The road finger moved to the edge of the enemy-occupied area and pointed to Vesta, saying, "The road just passed its revolution once, which is three and a half years. This speed is a little faster than the revolution speed of the enemy-occupied area. It is now located behind the enemy-occupied area, which means that the kitchen star is slowly catching up with it. Vesta will be an important node for us to fight against the enemy for a long time to come."
He pointed to Ceres again. "It’s different. It’s much slower than Vesta in four and a half years, but it’s a little faster than an asteroid in the enemy-occupied area. It’s already chased from the first star domain to the fourth star domain, and it’s not difficult to understand that it will surpass the enemy-occupied area or Jupiter in another year and a half."
"It’s not difficult!" Luo jiaqi nodded again.
"It’s not hard," said Ceres. "He’s in a very critical position, right in the middle of the enemy-occupied area. It’s like poking aliens under their noses. Why should we rob Ceres? Isn’t this the reason for the key? Put a fleet here without moving, even if it moves, it will plunge into the enemy’s belly. Do you think aliens can not feel bad? Can you not try to get rid of us? "
"Of course not!" Luo jiaqi said, "Otherwise, why don’t aliens take a reason for the international fleet? Vesta’s position is so partial and there is a Ceres poking at it. Unless the alien brain lets the donkey kick it, Ceres will be placed, regardless of Wan Li’s distant knot fleet."
"Aren’t you all white? Grab Ceres. It’s safe to grab Vesta now. It’s safe to grab Vesta in the future. What else do you not understand? "
"More!" Luo jiaqi said, "Since Ceres is so important, why do we have to rob it ourselves? This isn’t just about us, is it? What if we can’t hold on to so many enemy warships? If Vesta doesn’t have a fart, can’t you transfer the fleet and wait for Vesta to stabilize before going back? "
"And this also exchange that also exchange since it is an exchange of interests, it is not difficult to change anything for the international fleet to come and help, is it? Even if you poke at Vesta, it’s better than hiding from Vesta. "
The road looked at Yip Han Trail. "Captain, I can’t hold on!"
Yip hon stared at the road "feint feint you forget? Ceres over there is a feint to take Ceres. It’s our own idea, not our own call. What if those grandchildren in Washington go back on their word and have to share Ceres with us? The entire asteroid belt can be such a dwarf planet! "
He hasn’t thought about what conditions Baibei has got for Ceres, but the price must be small.
In this case, it is normal for the North to hope that Ceres will be lost and that Washington will not have the opportunity to get its hands on Ceres.
Luo Qi showed a thoughtful look. "So I’m clear … If aliens attack Vesta, are we the same?"
"I don’t know about this," Yip Han said. "See how to discuss it with Washington."
Luo Qi wry smile "I still feel wrong!" He also pointed to Ceres. "Even if we put the fleet on Ceres, how big can we block it?" So many warships in such a large star field can’t take care of it. The enemy can directly attack Mars and even the earth around Ceres at any time … Did I say something wrong? "
Words haven’t finished, everyone looked at him with horror, and Luo jiaqi was so scared that he couldn’t say anything.
Yip hon said, "it’s really possible, but what is your South Island fleet that has been actively provoking and jumping? Don’t you just want to draw the attention of aliens? "
"Did they succeed?"
"Bullshit!" Yip hon was annoyed. "What will we do if we succeed?"
Luo jiaqi passively grinned and didn’t dare to speak again.
Yip hon said, pointing to the map, "You think it makes sense. Let’s hide our actions from aliens. Now, let’s see if Ceres can attract the enemy’s attention …"
In the middle of the words, he couldn’t talk about it himself. How do you think about it? It’s a strange thing. "No … it’s not right … the enemy doesn’t have to stare at Ceres … What do you think?"
Lu tentatively asked, "Captain, this is really weird. Are you going to report our thoughts?"
Yip hon took a sideways look. "Do you think you don’t know these things?"
"That’s impossible!" Lu said without hesitation, "I think maybe the head is deliberately arranged like this …"
"What is that?" Yip Han racked his brains. "Mars leaves a battle group … is it … is it to use Mars as bait to lead the enemy to Mars?"
"No way?" Luo jiaqi eyes wide slip circle "lead the enemy to Mars? Can they all crash into Mars and die? "
"Pull what light? If you want me to see it, if you really use Mars as bait, it will definitely annihilate the alien fleet … Are you going to attract the alien fleet from Mars and let’s flank it from the back? " Road not sure to guess.
Yip hon looked at the road in amazement. "You mean this plan was not to send Mars from the beginning, but to fish out the alien fleet?"
"I feel like it!" Lu nodded heavily. "I really can’t think of anything else."
Luo jiaqi way "aliens can’t watch us around? Even if the face really wants to wait for the real thing, can the aliens still listen to our command? It would be strange if they didn’t run when they saw us coming around … Hum! "
"Is there anything on Mars that aliens are determined to win?" A bridge officer gave his opinion.
"I don’t think so," Yip Han said. "If there is such a thing, aliens will always nest on Jupiter if they haven’t occupied Mars long ago?"
Luo Qi said testily, "That’s not right, that’s not true. Why don’t we ask the flagship?"
"Forget it," Yip hon sighed. "If the flagship can say that it has been squeaking for a long time, let’s not think so much."
Chapter 1343 Knot number
The fleet gradually threw Mars behind faster and faster, and finally turned into an inconspicuous dot, which was slowly submerged by darkness.
This time, the fleet sailed to different ships. Instead of leaving one or two people on duty, Huo Qiang personally took the commanders to observe asteroids every day, and then called the captains together to discuss the enemy’s requirements. Every captain should know the asteroid belt like the back of his hand.
It’s very simple to hibernate the captains, but when the fleet gets to the place, everyone must understand the changes in the hibernation situation from the beginning. Huo Qiang admits that he didn’t personally observe and analyze the information or listen to the report, so he directly broke the past practice.