Yi took out his mobile phone and called Nian Youlin to ask Lai Changyi about it. Nian Youlin said it was subtle.
But it’s easy to analyze that it’s not him who pulled people out, but Pan Qianli. It seems that there is still his shadow in the prison after Zhao Jun died.
At present, the position of acting warden of his own prison is Nian Youlin. Now he is in the same boat with Pan Qianli, and the two boats compete with each other. It is not easy to deal with this acting warden, but first of all, we must make this prison department stable.
Let the office secretly inform Song Ying, the prison director, the warden and others to come to the interrogation room to witness that he personally tried the political commissar, so as to make a show and show fairness.
Yi came to the interrogation room and started when everyone was here. Since the interrogators were framing it, there must be some means.
The biggest insight easy to gain when you come to the prison is to control people’s magic. There are all kinds of array methods, symbols, true qi and magic weapons. After all, the main job of the prison is to watch the prisoners.
Yuhuan, a set of political commissar’s body blood, is Yi’s first magic weapon to sacrifice and refine. He usually wears dozens of drops of Jingxie in his hand, which can be said to be connected with his own blood. In recent days, a little bit of ""has been added to it. If you want to set the outside person, you can detect flaws in people’s hearts
If the oil and water in this prison are so easy, I don’t believe that this political commissar is clean and honest, otherwise, whoever is willing to work hard in this prison must be fishy.
With the passage of interrogation, the political commissar’s words gradually become messy, and it is easy to get bored over and over again. There is a strange magic in the voice of interrogation, and the blood is getting tighter and tighter.
Finally, the political commissar had a nervous breakdown and couldn’t hold on to what he had done before.
I heard a few cold sweats on the foreheads of cadres in French prisons for fear of pulling their chairs and fidgeting. On the other hand, Song Ying didn’t do anything without worrying about knocking at the door.
The more political commissar shakes out, the more gloomy his face is, but the opposite is true in his heart. He must have a handle and be afraid that these people are dishonest.
After the trial, Yi asked the next secret to sort out the records and conversations, and repeatedly asked the prison guards to take people up and then left with a stack of documents without saying anything.
This help middle-level cadres dumbfounded. What does it mean? One is that the storm is coming, and the other is that you can’t guess what it means to make a big deal out of it.
If Yi intends to strictly investigate that building, no one can run away, one by one, just like pulling an egg, all of them can come out in a string and walk out of the interrogation room one by one, and inadvertently put the news out.
The whole prison seems to be a lot dull, and that pile of documents is like breaking a small hole in the prison floor.
As the middle-level cadres leaked the news out, the prison staff panicked when there was a ghost in their hearts. This matter can be big or small, depending on whether it can be pursued.
Now, in addition to Yi, Lai Changyi and Song Ying Song Yingxin can’t manage this matter. Go to Lai Changyi and ask someone else before they know that they have closed their practice, saying that they are avoiding suspicion.
In this way, the office will be busy with self-examination, admitting mistakes, gagging, soliciting gifts, and exposing all kinds of people
It lasted for nearly six days, and I was quite satisfied with it. Only in this way can I recover my profits bit by bit and better disintegrate the prison interpersonal relationship and suppress the special groups in the prison.
Personnel transfer except for the director and deputy warden belongs to the special management, which is decided by Yi Yi, and then he began to adjust personnel, change positions and rotate various systems, and anyone who should be punished and slapped will do it.
But Yi is smoother than anyone else. The key is that there are materials in the brain and many bright prospects. Everyone has lost his temper and his heart is balanced.
Yu Laiyang Yi found him and said that he had wronged him that day, and then he made an apology. He also said that you had better close your practice and turn his eyes on him.
The political commissar was also released, and it was easy to make him cry without saying a word. This incident is over, and this is the benefit.
At last, the preliminary work of this law prison was in a good mood and began to ponder over the law with the improvement.
He is not good at abacus. He wants to open the magic weapon of array, move some hands and feet, and then forge a new pair, so that he can protect himself better and be more comfortable.
After all, it is someone else who arranges the array and magic weapon. He always feels uncomfortable, and he has no confidence to say that it is not easy to find a natural barrier. Whether he can do anything or not, he must make it suitable for his own mind.
The Ministry says there are four magic weapons to control the array, but secretly? Yi doesn’t believe that they have no other means.
It would be unthinkable if outsiders colluded to bribe the prison staff to let the prisoners out.
