Just then, Duan De found something was wrong and cried.
Seeing that the big black dog has been running out without saying a word since he came in, he is as fast as a black flash and will soon disappear.
Good Taoist hates grinding his teeth. I have the guts to take this guy, but I feel that if there is a natural way to cure that dog in the tomb, it’s a pity that it can’t be suppressed without making good use of it.
"If it is willing to explore the road, let it go and will come back soon."
Li Yu’s brow relaxed and made a smile. He naturally knew where the front was leading to Wanlong Nest. How could the Black Emperor be in danger?
Two people also didn’t stay straight towards the dragon gas source, the more forward, the more you can feel the most source essence.
The vast underground palace seems endless and dead silent. They have gone deep for dozens of miles, but they have never reached their destination. The old flavor is getting stronger and stronger.
"How do I feel more and more wrong? Is this layout really built in the holy land? They may not have such strength and courage. "
After walking through one stone palace after another, they finally approached the source of dragon spirit, but Duan De’s face became heavier and heavier. Another guess gradually floated in his heart and he had a bad feeling.
Not far away, the big black dog came back with a cute look, and his half-bald tail was hanging down.
"Bold people spoil you, how dare you deceive the emperor? Don’t say that nature didn’t even see half the source, you fool!"
The big black dog was aggrieved and cheated. He ran all the way to the end of the black abyss and didn’t see anything. He couldn’t jump, could he?
If you really jump, you will be a stupid dog!
"The road is not necessarily ahead, maybe the foot."
Li Yu smiles to provoke the black emperor. He naturally knows that the other party doesn’t want to jump.
Duan Dewen looked ahead and saw that there was a huge abyss at the end, and the underground palace stood like a cliff.
Such a big abyss is jaw-dropping, dark as ink, and I can’t see anything, and I feel a little scared.
The dragon spirit and the breath of the divine source are surging in the huge abyss, full of mystery and strangeness.
"Road foot? This foot will have to live out of the second. "
The black emperor’s suspicious nose shrugged and felt very unreliable. Although it was a dog, it didn’t feel that both of them were darker than his dog, and of course it was darker than his dog.
"Maybe there really is something that can live out the second life."
Li Yu was surprised to find that the black emperor was really a little wise.
There is really an immortal medicine on this side, which was accompanied by the cruel emperor. It is the real dragon immortal medicine.
He slowly stared at the vast abyss like a bottom hole, which seemed to devour people’s minds and sink them in.
"It’s broken! Old and bald, I found that it’s too evil to be a dragon’s nirvana. It’s just a representation. It’s close to the surface of the mountains and rivers, and there’s more than one dragon! "
While quietly observing Duan De, his face suddenly turned white, and he realized the true origin of this geomantic terrain. This place is much scarier than the real dragon nirvana, which should be the most powerful terrain in the sky!
It can be said that even some ancient emperors have to choose this terrain, which is too detached!
Accompanied by his words, the dark abyss was full of dragons, and the dragon was surging like a tide. Unexpectedly, Shenhua shone and rushed out of several gods, and the particles were crystal clear and bright.
"As you said, it is said that only the ancient emperor is qualified to be in charge of the land."
That’s the truth of Li Yu’s moment. In the past, the Ghost Shrine was the Wanlong Nest, and they had the ancestry of ancient creatures.
This means that the terrain originated in the sky is just recorded and the cracking method is one of the most horrible Jedi.
The so-called Wanlong Nest can give birth to more than one Long Mai. According to the source Tianshi’s speculation, it is very likely that it was a real dragon nest years ago. Everything in Wanlong Nest coincides with the secret, and even a rare god can be born.
What do you mean by "old bald"? ! People spoil you and return it! "
The black emperor’s note point is not rooted here. He has a keen grasp of the word’ bald’ and will be black when he flutters.
"Dead dogs, don’t make trouble with me. It seems that the truth of the chaos in the past years has come true. Are they from humans or from Wanlong Nest? They are ancient creatures!"
Duan De ignored him, but took care of himself. It is very important for him to guess. Maybe he can get back his forgotten and lost some memories.
Maybe he really experienced it during those years and watched it all.
"Wait, the Dragon Nest Emperor sounds familiar. I remember that the emperor has been to a pregnant dragon place. It must be here!"
Black emperor than must slowly loose bite a robe drag mouth.
"How do you know about the Great Emperor?"
Duan De doubt a Lenovo to this guy from Zi Shan jumped out and a pair of posture to protect the depths can’t help but rub up.
The great dog seems to have a scroll of letters …
"The emperor has read an ancient book, and it is recorded that this place is comparable to the terrain of Jiulong Gongwei and Yizhu, but the emperor finally chose Zi Shan."
The big black dog downplayed the past and took a look at Li Yu at the end. Somehow, he felt that he seemed to know a lot of secrets, and he knew all about them with a gesture of mastery.
"Something dusty is coming."
Li Yu suddenly interrupted their eyes and stared ahead, so that the deepest part of the abyss was as dark as ink and a little glittering and translucent and blurred.
Seeing the dragon’s turbulent spirit and the breath of God blowing against my face in the dark abyss, the crystal became clearer and clearer, and gradually rose.
"How can a bodhisattva like Ximo be an ice palace?"
Duan De has some chills. There are still creatures sleeping in this abyss. Did you occupy Wanlong Nest in the past? That’s too scary
For a moment, the dragon rushed out of an ice palace from the abyss like a tidal wave, ups and downs and glittering and translucent.
It’s not very big. It’s almost a palace, but it’s shaped like a palace.
It’s strange to see the perfect world, and there are bursts of aura overflowing, which seems to have lasted for tens of thousands of years.
"Ghost shrine!"
The big black dog’s hair exploded all over the ice palace. When he saw these three ancient words, he growled out, just like the name of the ancient holy land in the past.
"There’s someone inside."
Li Yu’s eyes flashed and gradually became serious. In the ice palace, there was a person lying impressively, such as ice crystals forming a perfect white and almost the same color through the ice palace.
She lay quietly inside with a white gauze covering her body. She was a veritable ice muscle. jade bone’s hair was black and bright, which blocked most of her eyes and saw the truth.
But there is no doubt that this must be a peerless beauty. She is like a deep sleep and a cold corpse.
"What’s the situation of measuring the Buddha? It’s too strange. Some ghost temples have been destroyed for ten thousand years. Why are there still people inside?"
Duan De fears that this is very unknown.
"In the past, the King of the Ginger Family wiped out all the towering snow-capped mountains with extreme weapons, turning the vast mountains into vast plains, and the ancient holy land of the ghost shrine, and their female Lord escaped."
Li Yu added the body quietly, but it was out of the way. The blood of the king of blue gold was revived and his bones shook. Every bone marrow shock, such as Lei Yin’s wild to the extreme, was distorted by the slightest movement.
He strode forward and approached the past directly, as if he were going to set foot in the palace of the gods!
"Is this the Lord of the Maid-in-waiting?"
The black emperor glanced sideways, and some words survived ten thousand years?
This is against the sky. This ice palace is definitely a treasure, or is there an ancient creature sheltering her in Wanlong Nest? Most of this person is pregnant with the blood of ancient creatures
Li Yu is not afraid that even if the ancient Lord is still alive, he will dare to fight for the first world war. Now, the flesh is so strong that it is terrible. Just blood and gas can shatter the false order and make him retreat too much.
He took Duan De’s black emperor to the abyss, where the dragon was surging like a tidal wave, and when he walked, he was greatly resisted, and the speed dropped slowly and bit by bit.