Muming will pick the mask behind him in the cold way "it’s getting dark, you go home."
In the cold one leng, she may be busy until midnight today. I didn’t expect the ghost elder sister to put her in class first.
Section 3
"Thank you, Ghost Sister" handed the report to Mu Ming, and without wriggling, she turned around and walked out of the gate of the Metropolitan Police Department.
Muming sat beside him in the chair, rubbing his eyebrows and eyes, relaxing and stretching, waiting for someone to come.
This chapter may come out because there is no passion. Come on, girls, give me a kiss!
Mr. Gu "I won’t tell you the bank card password if I don’t collect it!"
Fish "just tell me, haha!" "
☆ Four beautiful women were robbed.
It didn’t take long for footsteps to ring unhurriedly in Muming’s ear, and to report the direction of people coming and going quickly and simply in one go.
"What progress has been made in the case?" Muming sat in a chair and stretched his body to ask Cheng Man.
Cheng Man dumped the report in his hand and turned his eyes secretly full of serious look. That’s how she is when she encounters a case. She is more serious than when Muming dissects the human body.
"Qi Shaochen took people to find the crime scene" and paused for a look and said to Mu Ming, "But there may be no result. This case is either a crime of intentional homicide if it involves those transactions that are initiative and dehumanizing!"
Finally, Cheng Man added, "What do you think?"
Although Muming is a forensic doctor, her ability to solve crimes is not worse than Cheng Man’s, but whether she can participate in solving crimes depends on her mood and interest.
Seeing her folding her eyes and rubbing her head with her hands, she nodded quietly, indicating that she agreed with Cheng Man’s conjecture, but then her eyes changed a few times and became lighter. "Orange must not be objective and mainly pay attention to facts."
Proper guessing is helpful to solve the case, but if you dig deeper, it will affect your ability to judge correctly.
"Know" Cheng Man continued to turn over the report and looked at the bright eyes. "Does the toenail of the deceased contain unfinished flesh?"
Excited and quick to turn over, I found that the dna data of Jingye was also tested. Fortunately, semen can still be tested, otherwise the clues will not be found even if there is a tongtian collar!
After reading the data analysis, Cheng Man’s eyes are going round and round and his spirits are vivid and domineering!
There are fewer clues but it doesn’t affect Cheng Man’s mood. It’s better than nothing. She raised her eyebrows and sighed, "I have to work overtime when you go back to rest first!"
Looking at her tired eyebrows, Cheng Man is really distressed by her best friend, but on second thought, she is so tired and she is willing to drive away with little guilt in the future.
Muming doesn’t refuse to come, that is, when she comes to class, she can go with Yu Han, but when she entered the autopsy room, she agreed with Cheng Man to wait for her to come out of the autopsy room and give her the report.
Now that we’ve met, it’s time for her to collect her heart and go back to rest
She works as a forensic doctor and gets a forensic salary. Fuck, she is a criminal policeman and a forensic doctor! I am so tired!
"Then I walked first." Muming turned his white coat away and walked away without looking back.
When Cheng Man came to his senses, the man was out of the door, as if thinking of something. Cheng Man chased him and shouted at the door, "Why don’t I ask Chen to see you off? Now you are not comfortable walking alone."
Mu Ming turned around and gave Cheng Man a look of disdain. Then he turned around and walked on for three steps before slowly saying, "Have you forgotten how I beat you to the ground a month ago?"
Cheng Man shivered and thought of a horrible clap his head a month ago. He was just stupid before he chased him out! And say such a shameful thing!
Just hit the wall! This is the only sound in Cheng Man’s heart.
When Muming’s figure was about to disappear, Cheng Man snorted, "It’s not certain who will die this month."
In order to ensure that their skills are not backward, the three of them have a competition every month, and it is not necessarily who wins or loses each time.
Muming walked in the street, and the night wind blew up her hair, which made her skirts tender. She squinted slightly and looked up at the sky, but she didn’t see the stars, not even the moonlight.
So it’s going to change.
To speed up the pace, she lives near the police station, and it takes 15 minutes to walk, but the old house is a little far away, which is convenient for work. She specially bought a two-bedroom and one-living room not far from the police station.
On the way to her house, there are two streets, one is a food street, and the other is a quiet and strange street, which she calls the best place for robbery.
Walking through the food street, Muming watched people eating hard, and people walked calmly without blinking. Although the street was very lively and noisy, Muming just didn’t stop.
It’s not that she doesn’t eat these things, but that if she eats too many of them, she will be unlucky. If a forensic doctor doesn’t even know this, she will be called "king" in the forensic field.
It’s time to walk into the secluded path. Mu Ming still keeps his face unchanged. According to his usual character, he walks in the dark without using his cell phone. But her eyes are sparkling and vivid in the dark. They are not clear but bottomless. If someone looks at her eyes for a long time, her eyebrows and her eyes will surely sink in.
Because her eyes are like a cold pool, beautiful but dangerous, a blow will be fatal!
Like now.
"Don’t move! Robbery! " People holding a knife pointed at Muming, and when they saw Muming motionless, they saw the opportunity and slowly came over, but his body was shaking his fingers and his eyelids were twitching, and he could bite his tongue and calf when he spoke, and he was wobbly and moved to Muming’s front.
Mu Ming quickly flashed her body and moved a step to the right before she leaned over the knife. She looked up and smiled when she saw the face of the bearer’s body.
Lift your feet and step back. People keep a certain distance. Looking at the "robber" who is about to rob her, the smile is getting deeper and deeper.
This is the first time the child has done such a thing.
People come to see Muming hide easily and give a good shake. Holding a knife hand is also a shake. When he falls to the ground, he looks deep in the dark street. People are also scared to sit on the ground. He looks at Muming with his mouth open. He doesn’t talk or move like he’s scared silly.
I don’t want to walk past the waves without looking at them, leaving my back to the teenagers.
She could have taken the boy to the bureau, but if she looked at him, she wouldn’t want to move again, and it wouldn’t hurt people’s hearts, otherwise she wouldn’t have come out with a fruit peeler and her clothes would still be at school! How can there be such a stupid robber in this world?
So make a decisive decision-hurry home and rest is the right way! It is better to leave it to Cheng Man to educate teenagers who take detours.
Sitting on the ground, Qinchuan didn’t react for a long time, as if he thought of something. His eyes picked up a fruit knife and went to Muming to recover. If he didn’t take out the money today, he …
I haven’t turned my mind completely yet, but I’m behind Muming. This time, he’s not timid, and his eyes are getting more and more fierce.