In addition to the warden’s hand, there is another one with 20 people dedicated to protecting the law, maintaining the high platform in the prison, and preventing people from entering and leaving and emergencies.
No matter what you do, you should arrange your own home, or the backyard will catch fire, which is a big trouble.
Yi thinks that the prison is his home for the time being, or he can’t be so hard-working, and it’s just a safe place to shake hands and kill, and do whatever he wants.
Carefully study the protection of the prison array-the hexagrams and five elements are reversed, and the large array is compared with the large array to open the magic weapon-Gan Kun Ling finally got some understanding by thinking hard about "The Tactics of the Magical Machine and the Soldiers" and searched for materials to refine a deputy order of Gan Kun.
The third volume Three flowers gather at the top Chapter 45 Virtual boundary technique
Yi came to the canteen to ask the kitchen supervisor for some chicken, duck and rabbit poultry. When he grabbed a bunch of poultry with his big hand, he was sucked into a ball and came to the edge of the protective array outside the prison.
He grabbed a chicken with his left hand and threw it forward into the fog. When he clicked his fingers, a thunderbolt sounded, and it was easy to smell the smell of roast chicken hair. Then his body flashed in and it took him several hours to look satisfied.
Yi came to the place where the hexagrams and five elements were reversed, which is the most central position of the prison.
The high platform is ten meters long, ten meters high and five meters high. There are steps on all sides. It’s easy for the guards to go to the high platform and draw strange patterns. With a wave of his hand, Deputy Kun suddenly disappeared.
It is easy for the brain to be in a trance, and there is a steep feeling. Breathing stops and the body is heavy. It seems that there is an invisible force on the top of the head to compress. Generally, the front side is glittering, and the triangular flag stands half-man. The wind is automatic on the flag surface.
It’s easy to look at this little flag, and it’s majestic, vast and awe-inspiring. It can’t be said, and it feels like the heart is tightly squeezed with one hand. Bang! Bang! Bang! Beat hard, knowing in my heart that this is the big burst of eyes with the hexagrams and five elements upside down.
Throwing a rabbit in the past, the heat twisted, and then the rabbit disappeared, but it was certain that the rabbit’s life had disappeared
The eye of array is the core part of array method, and it is also the most powerful place of array. Fortunately, I have a dry Kun order in my hand, or I really dare not come here.
How powerful is it for twenty people with Yuan gods to arrange a large array? It’s easy to imagine that the prison guard array has not been breached in these years.
The whole thing doesn’t have a little bit of gas. It’s easy to feel uncomfortable all over. I don’t want to input so much qi into the dry Kun Ling. Suddenly, the light is big. Let go, lead a light beam to shoot the eye flag, take out the deputy commander, and lead the light of the flag to the thin line and wrap it around the deputy commander’s face.
Yi left-handed Ling Xu drew a deputy order, and then entered the seal tactic record and then dripped into Jingxue. After playing with it for a while, I don’t know how long it took, the black token jumped a few times and gave off a slight light, and the hexagrams and five elements were upside down. There were some mysterious connections.
Easy to feel that if you don’t breathe, you will suffocate. You quickly waved out and went back to your residence. A hundred square meters of mental thoughts were injected into Gankun’s deputy order. Suddenly, the fog enveloped the prison and rolled down, and the surrounding place was shrouded in mental thoughts, and the sound could not come out, forming a small world.
Then I got a basin of cold water, and Deputy Director Gan Kun showed a white light shining on the water. Suddenly, the water rippled and a little bit of color condensed, and a picture appeared. This is that the virtual environment technique can be used to a certain extent, but it is inconvenient to see it, and the field of vision is limited.
Yi Shennian penetrated into the deputy commander and immediately opened his eyes. The whole battle was back and forth, left and right, and it was clear and unusual. The color was clearer than what he saw with his own eyes, and no one could find it.
Yi Xin laughed at the whole prison, which can be said to be secret to himself, and then began to observe it one by one, from the prison staff to the prisoners, and all kinds of secret news were also put into the brain.
Prisoners in prison are divided into four prisons-A, B, C, D, A, which can be said to be the largest and the most dirty people. People with low skills are usually sentenced to ten years in prison.
B prison is also a women’s prison. This prison area is Song Ying’s responsibility. It’s not too big. After all, it’s different between men and women. It’s not good to intervene. At most, it’s a patrol to deal with an important matter