Although he felt as if he had woken up like a dream last night, he couldn’t remember it clearly, but now they have become very subtle.
"My aunt said that your spirit root qualification is very poor. Tell me how you stepped into misty rain. Maybe I can think about it …" It took a while for a thousand sounds to faint.
Smell speech Yu Yilie not zheng this girl is wrong!
They don’t know that when Mo Jiao Yuan Shen returned to the hall, he asked the green skirt woman to take the purple smoke straight to Zhongtong Road.
All the way, Mojiao turned into a mass of black fog, leading the way, and a huge white lion was shivering on its knees in this passage.
It was not until Mo Jiao took her to a wide secluded pool that she stopped.
This pool occupies three quarters of this place, but it is covered by a dark iron cover.
However, there are thick stone pillars on the shore, and each pillar has a thick chain extending into the big hole in the iron cover.
The iron cover is not completely sealed, but presents a divinatory disc shape, in which the yin and yang Pisces are entangled in an iron chain, and even the iron chain extends into a deep pool and disappeared.
Unfortunately, the chain has been broken, apparently by something locked at the bottom of the pool, but I don’t know how long it can be trapped.
A quarter of an hour later, a man and a woman in the underground hall looked at each other side by side.
Yu Yilie was dressed in a white brocade with a golden belt around her waist, while Qian Ning wore a blue palace-style ink silk tied up by a blue silk scarf.
"Thousand coagulation princess look like your teacher elder sister was taken into the depths of the underground. I didn’t expect that the black fog turned out to be the change of ink dumpling yuan God, but it was difficult." Yu Yilie said with a dignified look when he learned about the situation.
"Elder martial sister Yu Yilie also inhaled the ecstacy like me. If there is no antidote, I’m afraid she won’t be able to fix it! No, I have to go in and save her! " Qian Ning’s eyes are firm and he wants to walk into a passage inside.
"no! We don’t know the situation of Mojiao, and there are other monsters in it to guard us. Isn’t it for nothing to rush in like this? " Yu Yilie immediately took her mouth to stop.
"Nothing but! Let’s go out and find someone else before we break in together! Your senior sister can be rebuilt if she is not repaired. If she is still alive, I will help you get her out! " Yu Yilie looked at her carefully and said
Qian Ning’s eyes froze and then it was really unwise for him to rush in like this, so it was better for him to lead him back to the original road.
The cave had already been cleaned up. Yu Yilie was about to pull Qian Ning out, but she pulled it. She couldn’t help but stop and look at her and ask, "What’s the matter?"
"I want to make three chapters with you!" Thousand setting looked at his eyes seriously and said
"Well, you said I also you want to go back! I’ll promise you anything if you don’t be stupid! " Yu Yilie casually replied
"Don’t pander to me after returning to the team for the first time!"
"Okay, I’ll pretend I don’t know you, okay?"
"Don’t come to me after the second!"
"Of course, after you leave here, you go your own way and I cross my wooden bridge. I don’t want to be tossed by you!"
"Third, tell me who is who? !” At this time, Qian Ning’s eyes were faintly tearful, and his tone was slightly different.
Hearing this, Yu Yilie couldn’t help but look stunned and immediately looked down and said, "Her name is Ning Rushuang!"
Chapter one hundred and thirty-one Peer
It was faintly visible around the dark, but it was a silence that two people walked side by side.
The road is full of ruins, and it seems to be crushed by something everywhere, and even a complete tile can’t be seen.
Weathered bones can be seen everywhere, and I don’t know how many ruins have been buried there.
Go here Yu Yilie can probably guess that it should be a relic of a clan, or it may have provoked a fierce strong man and was destroyed.
It seems that a palm from the sky contains huge energy, and the whole clan will be driven into the ground. It is conceivable that the strength must be Tongtian generation.
"Don’t look for any princess Qian Ning, even if there is something left over, it is too time-consuming to dig out the deep place." Yu Yilie couldn’t help but say when he saw her walking to a seemingly ruins of the Sutra Pavilion.
"You see here have rummaged through traces! It must be that his brother has been here. We should be able to find them soon after climbing this hill. "Qian Ning turned around and explained, and then urged him to speed up his steps."
"I know you are eager to give first aid to your sister, but you can’t eat hot tofu because you are impatient. Maybe your sister has been rescued by him when he arrived at the monk." Yu Yilie said comfortingly.
Since last night, Qian Ning obviously doesn’t know how to get along with him, and so does he.
It was both of them who kept their mouths shut about last night, such as saving her senior sister.
"Hurry up! I don’t know if my sisters are in danger. I have to go back and meet them quickly. Besides, my aunt gave me the array and I lost my eye. I hope they can return it! " Thousand coagulation heart a burst of boredom is worried about the other array also had an accident.