"I don’t need you to tube is you open star saint and noble decent people together is going to do? Also, although I am not proficient in martial arts, I can see that you are poisoned and your strength is lost. " Not the kui is a proficient in poison month saint saw the problem at a glance.
* * kite, of course, won’t be silly and Nie Yinger said that he was going to restore his memory, so he made up an excuse. "That Muqingfeng is the Northern Yan Wangfu with a high position. I’m going to follow him to the northern Xinjiang to take the opportunity to kill the person in charge of the Northern Yan Wangfu and then put the grassland people into the master’s mind. Isn’t that what you and I think about the Nangong world? Instead, you follow behind him like a handmaiden."
More than half a sentence, plus this place may be discovered at any time. Maybe Nie Ying’s son will not stay after he plans to * * The kite. If Nangong Jinyu goes back to the dormitory for a while and finds that Nie Ying’s son is not here, things will be very happy.
In the next few days, Jin Yu of Nangong may be busy with Zhou Huo’s injury, but he didn’t take the initiative to look for trouble, but when Mu Qingfeng planned to relax, the front line alarm came again
The scale of bandits in Daliangzhou is getting smaller and smaller. After all, after the corruption, the court sent thunder to severely deal with several corrupt officials, and the torture of peeling and filling grass was still very good, which deterred some lawless people. Therefore, most of the relief food was distributed to the victims, and the scale of bandits who rebelled only after surviving food was well suppressed. Except for those bandits who had been chaotic for a long time, many people honestly went back to farming. After all, they missed the spring ploughing, but the cohesion of bandits was even stronger. Most of them were fugitives who heard that Changlin Town was the richest town around, so they were born to rob one.
There are a large number of bandits this time, even 20,000 to 30,000. If it is estimated that it is not enough to plug their teeth by relying solely on Changlin Town’s troops, they must rely on Nangong Jinyu’s troops.
In the lobby, there are two factions, one is Mu Qingfeng’s original Changlin Army and the other is Nangong Jinyu’s Nanyue King Army.
"Your situation has been set up. It is estimated that the bandits will return to our Changlin Town in a few days. Is it a war or do something with you? The old man is a civilian and can’t understand the military. Please," Wu county magistrate is very well-known and directly put the profit out.
According to Muqingfeng’s understanding of this situation, Nangong Jinyu is definitely going to make all kinds of harsh conditions to get benefits. At worst, it is also necessary to have troops and armaments. I didn’t expect Nangong Jinyu to directly surprise Changlin Town.
"Ladies and gentlemen, since the bandits are coming at us and we happen to have an army near us, I will lead the army of Nanyue King to fight and let them know that we are powerful!"
It took a long time for Wuxianling to react. I didn’t expect Nangong Jinyu to rush to do this seemingly thankless job. You know, although the bandits are not regular troops, they can’t hold on to the fact that there are many ants. He still understands the truth.
"Wu county magistrate, please don’t doubt that I am in danger of Nanyue Wang Shiguo. I’ll go and arrange the war." Say that finish, Nangong Jinyu saluted Wu county magistrate and took his team regardless of the attitude of everyone.
"Sir, is your plan feasible? What, we have to attack first? Isn’t this a waste of our sergeant’s life? It’s better to wait for them to beg us, and more benefits can be obtained. "After returning to the camp outside the city, Nangong Jinyu didn’t understand Mr. Zhan.
"If the world doesn’t know how to add flowers in the snow, how can we send carbon in the snow? Now, it’s morally wrong to ask for such and such things directly. If the magistrate of Wu County participates in us, I’m afraid it will be too much for the world. So why don’t we take the initiative to us?" Mr. Zhan is not in a hurry.
"Please ask Mr. Wang to solve my doubts." Nangong Jinyu saw that Mr. Zhan was in his heart afterwards, so he was quite respectful in his speech.
"The first is that we took the initiative. After we beat off the enemy’s first attack, we can use the excuse that the casualties of the troops are too large and we need to go back to the city to repair this situation. If Wu County magistrate refuses, he will kill him. He can also say anything; The second is that I knew for a long time when I was in the bandits that their nature has always been to fight with the wind. Courage is more fragmented than words against the wind. Therefore, our current attack will definitely take them by surprise, so we don’t have to worry about our heavy casualties. "Mr. Zhan said two reasons for starting first.
"But if we hit hard and beat them away directly, wouldn’t it be cheap for Changlin Town in vain? What excuse do we have to ask for money and food without the bandits? " The nangongshan jinyu threw his own questions.
"Ha ha ha ha!" Mr. Zhan smiled at the sky. "This is the third reason why I asked the world to send troops. I wonder if the world can know a word?"
"What words?" The nangongshan jinyu curious asked.
