A flash of leisurely body quickly twisted up and bit the bag.
Bag a "small"
Poseidon suddenly reacted, and the jade hand rushed out with a young stream of water, and slammed the border grazing to the top of the wall.
While grazing is pressed against the wall by the water column, his mouth still barks and yells, "A pair of bitches have teamed up to deal with your second uncle’s bag. When you’re finished, be careful and I’ll bite off your little Tintin …"
Bauxitu ignored it and looked at Poseidon with his eyes.
Poseidon’s beautiful big eyes looked at Bauxitu unblinkingly, and after half a ring, Bauxitu’s eyes blinked a little. He said, "There are as many monks in the virtual world as the Mahayana monks in the Ganges River, and there are less than ten monks at the top of the virtual world. I am the Chinese monk who respects me as the patron saint of Poseidon."
The bag said in a low voice, "I asked who is in charge in our family and whether Poseidon is not big with you."
Sun Hao suddenly ha ha laughed, and his body suddenly appeared beside the border animal husbandry, grabbing its neck and fur with one hand and saying, "This seems to be the answer to your family affairs, and I also gave you what happened in the end. To put it bluntly, I will stay with the medicine family for about 20 years, so you can talk about me slowly and go …"
The shepherd barked, "Why do you leave me? I am a big matchmaker and I have to ask them to bear it …"
A word of responsibility is still floating in Sun Hao’s body.
Poseidon looked at Bauxitu affectionately and said softly, "This question may be more complicated. Let’s go to the sea and talk about it later."
Bao Ketu’s face smiled and whispered, "My wife misses me. It’s better to go to the sea and let you relax. You will know who should be in charge at home …"
Before the words were finished, a light blue blister wrapped around his small body, and the water splashed over the room where he was just arguing and quarreling, and suddenly one person was quiet.
The dark clouds in Yaoshenshan dispersed, and the heavy rain dissipated. A sunlight came to the sky and a rainbow flew over.
Many years later, in a light blue bubble floating in the sea, Bauxitu hugged the woman tightly and said softly, "My wife sensed that I was leaving soon."
Poseidon Rou said, "Remember that day, Aquilaria said that people need to live simply and realistically, and you don’t need to fight so hard. Wouldn’t it be better if we just go with the flow and be happy and not envious of Yuanyang and Immortal?"
Bao Bao coughed, "Am I in charge at home or are you in charge?"
Poseidon is slightly wronged. "Well, it’s up to you."
Bao Ketu’s voice is much softer. "I am the master. This is right for a family. It is important to form rules. Generally speaking, women are more emotional and suitable for managing specific things in the family, and it is more suitable for me to decide the general direction of the family or the masculine nature."
Poseidon whispered, "But I don’t know how long it will take you to meet again."
Bao Ketu patted her body low and said, "If you miss me, blow the conch. If I find the sea, I can find you."
Poseidon said softly, "Do you really think your choice and decision will be correct?"
Bao Ketu said in a low voice, "My wife said that you have no eyesight and you still don’t believe that the boss fought with you. You should feel the deepest. Although you didn’t start this time, when you took out the trident and prepared to continue to teach the border grazing, the boss said a word and your spell was extinguished."
Poseidon’s body froze slightly for a moment and then pouted and said, "I wasn’t serious at that time, okay? I was just doing it."
Bao Ketu said in a low voice, "You are a confused Mahayana monk. Even if you are not serious again, can you interrupt your spell casually?" Tell you the truth, when you cast spells, you have entered the eldest four great paths around you, even if you exert your strength to have any effect, it’s two words. "
Poseidon said in his mouth after a half-ring, "Oh, there’s another question. What’s with the border dog?" My attack naturally has the artistic conception of avenue. How can it recover itself so quickly? At that time, I was careless, but now I think more and more wrong. "
The bag patted her body soft and said, "Yes, the boss is mysterious, and the boss is fierce and has a future. Only by having a monk like me can you remember my words more white. There is no first monk in the virtual world. That’s because my boss has not yet been born …"
Chapter DiEr663 Terror
Sun Hao, who has been practicing in Yuxiu Palace for thousands of years, has read a lot of classics, among which Mahayana monks crossed the virtual handwritten letters.
However, Sun Hao’s reading is a normal book in the Jade Palace, not a tablet with a particularly strong contribution to strange eating.
Is there any danger in the virtual?
Sun Hao didn’t encounter too many difficulties when he came all the way from the medicine clan to the Terran with a virtual mark.
The feeling is that emptiness is nothing special except long.
However, after reading Brother Mahayana’s handwritten notes, Sun Hao found that he might perceive the mistake, and it might be more dangerous to follow Brother Mahayana’s handwritten notes, and it is also hierarchical to really break the truth.
Brother Mahayana divided the emptiness into four levels and warned the younger generation that they must master it carefully and be careful not to be swallowed up by the emptiness when crossing the emptiness.
A level of breaking the mainland virtual means that after getting this level, it can break the influence of the mainland on monks and break away; Two levels of breaking the sun’s virtual Mahayana predecessors recognized that a huge sun is a huge fireball. He ruled many continents and was the core of many continents. After breaking out of the mainland, monks would still be influenced by the sun, so they needed to break the sun’s virtual to go further.
