"The king is here!"
The gate suddenly came to a high drink and then a large number of guards said that Chen Wang and Chen Liu slowly walked out of the city with some ministers.
"Meet the king!" The gate guards and many people around immediately call way
Chen Wang smiled and slowly walked to the front.
"Chen Wang! Why did you send someone to stop us? " Man Zhong was the first to start.
Chen Wang looked at Jiang Tai and took a deep breath. "This is not a decision by myself, but it is decided by a group of elders that others can enter the city. Jiang Tai, Sun Fei, Lu Yixia and Lu Sanxia can’t enter the city!"
"What?" Little witch immediately call way
Chen Wang’s eyelids jumped. What? You don’t know? Because you four ancestral temples of the State of Chen almost burned down the ancestral temple of Cai, which collapsed and destroyed the country of Cai.
You four are temple killers!
Chapter VI Sun Wujing Hou
"Are you embarrassed that Chen Wang is difficult to have several children?" Man zhong Shen Dao
"What’s your tone to the king?" A minister cold drink a way
"Man Zhong, your father also agreed!" Chen Wang laughed
Aside, Chen Liuwei felt guilty. "Jiang Tai Sun Fei really decided this time that I had pleaded with my father because you saved my father and decided to draw a piece of land outside the city for you to live in!"
They looked at Chen Liu with eyebrows.
"What for? Worried that we will destroy the ancestral temple? " Jiang tai doubt way
Chen leave wry smile nodded.
"We didn’t destroy it. Do you have any basis?" Jiang tai eccentric way
"No need to be based!" Chen Wang shook his head.
Jiang Tai "…!"
"Ha ha ha ha ha!" There was a sudden burst of laughter in the crowd
Is a burly man slowly walked out of the male word face heavy spirit.
"Uncle Da!" Little witch suddenly excited call way
Uncle Da? Jiang Tai stared blankly at this man who suddenly laughed.
Chen yi is eyebrows a pick eyes flashed a surprise.
Chen Wang’s eyebrows slightly locked at the burly man coldly.
"Are you from? Laugh? " Chen wangchen way
"I laugh at Wang Chen’s ignorance. Because of a little thing, all plants and trees are soldiers. This absurd and confused thing will surely make people laugh at kings of all countries today!" The burly man laughed
Chen Wang’s face changed.
"Dare to insult the king!" A minister thundered
A slight sneer at burly man.
Chen Yi said abruptly, "No!"
"Chen Yi, do you know him?" Chen wangchen way
"I have seen Mr. Wu Da!" Chen yi turned to look at the burly man.
"Uncle Da, when will you come?" The little witch laughed
Wu Da smiled slightly. "I’ve been waiting for you for a month, but I can’t wait for your news!" "
Said Wu Da curious looked at Jiang Tai.
Who’s Wu Da?
Jiang Tai was at a loss in his heart. Is there no such person in his past life memory?
"Wu da? Mr. Wu Da! " Chen Wang’s facial expression, a kind up immediately.
And his minister is opening his mouth at the moment. Is it Wu Da?
"Master Chen Wang asked me to observe the recent situation of Chen Guo, but I was really disappointed by the scene just now!" Wu da frown way
Chen Wang was a stiff with a slight wry smile.
Turn to look at the little witch at that time a loss.
"Sun Fei Sun Fei Sun? By the way, your last name is Sun? You’re not Chen Wu’s daughter, are you? " Chen Wang’s expression changed.
Chen Wu?’ Aside Jiang tai vacant way
I have heard of this name, that is, Chen Zongmao’s statue of a cloth, a statue of a living person. I saw it that day when I sacrificed to heaven and earth. At that time, I asked the little witch to giggle. Jiang Tai didn’t ask the wise men.
Chen Wu? Isn’t Sun Fei surnamed Sun? How can she be Chen Wu’s daughter?
Wait, Sun? Chen Wu Sunwu
"Sun wu? Is your father Sun Wu? " Jiang tai suddenly exclaimed
I met Bian Que in the past as a historical celebrity, but this Sun Wu is more famous than Bian Que. He was sought after by the world in previous lives. The Art of War was written by Sun Wu, and Sun Wu was Sun.
Suddenly there was an uproar around the gate.
Obviously, Sun Wu’s name is well known. Is this little girl Sun Wu’s daughter?
"Dad who is sun wu? Is it famous? " Lu Sanxia turned to look at Lu for nothing.
Everyone around "…!"
"Pa" Lu useless slap Lu Sanxia head.
"Bunny pups usually want you to read more now to lose face? You don’t even know about Sun Wu? Does your military academy sleep every day? You haven’t even heard of the military giant? " Lu git immediately shouted
"Military giant? Little witch, is your father a military giant? " Lu yixia surprised way
Everyone looked at the little witch.
"Where? Who said! " Small hag immediately angry way
Everyone is dark breath.