Today, Lin Jie took his wife and daughter to the street to buy some new clothes, so Ji Xiaotian was given a day off. When he was not in a hurry, he simply gave up the subway bus and walked back to Oliver’s cabin with his legs. But after walking for hours, Ji Xiaotian thought of something vaguely, but he still didn’t catch anything.
"Hi, did Jack come home early today?" Oliver said when he met him.
"Well, I didn’t go to class today, but I came back." Ji Tiandao was still calculating and thinking, and talking to Oliver with his undivided attention did not affect his thinking process.
"Hey, buddy, you don’t look so happy today?" Oliver asked.
"I’m thinking about something" is a small heaven.
"oh? what’s up Tell me, "Oliver said with a wave of his fist." Can’t this be the solution? "
After systematically accepting Ji Xiaotian’s instructions, Oliver’s theory of physical fitness or boxing fighting is not the same as before, and with his repeated victories in competitions, Oliver’s self-confidence is getting stronger and stronger. Now he has full confidence to solve all his problems with his own fists.
Ji Xiaotian shook his head. "Oliver has some problems that can’t be solved by fists, and I’m thinking about how to make fists stronger."
"Stronger?" Oliver jumped up. "No way? There are many words in the wrong novel network. Jack, aren’t you strong enough? " Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"Of course, it’s not enough. I’m still far from it." Ji Xiaotian smiled faintly and couldn’t help but see the two messengers in my mind. At that time, although they were physically dead, Yuan Shen was immortal, and they would come back for revenge sooner or later. It is said that the two messengers are just the most dirty characters in the African Union. How strong would they be if they came to their legacy elders? Of course, his fist is not strong enough now, and it is far from enough because his opponent is not a mortal but a fairy!
Oliver was taken aback and asked in disbelief, "Are you still far behind? Who else is stronger than you? With you yesterday, will someone be worse than you? "
Oliver said that it was yesterday that Ji Xiaotian punched Xiaotian for the first time. At that time, Ji Xiaotian randomly found a big tree when he was demonstrating his power skills. It looked like a light punch. If this punch directly cut the tree in the middle, Oliver wouldn’t be surprised, because he had seen the amazing power of Ji Xiaotian’s fist before, but now Ji Xiaotian has smashed the middle of the tree into several pieces and scattered them in the breeze!
What if it’s flesh and blood?
Oliver can’t imagine it.
In his eyes, Jack is simply a boxing god. He is full of admiration for this mysterious partner Oliver, but what really scares him is the growth of Jack’s strength, which is already terrible, but his strength is still growing day by day, which completely breaks Oliver’s common sense.
"Jack, if you are willing to go to the boxing match, even if you attend the top competition, no one is afraid of you, right? Oliver sighed that he tried several times to persuade Jack to play black boxing, but Jack didn’t let go, which made Oliver feel sorry. He really wanted to see Jack in the ring with his own eyes.
Oliver doesn’t know that Ji Xiaotian is not short of money to live like this now. He is already satisfied. Why should he play any games?
Even if he has money, he wants to find some experiments and customize some instruments, but it is not convenient through Jenny. Instead, he thinks it is more valuable to do the racing course every afternoon.
So the next morning, Xiaotian trained Oliver for three hours as usual, and then left for Jenny’s house.
Xiaotian’s eyes suddenly widened when he got out of the train. Two people he knows better than he should not be in this country are living not far away.
Chapter one hundred and fifteen This is over
Chapter one hundred and fifteen This is over
"Uncle David Brooklyn? Is he not here? " Jenny asked if she didn’t jump words on the wrong novel network.
"Hehe, what’s he doing for your party?" Beckham laughed. "I have something to go out later, too."
Jenny briefly introduced the party with Ji Xiaotian. Several of their good friends decided to get together and chat on the spur of the moment, and brought their boyfriends. Obviously, those two new Mr. Right guys wanted to show off.
Jenny didn’t want to attend. She didn’t want to watch those good friends show off in front of her, but she changed her mind temporarily after seeing Ji Xiaotian.
Although he is a sloppy tramp, Ji Xiaotian is not annoying, and his clothes are tattered but not messy. Other tramps are very different, and he is even more handsome after being taken to the research institute by Jenny and changed jobs.
Now I have earned a little money as a tutor for Xiaoshiyu, although it is not enough for him to spend it indiscriminately, but it is enough to buy some cheapest normal clothes. Xiaotian is no different from ordinary citizens now, but she still stands out in the crowd because of her appearance and temperament.
That’s why Jenny thought it was important to "bear" her boyfriend for a while. She felt that taking such a person out was not a disgrace to her.
Of course, for these people, it’s normal for them to raise a few gigolo at ordinary times if their boyfriends are just beautiful and successful in their careers, but if their boyfriends are such pure gigolo, I’m afraid no one has the courage to come out and meet people.
In Jenny’s opinion, although Jack is from a humble background, he has a good temperament and an extraordinary speech. If he pretends to be a rich man, he may not show any clues. Let alone Jack’s superb racing skills, it will be enough to curb her friends.
