"Then go back and rest first. We’ll go back when we’re done here!"
Mu Shuang came over to help Baiye go back together, but Baiye refused, but she followed the guide doll back by herself. Just when she was about to arrive at the station, a figure flew from a distance. This figure Huang Beichang was exactly the same, even with the same breath.
Baiye looked at the figure and smiled at the surface, but let the guide doll take him to recover.
After flying for a long time, the white leaves finally landed on an island far from the Taoist venue. The island is rugged and there are not many plants and trees.
Baiye saw the shadow fall into the stone forest, and when he jumped from the doll to look for it again, the shadow was gone.
Baiye looked around in a daze and wanted to jump. But suddenly a flash of golden light blocked Baiye, and then Baiye saw some big stones falling apart and coming out of it, one by one shining golden warrior!
These warriors in shining armor are not those warriors in the Temple of Nine, but some fighting puppets, which are from Qianchen Mountain.
In the distance, Mr. Luo and Liang Yuan Wu Lin both looked at the white leaf in the distance in the hidden ban. Wu Lin sighed, "This white leaf is really powerful. I could feel the explosive power just now. He didn’t die!"
Mr. Luo also said, "I know the power of this spiritual explosion, but we didn’t expect that a spiritual explosion could kill him. Look at him. He looks haggard and frivolous. Even if he can’t kill him, he can lose 90% of his life. I will make him a puppet in my hand!"
Liang Yuan laughed. "Here, I congratulate Mr. Luo on his birth and can add another expert!"
Wu Lin also followed congratulations, and then the three men turned to look at Baiye at the same time to see him as if he had escaped from these puppets!
DiYiSiSan Liang Yuan died
Baiye looked around at the shining golden warrior, and at the same time, three people in the distance were also revealed in his spirit ball, which made the three people’s faces particularly prominent.
"Put me into a puppet? I will also do some puppet tricks to see who will be refined for a while! "
Once again, turn the jade ruyi into a dagger, easily pass through the golden light of the shining armor warrior, insert it into the puppet body, and destroy the puppet power source array to destroy a puppet directly.
However, in order to make the battle more intense, when destroying the puppet power source, he put a miniature ban into it and exploded the energy inside.
As soon as the "bang" happened, the puppet exploded and stirred up a cloud of smoke around it.
"Mr. Luo, the puppet, also carries a spiritual explosion array?" Liang Yuan asked.
Mr. Luo also said with a puzzled face, "I brought this puppet directly from the warehouse in the mountains, but it wasn’t mine. I didn’t look at it carefully. Maybe I really brought it inside …"
He’s not sure in his heart. He thinks it seems to be a fighting puppet. He doesn’t have a spiritual explosion array, but what happened to the explosion in front of him? Did Baiye deliberately cause the puppet to explode? So he didn’t hurt himself?
Mr. Luo guessed half right, Baiye deliberately let the puppet explode, but he was not hurt himself, because he had already figured out the impact and fluctuation of the explosion, so he could hide himself if he leaned over a little, and there would be more dust on his body
Get rid of a puppet, and there are still many white leaves around it, and continue to pierce and ban the same explosion.
White leaves keep exploding here, and the three people in the distance are more and more surprised. Wu Lin shouted, "This white leaf is so strong. Even one of these explosions can hurt me. He is still fine!"
Liang Yuan said, "Maybe this is a fairy hostage. There are fairy reiki everywhere in the celestial world, which is much stronger than our ordinary reiki, so his body has resistance to the impact of reiki …"
Liang Yuan is not sure that Mr. Luo can’t go either, but Baiye is really in good health. If he can be made into a puppet, he can at least easily deal with people who have survived nine robberies!
White leaves seize the opportunity to stab again and again and say "move" in their mouths!
Several puppets exploded at the same time, and several intact puppets around them were also destroyed in this explosion.
"No, his body may be damaged. I’ll go and see!" Seeing such a violent explosion, Mr. Luo was worried that the physical damage of Baiye would have an impact on the puppet in the future, but before he moved, a cold voice came behind him, "I’m fine if I can’t!"
