Zhao Gou walked over and gave a fish he personally caught to Yang Zhong, Yang Zhong Nai, and then gave thanks.
There’s nothing he can do. Zhao Gou is really crazy
Zhao Gou recognized that he felt whatever he felt, and no one listened to anything. He was extremely excited and drunk late, and he had a carnival. If he hadn’t looked up, he estimated that he could have torn the ship apart.
Then his refuge fleet was made dumplings by the former Weihai Navy.
Chapter 1161 Zhao Gou was captured alive.
When Weihai Navy artillery roared, Zhao Gou was holding a glass dragon boat deck and dancing with the Americans.
While dancing, he never gave up peeling off the clothes of the beautiful people, admiring the jade-like skin of the beautiful people and hoping that his face could give him some strength.
I haven’t seen you for many years, and how many doctors have tried their best to cure Zhao Gou’s impotence. I can listen to Zhao Gou and finally despair. Giving the throne to the descendants of Zhao Kuangyin is a bit of virtue for myself
But it is a shame for a man, a man with a high dominant position, to hold his head up.
Seeing his ministers’ relatives feasting one woman after another on the bed, his professional bedroom team with high quality and high technology was unable to lift its head and exercise its own strength.
If this doesn’t make him feel resentful and depressed?
Even though he has given up the throne, he still has a little desire in his heart.
But he was disappointed again.
No matter whether he dances with the senior technicians of the professional bedroom team, if they show their professional skills, Zhao Gou will always find the feeling before he is twenty-one.
He can find back the fanatical impulse of that year.
Fire by other methods
However, the military artillery woke the dreamer with one shot, which made him lose the idea of continuing to fire.
The artillery roared like thunder, and Zhao Gou was so frightened that he was incontinent and leaked urine, and fled into the cabin shivering and hid.
Commanding the battle, Yang Zhongshen, a veteran who is over years old, fell.
It was cold in the center of Yang. Seeing that there were warships everywhere, I realized that I had fallen into a trap. Zhongjun might have been waiting here for a long time.
But what is this?
Is there a snitch?
What, their route will be known to the army?
He can stand up with great energy. Yu Yong finally directed Song Jun warships to meet military warships.
When he is old, he feels that he doesn’t have much time to live, and he will repay Zhao Gou for his kindness and luck. He feels that even if he dies here, it doesn’t matter.
Therefore, he is not timid and confronts Weihai Navy with the determination to fight to the death.
More than 20 main warships equipped with artillery in Weihai Navy took the lead in making artillery bombardment rush to meet Song Jun warships.
After a roar, the number of Song Jun warships sunk and injured by the powerful firepower of the military gunboats.
Song Jun trained the be adept at Navy to come to Yangzhong to command and planned to fight fiercely with the army to fight our way out to protect Zhao Gou and go to Liuqiu Island.
A large number of warships in Song Jun were sunk by military gunboats before they came to jump for help.
Yang zhong has heard that the army has a new type of firearm, the famous artillery, which has made great achievements in Xiangfan battle, but he has never seen the artillery fail to cope with it in a water war
Seeing that the military gunboats are marching forward and the Song Jun warships are losing ground, there are signs of disintegration. He decided to cross the rubicon and stop commanding in the middle, but personally called on the combat ships to bravely attack and try to get close to the military warships with himself.
If you want to get close, you can really fight with the army, you can avoid them and use a lot of artillery to give full play to Song Jun’s advantages in jumping for help.
His flagship issued a call order, and the rest can still impact Song Jun warships to March forward bravely and charge the army with him.
However, his actions caused his ship to be attacked by arms.
A large number of artillery guns were fired by the military gunboats to attack the Yangzhong warship. After more than a dozen shells hit his warship, he seriously injured it and eventually sank it.
Yang Zhongzhong fulfilled his mission-to protect Zhao Gou to the death.
He watched the hull crack and leak everywhere, and watched the soldiers run around in panic or jump off the boat with boards to survive.
His soldiers tried to take him to his ship to continue fighting, but Yang Zhong already knew that this was a battle with no chance of winning. His destiny was to die here and repay Zhao Gou for his kindness for many years.
So he sank to the bottom of the sea with other ships there
Yang Zhong is dead and Zhao Gou is hopeless.
In order to show its identity and enjoy luxury, Zhao Gou is the largest and most luxurious warship in the whole fleet, which is worth seven ordinary warships.
There are four cabins on the deck, and he lives on the top floor with other beauties and waiters, overlooking the boat and the beautiful view of the sea, which makes people relaxed and happy.
Other personnel and ship soldiers live in the ground floor, and there are other departments in the court. It is a little small here, but the sparrow is small and has all the five internal organs. This is equivalent to a reduced palace.
Some people cook, some people make clothes, some people play music, some people make aromatherapy, some people treat their bodies, and some people keep pets, and so on.
Even if you are a refugee in Zhao Gou, you should maintain your quality of life and never do anything beneath your dignity.
After the warships surrounded the entire Zhao Gou fleet, they sank dozens of warships and captured dozens of warships, which almost destroyed the Song Jun fleet.
Zhao Gou Dragon Boat was the last dragon boat surrounded by military warships. When the dragon boat was surrounded by military warships, Song Jun soldiers struggled to put arrows to resist it, but it was futile to face the army soldiers all around.
Zhou Mancheng took a fancy to this ship and prepared to capture it and dedicate it to Su Yonglin. What’s more, he sent elite sailors to board the ship without artillery bombardment, and killed Song Jun guards to seize the whole ship intact.
Jumping for help is not the mainstream tactics of the navy, but it doesn’t mean that the navy is not good at jumping for help. They rushed dragons and boats in large quantities and Song Jun tried to resist, but it didn’t make sense to face the fierce military battle. Soon, the army was defeated and entered the cabin.
Finally, most of the ship’s guards died, and a few of them surrendered decisively and stopped resisting on their knees.
It is not difficult for other people on board, such as waiters, ladies-in-waiting, clerks, musicians, etc., to be captured in large numbers without the resistance army.
The soldiers on the top floor of the cabin didn’t find Zhao Gou. After Zhou Mancheng boarded the ship in person, he didn’t find Zhao Gou here. At one time, some people suspected that Zhao Gou was not here
However, Zhou Mancheng insisted that Zhao Gou continue to search here, and finally Zhao Gou was found in the dirty toilet of the bottom cabin.
This guy used his quick wits when he was in danger. He ran all the way from the top of the cabin to the bottom toilet and hid. He also changed his coarse cloth to smear his face and pretended to be a dung digger, but he was found wrong by the army because he was too rich.
How can there be a dung digger who is so rich and old?
Sure enough, this guy is Zhao Gou
When he struggled to resist, he knelt down and begged Zhou Mancheng not to kill him and give him a way to live. If he could live, he would give Zhou Mancheng everything.
Treasure, food, wine, or whatever a beautiful woman wants to give her to keep her alive.
It’s hard to hide his disgust at Zhou Mancheng when he looks at his face in panic.
"It’s really a fatuous bad king to the extreme. How much does it cost to make such a big ship so extravagant when it comes to this copy? How many soldiers can you raise with that much money? Will you fall to this point by spending your extravagant money to raise soldiers? "
Zhao Gou cried and answered with a trembling voice.
"General, please don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! I’ll give you anything you want! I’ll give you anything you want! !”
With what Zhou Mancheng said, Zhao Gou was begging for mercy. Don’t say anything. That loser is really unbearable for Zhou Mancheng.