Zhang Chengdong swept her shoulder. Dzenit Dzenit wow, she fell unsteadily from her son’s shoulder. She swept the flower demon sister’s body and fell to the ground. She didn’t even have the courage to struggle. Although the velvet injury was heavy, she was not afraid to stare back like a tiger. She was not directly destroyed by Zhang Chengdong’s will like the flower demon sister.
Finally, Zhang Chengdong was too lazy to look at Qinglan casually. "Who are you, the artificial goblin, the flower demon and the cat demon?" Actually make friends with wizards and bring demons in and out of the world of mortals to kill these demons. I won’t die around you. "
The fourth volume Chapter 9 A bloody battle demon bats (in)
Zhang Chengdong’s words came out, and several monsters suddenly felt that there was a disaster. Zhang Chengdong showed his strength. It was like a nightmare. They were able to fight against him. Even if he could bow his head and die, Dzenit didn’t fight against him, and even the idea of escape was difficult to produce.
The only person who dared to face Zhang Chengdong was Qinglan, who stopped several non-human people and glared at Zhang Chengdong.
Zhang Chengdong finally set his sights on her "I don’t know what to do …" After saying his word, Zhang Chengdong was like being struck by lightning and gawking at Qinglan.
When everyone is silent, the minutes pass by. Look at Zhang Chengdong. Look at what happened when Qinglan paws scratched his head. The dangerous guy suddenly looked like Alzheimer’s.
It purred a little, which seemed to awaken Zhang Chengdong. His figure flashed, and everyone didn’t see clearly that he had held Qinglan’s hand.
"Miss, marry me!"
Qinglan was shocked, surprised and angry, and shook Zhang Chengdong’s hand. "What are you talking about?"
Zhang Chengdong grabbed her hand and looked deeply into Qinglan’s eyes. "Miss, let’s have a baby."
This time, Cymbidium was absolutely furious. No matter how much he wanted to slap, he didn’t want to slap a loud slap and sounded "you rogue Lai"
Laughter sounded and I don’t know when they were watching this drama in the dark. "It turns out that Zhang Chengdong, the first person in the open world, is a rogue. What qualifications do the middle-earth gas refiners have to scold us overseas practitioners?"
"The teacher pill he is his middle-earth refined gas is middle-earth refined gas don’t confuse STH with STH else I don’t know this stupid.
Zhang Chengdong cocked his head and looked at the two people with some surprise. "Aoshi Maru Liuyiyun, you are actually in this city."
Aoshi Maru smiled and said, "Who can get away with the storm? Since the law escapes, let’s arrange a party here with Araya."
Liu Yiyun said to Qinglan, "Miss, if your boyfriend is not around recently, don’t run around. Go home quickly. You’re here. The rogue is dizzy and carried away by love. How can people communicate clearly?"
Zhang Chengdong said urgently, "You haven’t told me your name yet."
"I am a man with a husband, so don’t pester me".
Zhang Chengdong said in a daze, "You are full of money and yin. Besides, I don’t mind if you have a husband. You can marry me again and we can have many children."
How can the world be so ashamed and ashamed to communicate with this person in French? She spat with fluffy and turned to leave.
Next to Aoshi Maru and Liuyiyun, Liu Yiyun smiled and held his belly. "Teacher Zhang Xiaotian said that you never entered the world of mortals and didn’t understand the way of the world. It seems so."
Aoshi Maru nods, "You are more stupid than when I challenged you a few years ago."
Watching Cymbidium leave Zhang Chengdong’s rocks in the wind, Zhang Chengdong didn’t pay attention to those inhuman little monsters.
"The soul is coming back" Liu Yiyun sang the evocation song beside him "The robbery of love will destroy everything. Zhang Tianshi, if you can’t jump out, you will die this time."
"Always face it." Zhang Chengdong recovered after Qinglan’s departure, like a dragon and a tiger, and he was not contaminated by dust. "Are you two going to rob someone?"
Aoshi Maru pointed to his own land. "I am Japanese but not stupid."
"You like this girl. Her fiance is your doom."
"So her fiance is also a gas refiner, which is very good." Zhang Chengdong was relieved that he was mysterious but didn’t understand the relationship between men and women, and he never disdained to compete with ordinary people for his identity. If the other person was a gas refiner, it would be better to say that Zhang Chengdong had hardly spoken to ordinary people in his life, but he was comfortable in the face of gas refiners.
Aoshi Maru looked at Zhang Chengdong suspiciously. "Are you going to kill and rob your wife?"
Zhang Chengdong’s eyes stared, "How could I do such a thing? If I want to face a robbery, I have to let her fall in love. It is considered that I have survived the robbery and killed my wife. How can she really treat me? I am a dragon and tiger, and I am not stupid."
Liu Yiyun said, "That’s good, but by the way, Zhang Tianshi, do you know what chasing girls is? She is not a refined gas, but ordinary people need mortal means to chase her. "
Zhang Chengdong fossilized for half a ring before gnashing his teeth. "I don’t believe I can’t learn if I’m great."
Oshimaru said, "Well, I wish you success. Your opponent is very powerful."
Zhang Chengdong asked, "You didn’t come to me just to see me make a fool of myself. What’s your plan, Liu Yiyun?"
"We are the source of unrest, and we have come to kill the Roman beast, the French king. You killed him and saw a good show."
"Luo teach? That bat was not bad just now, but it’s just acquired plastic surgery. It’s nothing for you to trace. "
Liu Yiyun said, "Your mana naturally doesn’t care about the King of Law, but if you were someone else, the King of Six Laws would be worse like a demon. The King of Six Laws and the Three Great Wang Zun."
Aoshi Maru said, "Zhang Tianshi teaches Luo that there are six methods, three statues and six French kings. The six great divisions in the wheel of karma is the strongest king, and the first of the three kings is peacock king Tang Saier. Hundreds of years ago, your ancestors pursued her by the will of the sky, but she escaped. As far as I know, Tang Saier was not dead. She was called the Buddha Mother King in those years, and after hundreds of years of practice, the other two people must have entered the innate realm. Even if Zhang Tianshi is the first in the world, you can’t underestimate Luo, otherwise the gutter capsized and the fly ash became a laughing stock."
"That’s another thing besides me," Zhang Chengdong proudly said. "Even if it’s the gods from heaven or Alayeli, I’m right here. If I have something to do, they’ll come. If they don’t dare to fight with me, I’ll kill them when they are qualified and worth killing."
The teacher pill Liu Yiyun heart dark scold this guy is still so annoying.
At this time, the three people’s hearts trembled at the same time, and a trace of incredible panic was like a snake drilling into their hearts, which made them feel inexplicable fear.
"What happened?" Three people can feel the confusion of the other two.
The plane Huo Junzhong kept his hands ten fingers high for a long time before he stopped to take a long breath.
Xu Xiuya, who has been curious about his gestures, asked, "Is this Da Yan or Buddhist handprint?"
"I learned Dayan from a stall in daoist magic for one or five yuan, and I can understand the mystery of this technique only after I entered the innate state. Xu Xiuya envied," It’s amazing to enter the innate state, and people can see the secret in everything. "