Although the sound is not big, it sounds like thunder to the three people. The three people move almost instantaneously in different directions to alert the white leaves.
"oh? Aren’t you ready? Why are you so surprised to see me? " White leaves restore jade to its prototype.
"Are you … are you all right?" Wu Lin, some don’t believe that Baiye actually came out of the big bang just now.
"Do I look all right to you?" Baiye patted the dust and looked at the three men coldly.
When Baiye looked at Liang Yuan coldly, he asked, "Liang Yuan, I didn’t imprison your killer that day. You didn’t expect you to escape from the Temple of Nine and try to kill me!"
Liang Yuan’s hand gradually glowed red, and his face gradually changed from surprise to grimace. He said, "You said it’s easy. Once you abolished all my repairs, it made me more useless than mortals and humiliated me in front of a group of young players. If I can forget this shame! Today, I’m going to show you my strongest spell! "
"Happy to learn!"
Originally, Liang Yuan gave Baiye the impression that he was a greedy villain, but now he gives Baiye a cold and bloodthirsty feeling that he is twice as evil!
Seeing Liang Yuan’s moves, Mr. Luo and Wu Lin both retreated slightly. One was to let them play, and the other was to find opportunities to sneak attack them. I didn’t think it was a fair competition.
Pulled out a purple bamboo road "still want? I know you are poor. If you can beat me, I will give you ten! "
Listening to Bai Ye’s teasing tone, Liang Yuan’s face is full of ferocity, and his eyes almost burst into flames.
"Looking for death!"
Liang Yuan’s hand bleeds with red light, which is unique to Yuan Sect. He can’t make this spell out from his palm, but he has mastered what he can do to help him in the Temple of Nine, even better than the leader!
The blood-red light is like a small tornado, and it is like a rotating pike whistling and stabbing at the white leaf. The white leaf figure shakes to hide, but this red light seems to have eyes, and it instantly adjusts its direction and remains his goal.
There was a touch of white in front of Baiye. It was Jade Ruyi who turned into a shield. Baiye was not hurt in the slightest except to step back. This Jade Ruyi was not only blunt but also tenacious. Liang Yuan’s attack did not play the slightest role.
Just then, a knife light and a black light came from behind him, and it was Wu Lin and Mr. Luo who attacked him in an instant.
There was another "bang" of flying dust and gravel, and both of them succeeded and were proudly looking at the position of white leaves.
After three life-and-death battles in Qianchen Mountain, Bai Yexiu has not increased much, but the fighting has grown a lot. These three people are simply nothing compared with those three people. When these three people quietly wait for the smoke to disperse, Bai Ye has reached the back of Liang Yuan.
Perhaps it was because Liang Yuan moved baiye to one side at the moment of baiye’s hands-on. The blow did not hit him, but the purple mansion flew him away.
"Poof …" Liang Yuan sprayed one mouthful blood and smashed it in the rocks without interest.
This road made Baiye wonder, "I wanted to hurt him, but I didn’t want to kill him. Why didn’t I have a breath?"
Indeed as expected in the spirit ball Liang Yuan was hit by the white leaves, and the breath became weaker and weaker, even the soul fluctuations dissipated.
Baiye’ s heart moved back and said, "It’ s impossible to die so soon. There must be tricks!"
He took out the purple gourd from the jade ruyi, opened his mouth and drank a mouthful of wine, and then sprayed it out. At the same time, the wine in his hand was immediately turned into a fire fog and wrapped in Liang Yuan.
Bai Ye Yuan Liang Yuan will escape. I didn’t expect him to be wrapped in fire and fog, and suddenly he became a flame. In just a moment, the living man turned into ashes and was scattered by the sea breeze.
Section DiYiSiSi Dust to the ground
Liang Yuan died like this?
Baiye doesn’t believe that Wu Lin and Mr. Naluo are also incredible, but the fact is right in front of them so that they can’t find the slightest flaw
"If you die, you will die. If such a person stays in the world, it will make the world chaotic!"