This careful observation of Zhao-yang Xia immediately surprised "Brother, you see how the white wolf looks familiar …"
"Loose ask children …" Baiyun Lou freely woke up.
"It’s true. I said he looks a bit like my brother when he was young."
"Fire spirit sister, come here. This is your hometown sister …" Seeing Aly’s small appearance, Xia Chaoyang called the fire shine to the front and joked with a smile.
Fire shine also see wowed gently pinched Aly little face as if you had yourself.
Aly some unnaturally hide hide lift up your little face quite a bit proudly said, "I heard that the magic stone basin has become a great lake. I’ll fly over to see if I can follow them … too slowly …"
Speaking Aly has turned into a fiery streamer and fled to the sacred stone basin in memory.
"Fire spirit sister, you scared Aly away with one hand, and I just held back …" Looking at Aly’s disease, Xia Chaoyang muttered with emotion.
"Hey hey, isn’t this unbearable … she gets used to meeting each other?"
Just then Ziyan said, "I’ll go and see if this small world is stable soon."
Upon hearing this, Baiyun Tower immediately understood the meaning of Ziyan’s words.
A Li-xing doesn’t want this small world to manifest itself for the time being.
Let’s not talk about whether this small world can inherit from the four great beasts in the fairy queen’s memory, and all the small worlds are very special.
Nowadays, three of the four great beasts evolved from the human world are still young, which is the object coveted by all circles.
If you show up rashly, maybe even the protoss will have curiosity.
Decades ago, several foreign monsters fled into the human world, mostly for the human world, and perhaps the god beast had to guard against this.
It is good to know that there are not many true companions of the four great beasts, and they are all familiar people, and they are all Qingyun’s younger brothers.
Reading this, Baiyun Tower nodded to Ziyan and replied, "Ziyan, go ahead and leave it here to senior brother and Chaoyang."
I heard that my senior brother Xia Chaoyang suddenly came to the party and said, "Sister Ziyan can rest assured that although it is messy here, I … and Xiao Jing will soon be able to arrange it properly."
Ziyan nodded in response and then his body flashed away.
After seeing the elder sister leave, Xia Chaoyang suddenly remembered something and quickly asked the elder brother, "Is the refining of the little tower finished?"
"It’s nearly half finished … but the collapse of the small tower has stabilized a lot. This time, you can stay here for a night …"
Xia Chaoyang was overjoyed when he heard what the elder brother said. "It’s great to have a night, so it’s not urgent. Hey hey …"
The original Xia Chaoyang also plans to let the senior brother display his magical shape and fly a boat to take this group of fellow travelers to Shenshi Lake to see and see earlier. At this time, it is really not urgent.
It is also interesting to watch a few younger brothers refining the flying sword multiplier for the first time and flying the royal sword precariously.
When everyone got used to the rules of this small world and the operation of magical powers, the princess greeted everyone and set off for Shenshi Lake.
As soon as Fang Yi started from Yuntou, Xia Chaoyang handed over the post of leader to Xiao Jing.
Small mirror said doubtfully, "Second sister, you are more rigorous than little sister these days …"
Turned to look at the jagged crowd behind him, and Xia Chaoyang casually replied, "Some time ago, I was still idle, and I may be busy after going to the tribal world, and the teacher elder sister and I are in the soul … concentrate on enlightenment."
"Enlightenment … Oh, the second sister can leave all kinds of chores to her younger sister, although she can feel at ease." After a slight stupidity, Xiao Jing answered the matter.
Turned around and looked at the small mirror behind him, and there was a sharp edge in his eyes, as if he had returned to the busy and unforgettable years before the demon was killed …
Dismantling the team leader and blaming Xia Chaoyang for everything, I stood beside my senior brother, although I didn’t hold hands, but I was particularly comfortable and warm.
Xia Chaoyang, who is connected with his mind, feels relaxed as never before. Senior brother talks with him as he pleases.
Speaking of the young Kun, who was arranged by martial sister Zi Yan to guard Xuan Bing’s eye, I also talked about the fire shine leaving the elder brother to refine the glass gourd, and finally completely repaired the collapsed sea eye.
One speaks interestingly, the other listens happily.
Unconsciously, everyone fled all the way to Shenshi Lake, but Xia Chaoyang didn’t show off.
On the contrary, Xiao Jing talked about the achievements of Senior Sister Chaoyang to all the fellow students with great interest.
Hundreds of miles of bamboo forests and peach gardens reveal limited vitality, which makes everyone marvel and sigh with emotion.
Xia Chaoyang, who was in a different mood, directly pushed Tao Yao to the stage and praised him. Then Xiao Jing told everyone about the current situation
Knowing that the small-world boundary breaking is about to be completed, and that we can still observe the scene of the small-world integration, everyone suddenly lost interest in this peaceful and sacred stone lake, and they are looking forward to connecting the two worlds to the far west.
Chapter nine hundred and seventy-two Eating tribes
Most of the monks came to this dreamland to temper their mood and cultivate magical skills, not to see any beautiful scenery.
See the crowd gathered even three snow eagles from the north back to Xia Chaoyang and jumped into the bamboo forest where dozens of zhangs wide gap into the massive breath.
Young bamboo shoots burst out of the ground as if stretched out against the wind for a long time, and the whole bamboo forest was missing again, and the whole crater atmosphere was connected.
In an instant, the breath of the whole small world suddenly began to change, and the original rules were quite vain, and the strength became stronger and stronger.
This small world has become a complete success, and almost all monks have noticed the change, and their minds have suddenly cheered up.
Seeing that everyone is in high spirits, the Nangong small mirror greeted him and took all the monks directly to the extreme west.
The extreme western abyss pours in as if it never stops.
Look at this scene. Everyone stands in a semi-shock.
Although I know that this is a fantasy, I can really feel that there are rules in it.
On the one hand, the law of virtual boundary wall in the world is extraordinary
The mysterious law is in front of us, but it is as far away as the horizon.
They are watching, and suddenly a wave hits the shore like a raging wave.
This is the end of the abyss!
With the rolling waves crashing and tumbling, the wide trench with no end in sight is gradually filled up by seawater, which arouses the waves to stir back and forth.
Look at each other, this is two small worlds, and the sea water is stirring and churning, but in fact, it is the integration of several rules and forces.
Most of the monks are aware of the changes in the thoughts and feelings of the detectives.
The sea, the moon, the claws, and several sea monsters directly plunged into the waves to refine their knowledge.
In the eyes of several people in Baiyun Tower, the changes of these qi machines are clear, and what they see is a general trend that runs along a certain law.
In the light, Xia Chaoyang also understood all these changes, and his feelings merged into his heart.
The tidal air machine gradually recovered and separated the two small worlds, and the virtual boundary wall became thinner and thinner with the oscillation.
A shock wave is like a bubble breaking, and everyone’s mind senses some brittle sound.
The boundary between the two small worlds dissipated a sense of smoothness and flooded the hearts of the monks.
This time, I didn’t say hello to everyone. Qi Qi platform weapon sword fled to another sea area.
It seems that exploring a brand-new little world has just begun for most monks.
This vast sea area seems calm, but it is hidden. Only after escaping for dozens of miles, the monks were attacked by several powerful sea animals.
If this sea animal is in a leopard shape, its mouth is full of teeth, and it has a pair of sharp fins and a wide fish tail.
Sneaking on sea animals is not only physically strong, but also can exert one or two sea magic methods.