The only thing that worries Jenny is that the party is a spur of the moment. She won’t tell Jack anything when she comes.
"Did you hear that? Don’t give away! Remember, you are a mysterious rich brother who has taken over a good education. You have money at home but don’t like to show off. "Jenny said savagely," If you are exposed, you will look good. "
"Ha ha a boyfriend, right? Wrong novel network a lot of words "meter Xiaotian laughed" don’t worry, I won’t let you lose face, but you have to be higher. My experimental specifications and those cameras should be removed, right? There are many words in the wrong novel network, and they can’t see anything. "
"It’s a good deal." Jenny immediately said that money is not important to her. She is not short of money or material things. Only face and honor are her heart. If Jack can save her face today, Jenny doesn’t care if he waves more things in the laboratory.
They quickly spoke a few words and came to Kelly’s room. Kelly is a niece of Beckham, and her father is a rich man. Of course, compared with Jenny and others, Kelly’s fortune is a little lower, but no one feels wrong with her hanging out in this small circle with her uncle Beckham’s name.
Maybe it’s Jenny’s fast car. Now she’s the only one who says hello to Kelly. Jenny finds that she is playing a game because the game has been suspended. Jenny can’t see what she is playing.
"What are you playing?" Jenny asked.
"What else can Premier League 222 have?" Kelly seems a little naive. "At my uncle’s house, football games are the most. I don’t usually play any."
"But anyway, if I have nothing to do with this, I will make do with it." Kelly laughed. "I’m also uncle David’s niece. I still have a little talent in this respect, and I play better than you darling daughter."
"Are you? Let’s play, "Jenny said angrily.
"Single player confrontation mode or official competition?" Kelly asked as she handed me a pair of sensors.
Jenny tied the sensor to her leg and said, "Let’s fight alone. We only have two people to compete formally. How can we see our personal ability?"
When Jenny tied up her lover, Kelly restarted the game.
In the past two years, with the development of technology, the game has been very different ten years ago, especially in the aspect of realistic environment. For example, this football game is no longer a mouse and keyboard exercise, but a player runs on a running carpet to simulate the game. This running carpet is actually a multi-dimensional conveyor belt, which can ensure the player to run in the center of the carpet at last, while the kick in the game is realized by simulating the game scene through the player’s foot sensor, which simulates the extremely realistic stadium environment in front of the player through a pair of special glasses.
Of course, playing football in reality is different. After all, gamers can set their physical fitness at will, such as setting their running speed to twice and so on to satisfy all kinds of players’ game fun.
When the two men compete, Ji Xiaotian also wears a pair of glasses to watch. It is very obvious that Kelly said that she is good at playing football. Jenny is not her opponent, but she is playing around.
After a while, Jenny suddenly took off her glasses and shouted, "I’m so angry that I won’t play anymore." She looked at her boyfriend’s eyes and said, "Jack, take my place."
Kelly took a look at Xiaotian and said, "That’s ok. Let me have a kick with your boyfriend." She fucked a few times and changed her opponent into Ji Xiaotian.
Break the ball easily, shoot easily, and score easily … In this game that highlights the player’s physical fitness, the advantage of playing a small world has been brought into full play. If you really want to compare it with your physical fitness, who will you be afraid of now?
Even if he didn’t practice martial arts more than a month ago, Ji Xiaotian had already trained his body to a horrible level, and after more than a month of practice, his physical fitness has risen to an unimaginable level, not to mention competing with a little girl, even if he is fighting a tiger and catching a dragon, he has full confidence to complete it.
Soon Kelly took off her glasses as angry as Jenny just now. "No, no, you’re a big man to compete with me. It’s not fair. I have to adjust the data!" Kelly shouted, "I want to double my body!" "
Ji Xiaotian nodded "No problem"
Kelly bowed her head and adjusted a data. She secretly adjusted her physical fitness to four times when she didn’t care about it.
"It depends on how you can beat me." Kelly secretly prides herself. In fact, let alone the quadruple state, she is better than her uncle Beckham. You know, although there is a gap between men and women in physical quality, it is definitely not so bad. If the quality of speed, bounce and strength doubles, Kelly can completely overwhelm her opponent when her physical quality is too different, even Beckham can compete with Kelly, especially because he is not good at dribbling.
But Kelly couldn’t believe it was quadruple, and she still lost.
Although that Jack is far less powerful and faster than her, it is only in this way that he shows his skill. Although Kelly can’t believe it, she loses her heart and her opponent has a huge advantage.
"Is this Jack better than his uncle in his prime?" Kelly can’t help coming up with such an idea.
In fact, she doesn’t know that Ji Xiaotian actually didn’t give full play to his strength. Even though his opponent’s quality has quadrupled, if Ji Xiaotian doesn’t hide his strength, his own quality is still in Kelly. Let’s just say strength. Is he stronger than Kelly by more than four times?
"Alas, it’s a pity that my uncle has something to leave, otherwise let him have a try with Jack." Kelly said with some regret.