"I called you here today because I have something to tell you." Jade Duxiu looked at Hai Dafu Fairy with a pair of sharp eyes.
"Please also ask the cave master to command" Hai Dafu was obedient and changed his name.
"You’re a born immortal, enlightened and seated in the palm of your hand. Speaking of the world, you’re already a man." Yu Duxiu looked at the Hai Dafu immortal. "Is it right or wrong to be a man?"
Jade Duxiu looked at the Hai Dafu fairy with her stupid eyes in her palm.
Hai Dafu fairy smell speech to the jade unique gift "is something very hole Lord although commanded".
Jade Duxiu smell speech nodded. "Actually, no one in the palm of my hand can know that a ray of innate immortal light has been channelized. You are beyond the control of your godfather. Even your godfather can’t suppress you. If your godfather really suppresses an idea of wanting a seat, you can be summoned into the palm of your hand. Gankun is out of the seal and goes out again."
"What?" When Hai Dafu heard this, the divine light soared in his eyes. "Is the cave owner serious?"
Jade Duxiu put her hands on her shoulders and looked at the mountains in the distance, saying, "More than that, if you don’t destroy Kun in your palm, you will never die, never die, never die and never fall into reincarnation."
Hai Dafu fairy suddenly trembled at the words of Jade Duxiu.
Yu Duxiu’s keen sense of spin and nature keeps the transformation of Hai Dafu’s immortal heart in his heart. It is still so indifferent. "I tell you this just to want you to know that no one in the heavens can endure you. You can rest assured that you can do things for me, but the one that can kill me in the heavens has not yet been born."
"Yes, yes, yes, if the Lord has anything to do, just ask him." The Hai Dafu fairy made another 100-degree turn with a respectful attitude towards Jade Duxiu.
Jade Duxiu nodded dimly discernible "SIRS ancestor, Long Jun, demon god have been tied down by the design of the seat. Now the whole heavens in Kunlun Mountain are quasi-immortal. If you have any resentment in your heart, even if you start work, even the four seas Long Jun will come out in the future."
"But the Lord really knows my heart," said Hai Dafu Fairy.
"But you have to do one thing well for the seat before you are satisfied. If you can do it well, you will never care what you do." Jade Duxiu turned his head and looked at Hai Dafu Fairy seriously.
"Please also ask the Lord to order Hai Dafu to do it," said Hai Dafu Fairy.
Jade Duxiu nodded. "You also know that the four seas Long Jun’s grievances were captured by the four seas Long Jun’s plot against him. This matter is endless. Now, if you want revenge, you need to help."
Hai Dafu fairy smell speech didn’t talk, but listened carefully to Yu Duxiu.
Jade Duxiu turned around and sounded dimly discernible. "When dragon three was too embarrassed, he remembered it clearly. Now that he is taking revenge, let’s take this dragon three as a breakthrough."
After that, a jade slip appeared in the hands of Yu Duxiu, "You are in this jade slip."
Hai Dafu fairy respectfully took the jade slips and carefully read the information in them. After a while, she thought, "Although it is difficult, it is inevitable to take care of it properly."
"It’s good for you to go back to the East China Sea and get ready." Jade Duxiu is not salty or light.
"Yes" Hai Dafu bodhi old zu heard that the jade in his hand was simplified and became immortal after dust, and the light dissipated in the void.
Looking at Hai Dafu bodhi old zu far away, Jade Duxiu sighed gently for a moment, and a mass of lux silk appeared when the palm of his hand shook.
"This ten thousand silks were taken from the fire silkworm bodhi old zu in those days, and the southern flame flag was sacrificed and refined from the ground. Although some of the great power was stripped from the silk due to the congenital hibiscus wood, the remaining part of the great power was still earth-shattering, and the power of the innate hibiscus wood could be borrowed. It is an earth-shattering treasure that is now incorporated into the body sacrifice and refined." When talking, I saw that the flag of the lux silk fell into the hole of Yudu Duxiu and disappeared.
"There’s still a treasure missing. It can be turned into a soft object. There’s still a rigid penis missing." Yu Duxiu touched Ba’s bosom and groped for it, then took out a piece of iron pimple flashing with sharpness.
"The bodhi old zu seat of Gengjin is not short of Gengjin." Jade Duxiu smiled and swallowed the Gengjin instantly with a puff of suction.
"This time, it’s almost the same. It’s necessary to seal the blessing and burn it into the innate runes of wind and fire, which will inevitably make these two treasures go up a storey still higher."
Jade Duxiu pinched her fingers and immediately shook her head. "It’s a pity that the material is defective and bears up to 49 wind and fire runes. But it’s a pity that it doesn’t take too long. It’s enough to make the birth of the treasure not delay for too long. When it’s too long, the four seas dragons will wait. It’s not enough to plot secretly. It’s necessary to involve you in the robbery of the gods and fight for the life and death. Otherwise, it seems difficult to spend it by the two shemale families alone."
Jade Duxiu looked up and watched the red disaster floating in the void. There was a long black lotus in her eyes. "If you want to spend a flower, you can rest assured that you can play with your scruples."
With that, Yu Duxiu closed his eyes and silently offered sacrifices to all kinds of treasures of the elixir of life.
Hai Dafu quasi-fairy in the East China Sea stood in the eyes of the East China Sea at this time and flashed a obliterating machine. "Is the blood theory high or low? In this world, the big fist is the big uncle. Why does the theory of blood set us up for the ascetic generation? Ha ha, you damn loaches have to pay the price today. "
With that, Hai Dafu’s quasi-fairy instantly dived into the sea. "We need to find a few allies to get a seat in the East China Sea. It’s too weak to do anything."
With that, Hai Dafu disappeared into the East China Sea.
Chapter 1173 Local tyrants momentum treasure to hit the tide
Hai Dafu left and Hai Dafu left. Soon after, the tide quasi-fairy arrived.
"I have seen the cave master", and the sea tide fairy gave a unique gift to Yu Duxiu.