"Let’s stay here for three months first. It’s all arranged. When we go back for the New Year, we’ll look at my dad’s attitude. Uncle Shen will find someone else if he’s anxious."
"Escape is not the solution to the problem. Communicate with your dad well. Shenyang is not a good fool. Your dad also has your dad’s considerations and difficulties. If you can’t, it’s not a bad thing to accept family arrangements."
Ruan Bin asked, "Didn’t you compete with your dad before marrying Xin Wei? How can you persuade me to compromise now?"
Ruanbin also regretted that he should not have come to Joe at such a time and said, "I’m sorry, A Hao, I didn’t mean to."
Jiang Hao smiled faintly, even though he spoke, he could feel his naivety and paleness. "If I had known that I would end up like this with my heart, I might as well have listened to my family’s arrangements early. If it weren’t for my heart, I wouldn’t have been so hurt and left my hometown alone and desperately."
They were silent for a long time, and Jiang Hao said, "Bin, I understand you. Since you have decided to be a brother, you will definitely support you. If you need my help, please let me know."
"Bin, one last thing, please help me pay attention to the news of single-mindedness." Although the chance was slim, Jiang Hao didn’t give up
Ruanbin solemnly nodded "OK, no problem"
After hanging up, the room suddenly became so quiet, and the double glass well isolated the noise and noise of the commercial street not far away, and you could see the bright lights.
In fact, he enjoys this kind of quietness. The older he gets, the weaker his feelings become. After Zhou Xiaoyi’s experience, he has more or less a fear of women.
It’s better to be first love. At that time, young people were together simply because they liked it, but at that time he didn’t know how to cherish it.
The company has dropped a general manager position, although it is a little smaller than Yang Zong’s, but the background and strength are definitely the biggest.
Ruanbin’s office is excellent in lighting and spacious in the building. When you walk out, you can see the situation in the opposite office area at a glance.
Even a few employees who usually live in chaos have to work hard, and one of them will lose his job if he is not careful.
Accompanied by the sound of high heels, Tian Li’s humble whisper also rang. She rarely smiled so brightly. "Manager Ruan, your office has been arranged. Please go and see what is missing and tell me directly that I will arrange it."
Ruan Bin said, "Director Tian is welcome. I need an assistant. What can I do for an assistant?"
"Yes, yes, I have chosen the right assistant for you. She will definitely make you satisfied." Tian Li shouted "Jingjing, come here" toward the office.
Feng Jingjing has long been ready to walk past with a big smile. She is really eye-catching today. The beige cashmere dress and the big red fluffy umbrella skirt are a beautiful girl who walked out of comics in the future.
In fact, their company is required to wear overalls during the shift, but Feng Jingjing always feels that the overalls are rustic, and she often receives guests. She is the only one in the office who dresses beautifully every day.
She walked away smiling and said, "Let me know what Ruan always needs, and I will help you complete it."
Tang Sitian secretly muttered, "What a big ambition! I’m not afraid to choke on that thick powder."
Ruanbin gave her a unsmiling look, and her words were very dissatisfied. "Director Tian, I need an assistant instead of? ?” It’s not good for him to find fault with others when he first comes here.
Tian Li said, "Jingjing is the most competent employee here. There is nothing to be picky about whether to be a person or to do things. I think she will be your right-hand man."
Ruan Bin smiled. "Since she is the most competent employee, isn’t it buried her when she works as an assistant for me? She’d better stay where she is and continue to strive for the company’s achievements."
"This? ?”
Tian Li was in trouble yesterday. After work, Feng Jingjing not only asked her to do a whole set of beauty, but also went shopping and bought a lot of things for her. Feng Jingjing wanted her to be recommended as Ruanbin’s assistant. She also knew that Feng Jingjing’s mind was tender. There was always worldly desires. She was not beautiful.
Feng Jingjing took the initiative to say, "Please rest assured that being your assistant will not affect the industry. My big customers are all fixed."
Ruan Bin directly said, "I already have a candidate. It’s her." He reached out and pointed to "Miss Xia Xia" in the corner of the office.
"She" is not just Feng Jingjing’s surprise. Everyone looks at Xia Lianxia in amazement. She is also a face of incredible.
Feng Jingjing disdainfully said, "Xia is a newcomer, not only the company is not as familiar with her as I am, but also not careful enough."
"I’m not familiar with the industry, but I gradually became familiar with it. I think she is very careful if she is not careful." Ruan Bin said slowly, "Miss Xia picked up my flight six hours late and I haven’t expressed my apologies for keeping you waiting."
Ruan Bin’s gentle and elegant temperament, coupled with his deep voice and unyielding tone, even listening to him is a pleasure.
He said, "After I made an appointment with you in Yang Zong, I left first. You not only helped me to arrange the hotel, but also delivered my luggage to my room safely. I am very grateful to the hotel staff for sending me a new shower head. Later, I realized that it was you who checked the equipment in the room and found that there was something wrong with the shower head in the bathroom. This shows that you are careful."
Say that finish RuanBin smiled and nodded to Xia "I don’t know whether Miss Xia is willing to be my assistant. We two’ newcomers’ can be familiar with each other."
What is there to refuse? Xia pursed her lips and didn’t laugh. "Good!" It turned out that he had never forgotten her. In fact, she wanted to say "I do"
Feng Jingjing’s face was so embarrassed that she was rejected and embarrassed. Secondly, Ruan always praised Xia in public, but she looked down on people the most.
In Feng Jingjing’s eyes, Xia is just a vase with a higher education than her, a little taller than her, a little thinner than her waist and a little lighter than her.
Ruan Bin said, "Well, it’s best if you want to. I’m very strict with my assistant. I hope you can win."
"Well, I will work hard."
"Then I’ll find you the first place you like. The evening buffet is on me."
Everyone applauded "Thank you, General Ruan"
This dramatic scene made the bottom slanderers make a fool of Feng Jingjing for the first time in public.