suddenly flashed and then it was broken and dissipated by the Baiyun Tower.
"Ah, the heart mirror is broken?" The nangongshan small mirror view this situation is not zheng quickly ask out, after all, small mirror is know the big brother that wonderful tree of heart mirror a few people so very cut.
Listen to the small mirror worried that Xia Chaoyang took the hand and gently comforted that "the big brother has completely returned to normal and needs the help of the heart mirror."
"Chaoyang is right, but the heart mirror is just a mental barrier …"
Catch the opportunity to give advice to my brother-in-law. Bai Dazhao is very conscientious. If you don’t read here, it’s not a place to solve problems …
Halfway through the speech, Baiyun Tower suddenly stopped and said to the green ant, "Little sister, you can go ahead …"
"Good …" Green ant crisp should immediately explain the dusty past.
In those days, the three people in Daheguo suffered many twists and turns. In the face of challenging the guardian, Snow Silkworm showed her grace and left a reputation as a frost witch.
Perhaps it is because of the memory of the snow silkworm elder sister that the green ant seems to have engraved that past event, and the narrative words vividly, coherently and clearly depict a clever, interesting and happy snow silkworm.
Listening to the strange and interesting past, the name Snow Silkworm gradually became clear in the depths of Baiyun Tower’s memory sea.
As I said earlier, now my mind is clear and my memory is clear, and it’s no harm to look back on a lost sentient woman.
Bai Torre listened to it with relish, but he finally learned that this woman was the fairy who died in the human world, and he suddenly realized that he was also crying.
"It’s a pity that the girl in Blue Cloud Valley repaired the snow silkworm monarch in Dahe country …" White Torre whispered a word and was quiet at once.
People in the field are extraordinary and naturally hear clearly. Torre immediately woke up and went on to say, "It’s a pity that such a strange girl has fallen in this way. I don’t know if I can wait for the soil and water to raise it. I can’t help but want to go out for a walk."
Hearing this, the green ant immediately replied, "Since Dad has this interest, if you don’t go with my daughter to see the scenery of 100,000 mountains in two days, are you going to visit a big river country?"
"Say go? It’s not bad. Just take your Niang, Xiaowen and koi fish. This girl is stuffy in a small county all day, and it’s time to go out and see the world. "When the green ant wakes up, White Torre really gets interested and immediately figures it out.
"This is going out? Where to go? " The front yard tidied up Auntie couldn’t help but walk into the backyard and ask out when she heard her master’s fluent words.
Bai Torre cheerfully replied, "Go to the Green Ant Sect and visit Daheguo by the way."
"Wen is also a little too big to go out for a walk …" In the middle of the words, Niang suddenly changed her mind and said, "No, no, Yunxiao has just returned home today. How can I leave without saying anything? I have to stay at home."
Chapter one thousand and seventy Floating thoughts
A Niang took koi fish leisurely into the backyard and said, "Then I’ll go with her. It’s not bad to go out for a walk all these years."
"That’s not in a hurry how to also want to live for a few days" A little Niang went on to say "this three days later, these two days just help the green ant family to tidy up together …"
Stay green ant crisp after the Niang then said, "Wen’s birthday is only two years old, and it’s been too early. It’s also idle for half a day. You’d better get busy and get down to business. Don’t be lazy with your dad …"
"Ah, good … Chaoyang Ziyan, let’s get down to business." Niang’s momentum together, where is the Baiyun Building? She immediately called two school sisters to get up and say goodbye.
White Torre also got up and said that he would go to the post office and then turned around and went out.
Fire shine saw the situation and quickly got up to leave. Sister Yunxiao said a few words and then turned into a line of fire to break into Kunlun Fairyland.
Then the White Wolf and Aly left at the same time and went to the desert sea in the northwest and Nanzhou to get busy.
When parting, Baiyun Tower suddenly remembered Xuan Bing’s case, and immediately gave an idea to Xiaoxing, and then conveniently condensed a hundred Xuanyin ice crystal balls and handed them to Xiaoxing.