"Keep a thief self-respect! !” Mr. Zhan is really a unscrupulous person, and he has come up with such a poisonous trick.
Nangong Jinyu is not a fool. How can he not understand the implication of Mr. Zhan that he wants to scare the bandits? How to clean them up is not a matter of his own. He can destroy them by himself. He can also keep them and Changlin Town people. It’s good for consumption anyway. It’s all his own.
"Ha ha ha ha! Sir, it turns out that the man of God thinks so carefully, so please listen to my good news! "
"In that case, I’ll wait for good news."
The unbridled laughter of two people made Muqingfeng shudder in the distance.
To be honest, Mu Qingfeng really didn’t expect Mr. Zhan to disrupt the bandits first, but from the actual situation, there is still a big gap between Mu Qingfeng and Mr. Zhan. From the usual meeting, Mr. Zhan is more like a strategist who doesn’t care about the gains and losses of a city. These things are impossible for Mu Qingfeng at a young age
In fact, even if he thought of it, there was nothing he could do. The shortage of troops in Changlin Town was the most deadly problem. The thousands of troops could not withstand tens of thousands of bandits attacking the city at a time.
The second day early in the morning, Nangong Jinyu rushed to the front with his own army. Unexpectedly, the bandits across the street saw it and rushed in laughing.
The first rebel is a knowledgeable military general, and he has cultivated these Uzbeks with some military qualities, but it is only superficial.
When I saw an army rushing towards me, I was too underestimating the enemy. The bandit leader shouted, "Brothers, the official army came to send us equipment. We will eat this army and then fight Changlin Town to let the whole summer know that we are a great leader!"
Urala, the people around him, screamed and followed the leader to charge forward. There was still some appearance just now, and he immediately went out of shape
In fact, you can’t blame the participating soldiers for being too cunning. Before Nangong Jinyu went to war, let him take off all Nanyue Wang Jun and replace them with ordinary soldiers’ clothes, otherwise the Nangong army will directly scare away some knowledgeable participating soldiers.
When the two armies were at war, the bandit leader found himself a big man. Although his number was several times that of them, his fighting capacity was simply different. One of his own people knew that they were fighting with knives and chopping at random, and there was no discipline in their respective battles. The opposing troops did have a lot of experience. The knife and shield hand was in front of the long gunman, and there were bows and arrows shot out at the rear. A close bandit unit suffered hundreds of casualties.
"Give me a rush! There are not many of them, and they will definitely not persist! "
These bandits, after all, have experienced many wars, and the initial frustration of the team has aroused their bloodiness. Many people are desperate to charge forward and bring some casualties to Nangong Jinyu troops.
The nangongshan jinyu looked at the battlefield in front of him and knew that if he dragged it, although he could beat off the bandits’ attack, he would suffer a lot. With a slight sign of injury, he almost jumped off the horse.
The reason why Mr. Zhan didn’t worry that Nangong Jinyu would be defeated is that in this cavalry body, you should know that the bandits were very famous in the past. Apart from your own tactics, the accident was to recruit 300 cavalry. Now Nangong Jinyu has a well-trained elite in the army. If it fails again, Nangong Jinyu can commit suicide.
These hundred cavalry like a sharp knife directly killed into the bandit team, like a red-hot soldering iron fell on butter and directly hit them. They were in flight, and the bandits were bloody after the cavalry charged three times.
"Mom, this kicked the iron plate." The leader of the bandits called it bad.
Don’t look at the tens of thousands of people who are in a panic. If you fight like this, you can guarantee that it is always a problem. Now he is in a dilemma and wants to hold on. It is only a matter of time before he is exhausted by Nanyue Wang’s army. If you want to retreat, you have to ask others if the troops of Nanyue King agree to another retreat, which is estimated to be faster.
Chaos bandits are chaos bandits. It’s inevitable that they will be defeated when they can’t win the enemy for a while. However, it’s a disaster to run back without the leader’s greeting.
Just as the bandit leader lamented that it was over, he had worked hard for decades and once returned to before liberation, only to find that the cavalry on the other side had actually closed down and did not continue to pursue his own troops. Even that outrageous infantry was on standby and did not continue to advance.
"Opposite the command unless a fool? I don’t know what is called chasing after the situation? " Who cares about these things if you can live? Just run away.
In this way, the Nangong army beheaded thousands of people for the first time, and their losses were less than 200. According to Mr. Zhan’s plan, it is time to take a step forward. If you want your army to enter Changlin Town, then you don’t have to decide what you want.
"Beauty, do you think it’s possible for me to get that chess fairy? It’s really hard for me to look at such a beautiful woman but not eat it." Nangong Jinyu inherited his father’s virtue well and saw that there was no problem in the war, so he molested Nie Yinger in front of many soldiers