Mistress, then let’s
You guys, help whoever gets hit the hardest.
Xiao Bai Mowa immediately smiled in vain, and Xiao Bai even exaggerated and shouted that Xiao Bai was coming to help you.
That’s right. I was hit by cake cream the most times in this field.
After all, who told him to wipe the cake on Xuan Pupil’s face first? But of course, he wanted to wipe others only after being wiped.
The question is who wiped his light atlas and didn’t find that he wiped the Xuan pupil, but he saw it clearly.
Xuan pupil, of course, will not miss the opportunity to revenge and love his good brother.
It’s already a mess in the living room, and after adding the little white ink baby, the cake cream is overwhelming.
While Liu Zhichun, Chai Wanying and tourmaline left at the table are still clean. Of course, the one who didn’t join the cake fight is the ghost of the three.
Unfortunately, I don’t know who it is, but a lump of cream that can’t see clearly has been thrown on his head.
Make Chai Wanying looked up and wanted to laugh at the sight of Ghost Green’s stiff and trembling cheek muscles at the moment.
Tourmaline frowned slightly when he was having fun, because he felt a familiar smell approaching here.
It’s almost to the door.
Moreover, he came with great breath, although he was still a little unstable because of the serious injury, but his steps were still very firm
Tourmaline couldn’t help but tunnel this road. It’s great to know that he was determined to kill him. Today, he has come to the human world before his injury is healed.
He shouldn’t know that he can’t be as good as him now, right
He still came at this time.
What does he want to do?
Don’t want to find the center of the quotations. The chaotic eye was dropped by Wan, right?
If that’s the case, tourmaline’s eyes are slightly dark, and it’s his old demon king Lucifer who has just seriously injured a general from the underworld. What has come?
Or be a horse with a gun
I want to tell everyone that when they stop, a mass of snow-white cream has been hit by a pile of cream, and I don’t know who hit the cake and deviated from the direction.
I flew directly to the gate. At this time, Luning just stepped into the door of Chai Gu’s old house with a steady step.
On the one hand, the cream flew unexpectedly, and on the other hand, it was determined to come forward, and it was not intended to be a general to defend the underworld.
Finally, it turned out that a large mass of cream, which was tall, white, delicate and fragrant and sweet, hit Luning’s forehead like this.
Then he fell from his forehead to the chest of his black shirt.
At that time, the whole room was silent.
And who broke the deadlock was unexpected.
He looked back and saw that the coffin face of Ma General Lu Ning was actually wearing cream samples on his forehead and chest. At that time, he couldn’t help but feel the balance in his heart. He was finally in a mess. He was not the only unlucky person. Can he not laugh?
Chapter 438 Don’t understand
It’s been an hour since the group got back together and sat in the small building.
Chai Wanying came in at the most time, said hello to Luning, and then hugged Tulu and went upstairs with the children.
There are three people left in the room, tourmaline, mingqing and luning.
Mingqing sat in the middle of that European-style small floral round-backed armchair with pale blue eyes from time to time. Look at this and then look at that.
No one is the first to speak.
In his eyes, it is a miracle that these two people have fought for their lives a while ago and now they can sit here so calmly without saying a word.
Is it true that Chai Wanying said that the two of them are learning from each other, so it is really a reality to downplay the importance and speak softly?
Luning is actually very strange in his heart. After all, he knows better than anyone how determined tourmaline is to kill him.
Just look at his chest at this time, every time he moves mana, he will feel a faint pain. From the situation, it can be seen that tourmaline had a deep life.
And his decision to come to the human world this time also took great risks.
The risk is that if you can’t get the tourmaline, you will attack him again before he can say what he wants.
He doesn’t come but he can’t.
If he doesn’t come, his fath Lucifer will come.
And now the underworld is in a hurry. He can’t let his father come to the world again. If one of them gets hurt by tourmaline, the underworld will immediately fall apart and be in danger.
It’s too expensive
Therefore, although he was the most unsuitable person in the world, his father still agreed to let him come.
And in order to show that he came here with other bad motives, he never concealed his breath from entering the entrance of the human world.