After the Mahayana predecessors recognized the syncope, they initially formed the ability to break the virtual reality, but it was not until the syncope dzogchen had the ability to break the solar power and break the virtual reality, reaching the second level, but the third level should not be able to do it by the syncope monks.
Three-level virtual breaking is to break the racial virtual Mahayana. The predecessors recognized that a powerful ethnic living area is a combination of many continents and many fireballs. One or several core joint hierarchical point combinations require stronger virtual breaking force when monks break this hierarchical combination.
Only when the three levels can be broken can the monks really travel in the void, and then they can really travel around through the void without strong attraction.
Finally, there is a great warning and assumption made by a monk who once broke the virtual reality and was Mahayana.
There will be virtual crises in Mahayana monks, virtual storms, the demise of the mainland and powerful virtual behemoths, but all these are not as terrible as the hierarchical combination core.
Brother Mahayana used to be very close to the core of a hierarchy, but it turned out that he managed to escape from the core area with great efforts.
What is the concept at the core of the hierarchy? The Mahayana Book is: "The light eludes the effect, the wind eludes the law, and the gravity is poor, as if there is chaos engulfing everything. The only way to break through is to instantly form a powerful force field to offset part of the attraction and escape when it is distorted."
Being able to escape from the core of the hierarchy and get out of the hierarchy is what Brother Mahayana advocates. Only by being able to break the emptiness in the fourth level can Brother Mahayana truly have the ability to cross the emptiness.
If it weren’t for the monk accidentally hitting the edge of the core area of the hierarchy, one of them would be completely swallowed up and disappeared.
What is going on at the core of this level?
Brother Mahayana’s handwritten note describes that "gravity is limited, and light can’t escape from the root, so we can observe his virtual situation. Because there is no light energy to escape, it is very likely that he is an enemy black hole hanging from the virtual black hole, or it may be the ultimate display of devouring the avenue."
Enemy black hole? Swallow boulevard
Sun Hao felt a thrill when he saw this letter at that time. The four levels described in it should be true, so Sun Hao also felt danger at the fourth level.
Moreover, according to the Mahayana monk’s theory, Sun Hao and the Four Spirits are still the second level, that is, they have broken the sun’s constraints and started flying in a huge hierarchical combination, which means that the medicine family is in the same level as the Terran.
However, the current level of the ancient books and records is very different from that of the Terran, and I don’t know if the four spiritual powers can be broken.
And what if you are unlucky enough to meet a black hole? That thing can’t be observed, even if God knows the past, it will be swallowed up. Once it is found, it may have been entangled. Can you escape?
The bag is just in time to escape.
The black hole in Mahayana’s notes is the easiest way to escape from the black hole because it can be swallowed up with light, that is, it must run faster than light.
You must practice and escape with the light to run faster than the light.
At the height of Sun Hao, you can already perceive the light with speed. Before sunrise, the earth is dark, and when the sun rises, the earth begins to brighten. This process is the speed of light.
Wave-light escape practice is a kind of light escape of wave-light sea speed.
In the sparkling water, the friar took the opportunity to flee far away. When Sun Hao fought against Datou Great, his last skill for escape was to escape by waves.
The Four Spirits Royal took Sun Hao to break the virtual without stopping. Although Zhu Pang cried and said that he was wronged and chatted, it was also a representation that he had also sunk into the four-pole understanding of breaking the virtual.
For the four spirits, they should break the virtual hierarchy by breaking the mainland virtual hierarchy. Now Sun Hao organized the four spirits to perceive the second level of breaking the virtual hierarchy with the help of the four spirits.
This kind of leapfrog perception is a great help to them, which can help them better understand themselves, polish the truth better and understand the Four Strengths better.
Sun Hao, while sinking into the realization of the four great ways, separated some distractions and began to practice bo guang dun in Sumeru Tower.
No change can be seen in the virtual space, and there is no meaning in the virtual space, but Sun Hao Sumeru’s tower is still clear about time induction.
I don’t know how long I’ve been flying in the four spirits deficiency, but I have broken it many times. It’s been more than a year since Sun Hao Sumi condensed the tower to perceive it.
It has been relatively stable for more than a year without too many changes.
Sun Hao saw a very strange change when he initially mastered the wave escape and began to shuttle through different waves to realize it.
In this movie, a huge fireball howled and burned generate, giving off powerful rays.
Four spirits have just entered this light, and it has been shining everywhere.
Zhu Ling immediately reacted with a crisp drink in her mouth. "Be careful, this is a meta-magnetic divine light."
Rosefinch wings suddenly a poor flame rises and boom a block in front of everyone.
In the sky, those meta-magnetic divine lights have been pounded.
Rosefinch fire is woven into a defensive circle. If the screen is generally continuously penetrated through Zhu Ling’s mouth, a stuffy hum is made.
The sky roared, and a white light layer upon layer of thick earth wall blocked the front of the four great arrays.
When Kang Ya’s light flashed four times, a light mirror element appeared in front of the array, and then it was radiated back by the mirror.
Wang Yuan rear roared, "Be careful that our four great arrays are attracted by the meta-magnetic divine light and are flying towards that fireball quickly."