Li Chenzhou is dead.
Xiao Qiushui was seriously injured.
Although he himself suffered some injuries, he was badly hurt.
It was he who was always careful to see that these three people were unfathomable and left his heart, and his hand was never light.
Many years ago, he was able to integrate Wudang and Shaolin martial arts, but in recent years, he has integrated all Wudang martial arts and Shaolin 72 skills into his own hands as much as possible.
So his fists and palms look ordinary, but they are two martial arts elites.
Did he come or did he make a mistake in underestimating his enemy?
The sword in the erhu of Dengdiaoliang is resentful, but the sword in the flute of Jiexun Jiang Xiuyin is light and flexible, and the sword in Wenyanyang dulcimer is urgent but affectionate.
When three musical instruments roared, the Great King Zhu immediately hung up the color.
He didn’t know that these three people were serious at this moment.
However, the skill of "Qin, Di and Hu" is not as good as that of Wen Yanyang, Jiang Xiuyin and Deng Diaoliang, the three great kings of Zhu, because they don’t want to be immersed in martial arts, so they have to retire to Xiao Qiushui and play the piano. This period of time, martial arts is even more sparse.
The martial arts of "Forgetting Heaven" is stronger when confronted with strength. However, once the martial arts of King Zhu Da Tian Wang are brought into play, Shaolin’s efforts to make up for Shaolin’s softness are insufficient, and Shaolin’s efforts to make up for Wudang’s lack of experience in dealing with the enemy are not properly increased.
At this time, the three men had the same mind and looked at each other. In the sound of the three swords, they used the sword method of "Manjianghong"!
This song "Manjianghong" was originally written by Yue Fei, who was composed by Wen, Deng and Jiang, and "Manjianghong" was written by Yue Fei, who was full of weather and verve. At that time, it was banned by secret order from the military army to the people after Song Gaozu became popular, and the three swordsmen liked the first song.
At this time, three people want to "boundless hone red" upright Long song to suppress Zhu Tianwang!
But this song is clear and passionate, which makes the serious injury fall to the ground and makes Xiao Qiushui feel excited.
When Xiao Qiushui heard this song, he thought that it was very popular and he liked the word "Manjianghong" the most. A good song is suitable for a lyric. This is also true. Xiao Qiushui was also a man of heart in poetry before he debuted, but now he is very excited when he listens to it!
He struggled to get injured, and a pain in his chest touched his chest wound.
At the first touch, he pulled out a poem. The token was so bright that it seemed that several lines of fine print appeared because of blood contamination!
At this time, the sun reflected the snow and the light was cold. It turned out that there were a few lines of fine print on the back of this "Heaven’s Heroic Order" because it was not carefully seen by the iron color and silver, and it became more clear after the blood melted.
These few lines of fine print are actually Yue Fei’s "Manjianghong" words.
"Angry hair, rushing to the crown, resting in the rain at the aperture, looking up at the eyes, screaming in the sky, and being fierce, 30 fame, dust, thousands of miles, clouds, and months. Don’t forget that the shame of Jingkang is still not extinguished when the snow minister hates it? Driving a long car to break through Helan Mountain’s lack of ambition and hunger, eating Hu Lu meat, laughing and drinking Hun blood, waiting to clean up the old mountains and rivers from the beginning. "
When I read the word "Chaotian Que" with blood, I thought of Yue Fei’s tragic death and Xiao Qiushui’s sudden collapse, and I couldn’t restrain the whistling. I don’t know where the power jumped up.
At the same time, the three talented swordsman has missed.
It’s a pity that the three of them are "full of Jiang Hong" momentum to suppress Zhu Da Tianwang’s mighty offensive. Although their phonology can capture Yue Fei’s mood, swordsmanship has failed to achieve that level.
In particular, "Man Jiang Hong" is so loyal to his integrity that the three men have failed to catch Zhu Dawang. After fighting for a while, the three men’s temperament was penetrated, and Deng Diaoliang and Wen Yanyang each got a sword, but they hit Jiang Xiuyin with one punch and one palm.
Jiang Xiuyin is the weakest link among the three talented swordsmen, and when he cries, he falls out and sees nothing.
Deng Diaoliang and Wen Yanyang suddenly lost their minds. It turned out that they had been secretly in love with Younger for a long time, but the three of them had been afraid of hurting each other, so they didn’t express it, and they would rather pretend that they didn’t know how to continue to play music and enjoy the scenery in the Trinity.
Now, Jiang Xiuyin and Wen Yanyang have lost their fighting spirit to save Zhu Dawang, who will miss the opportunity to punch their palms together and hit their vests with a snort, and they will fly out like a broken kite.
Zhu Da Tianwang knocked down three people, knowing that these three people are hard to live numerology, and he was very happy and more pleased that he defeated the famous "forgetful day" with his own fists. At this moment, Zhu Xiawu was so full of ambition that he couldn’t help laughing.
But for a moment, a big drink cut him off with laughter
Xiao Qiushui stands tall.
He happened to witness Zhu Xiawu’s severe damage to the three men’s bad behavior, and he felt a sense of heroism that lasted for a long time. He thought of the word "Chaotian Que" in his heart and the word "Japan" in "Forgetting Heaven" flew over Zhu Dawang!
Zhu Da Tianwang was so proud that he first saw Xiao Qiushui’s mind like a god.
His chest and arms were injured, but Xiao Qiushui’s blow was a hard blow brought by the whole "Manjianghong" lyrics of "Japan" in the fifteenth decision of "Forgetting Love" and his own skill.
Zhu Da Tianwang feels that the sun shines brightly in front of him, and the sun shines like a scorching sun, so that he can hide elsewhere!
How can there be such a fierce sun in winter?
-but he has always found the answer!
Zhu Tianwang died.
Xiao Qiushui leaned his sword on the ground and his blood flowed all over the floor.
A land of white snow is lined with a few spots of red blood.
Jiang Xiuyin, the flute sword, has breathed his last because of Zhu Xiawu’s fist and palm, and Wen Yanyang has a sigh of relief because of his fist and palm.
Two people struggled to climb near Jiang Xiuyin’s remains, and two people smiled sadly.
"We … have no wrong person."
Wen Yanyang nodded. "It’s all right … three people die together just like them."
Deng Diaoliang and Xiao Qiushui both looked where Wen Yanyang pointed and saw what was happening in the snow in Li Chenzhou’s temples and white hair.
It’s difficult to climb the beam. "It’s … it’s very good …"
Wen Yanyang laboriously called a "brother Deng"
Deng Diaoliang well a Wen Yanyang wan laughs
"Let’s … let’s … let’s play a song" It’s snowing ",shall we?"
Deng Diaoliang nodded and sat beside Jiang Xiuyin in the snow, playing music. The two of them looked brilliant, and the music seemed to be all over. Like snow everywhere, all feelings, fame and fortune, struggles and changes … all passed away like clouds, and the winter snow was left in a blink of an eye … Xiao Qiushui heard tears in his eyes, and suddenly he was happy. Deng Diaoliang and Wen Yanyang also died in the music.
Xiao Qiushui felt a trance and suddenly heard that someone was running towards him. It turned out to be Hu Fu, Li Hei, Chen Heck, Tie Xingyue, the pot-bellied monk, Lin Junlong, Hong Hua, Shi Yue and others, but they were alone.
Iron star month saw xiao colchicine is very happy cried "eldest brother you still here! Tang Fang has returned to Shu … She told you not to look for her … "