It is said that it will take 20 years to complete the top-notch golden chamber, and it will be shocking to get the hind feet. In vain, it is a powerful skill that can make a race rise strongly.
For many years, we have inherited the spirit of Terran and the will of Terran ancestors. No one can tell what secrets are hidden in the Golden Chamber.
It is mysterious, mysterious.
There was the most powerful realization. It is said that after more than ten years, Brother Mahayana appeared in the Terran and led the Terran through a period of days of our lives.
Since then, it hasn’t been more than a year since the Golden Chamber was opened.
This time, the adult Aquilaria sinensis has reached more than six years directly, and the trend has not stopped. I just don’t know what kind of things adults get
Less level should not be low, right?
It is said that different people get different feelings.
The biggest oolong event in history is that a man once lived in the golden chamber for more than ten years and realized a very powerful refining technique of Xuantian Lingbao, which is very suitable for other people’s cultivation. Unfortunately, it is too rare to refine Xuantian Magic Weapon and the requirements for refining are too high.
In the end, the powerful man vomited blood for three liters, but he could not help sighing.
However, the great power in history finally succeeded in refining Xuantian Lingbao’s imitation, and it was once down a peg or two.
Xiaohe is very curious and looking forward to how long it will take for Adult Aquilaria to understand what it is.
Has been honestly keep the golden chamber in front of the stone room just to zhengyuan informed a "adult agarwood adults have touched the golden chamber in five years didn’t come out".
Zhengyuan replied with three words "I know"
The first year
Xiaohe is still quietly guarding the sacred place in front of the golden chamber and stone room, and all the assistants are guarded by him personally.
On this day, his assistants couldn’t stop people from coming to understand the golden chamber and stone chamber.
A flying sword came, and a monk shouted, "What’s the matter with the river? Can’t I come in and realize the golden chamber? "
Xiao Hema stood up and respectfully said in front of the bearer, "Brother Xiao He has seen the venerable person for many years, but the venerable person has become more and more profound."
The venerable Wan Jian traveled through Dongtiansen with Zhengyuan in those years, and the three Terran monks were distracted. The status of dzogchen Terran West Kunlun ranked the top three, and it is usually unlimited to enter the Golden Chamber and Stone Chamber.
Of course, if it is not necessary, he will not come to the golden chamber to stroll.
Who knows that when I came here this time, I was told that Xiaohe personally guarded the golden chamber and stone room, and people were not allowed to trespass.
When did you become an intruder yourself?
When Wan Jian venerable Xiao He was in front, his heart was slightly unhappy.
At this time, seeing Xiaohe Gu left and right, his heart is even more uncomfortable. He said, "The golden chambers are occupied by people? Or what secret order did Lord zhengyuan make that I couldn’t go in and realize it? "
Xiaohe doesn’t know if the venerable Wan Jian knows Sun Hao hesitated and said, "There are monks in the sacred stone room, but if you want to go in, you have to wait for him to come out."
The venerable Wan Jian glanced at the golden chamber and said in his mouth, "I’ll wait here for a month until he realizes it."
With that, I sat down in front of the golden chamber and closed my eyes and ignored Xiaohe’s self-cultivation
Xiaohe spent a stay without speaking and sat cross-legged beside him steadily.
A month later, the venerable Wan Jian opened his eyes on time to see the golden chamber and closed it to practice.
Open your eyes after two months.
Open your eyes after three months.
A year later, the venerable Wan Jian opened his eyes without Matthew saying, "Is there really someone in the river?"
After the golden chamber was touched, there was no abnormality outside, but the guardian monk knew that he had not come out because he had gone in.
Xiao Hegong said, "There are indeed people who have been in it for nine years."
Wan Jian honour person stayed.
Been in there for nine years? Who is this? Why haven’t you come out after going in for so long, but the horse will be in the tenth year and should be soon, so keep waiting.
The tenth year has passed.
The eleventh year has passed.
The twentieth year has passed.
Wan Jian venerable sir lost his temper, opened his eyes and said, "Is there someone in the river? According to what you said, it has not reached more than 20 years. How is this possible? "
Xiaohe said calmly, "Someone really went to Xiaohe 20 years ago and waited for it for 20 years."
Wan Jian honour person frown "who is it? You’ve been in there for so long and you haven’t come out? It won’t offend the golden chamber and hang it directly inside, will it? "
Xiaohe wanted to think whether Wan Jian Venerable Master knew or not and said, "I don’t know the Venerable Master in Aquilaria Resinatum. Have you heard of it?"
Lord agarwood
Wan Jian honour person rose from the ground and raised his hand to slap himself and muttered, "You crow mouth."
Finished face bright smile mouth said, "early say agarwood adults don’t get married? Tell you what, I’ve not only heard of it, but also seen it with my own eyes. You can’t imagine that guy with great power. "
Xiaohe’s mouth lit up at the moment and said, "Lord Zhengyuan has been here to see Lord Aquilaria. Look at their tone of voice. Is Lord Aquilaria fit now?"
"Fit?" Wan Jian venerable sir patted Xiaohe on the shoulder with a smile and said in a low voice, "I’ll tell you more than seeing that you are Zheng Yuan’s adult’s younger brother."
Xiaohe said in a low voice, "The venerable one has something to do first, but I’ll give the venerable one a message when the agarwood adult comes out."
Wan Jian’s venerable master shook his head quickly. "If you are not busy, you have to wait for the agarwood adult to say something about the river. Guess what will happen to the combat effectiveness of the agarwood adult?"
Xiao He leng leng asked a sentence, "Is it very powerful to look at the honorable person?"
Wan Jian honour person their "not bad can let you guess? On that day, I followed Zheng Yuan’s adult to make a living in the cave, and Tiansen encountered an old tree, Tian Yu Morgan Protoss Momosotian and Momosotian, three combined powers, one in the early, middle and late stages. Here is Zheng Yuan’s adult, a combined power. At that time, seeing that the witch was so small, it was about to be trampled to death by Momosotian. When the story appeared, I will tell you about it. You can guess the combat effectiveness of Agarwood’s adult. "
Xiaohe, look at a face of excited expression. Wan Jian, the venerable master, said that you have such a doubt, which means that Lord agarwood is very powerful and blocked Momosuo. I still can’t guess that it is really a pig.
Unhurried Xiaohe said with a smile, "I think Lord Aquilaria’s fighting ability is less, and he has to be a deterrent to my master. Brother Morgan, the protoss fit, saved the witch god’s youngest son."
The venerable Wan Jian gave a thumbs-up sign. "The river is good. You have the same judgment as I did at the beginning. So did I when Lord Aquilaria came out."
Xiaohe leng leng
Wan Jian venerable sir thumb into a finger mouth and said, "But the fact is quite different. Adult Aquilaria is much fiercer than this. You can guess again in malice and let you guess three times …"
Better than that. Can you guess three times?
Xiao he is a little dizzy. No way. It’s a little beyond your imagination, isn’t it?