Xiao asked if he could continue to work honestly and chat with Zi Yan one build what did not build.
At this time, the magic moon hangs high and the lavender moonlight shines on the heavens and the earth, and the mountain breeze blows gently over the mountains and grasslands.
Purple Yan and Xiao Wen are like this. In the moonlight and mountain breeze, the grass seems to blend into the whole world.
This is actually a very leisurely environment, which makes people relax unconsciously.
Purple Yan and Xiao Wen are also so slow and not tit for tat. They are all relaxed.
Relax, relax, both of them don’t realize that it’s actually a bit too much.
Xiao asked that he felt so comfortable in this world that he naturally let go of his physical and mental feelings, including his hand …
At first, he was still helping ZiYan to pinch his leg honestly, and then he slowly evolved into feeling while squeezing, and then he felt more than squeezing his big hand, more like stroking ZiYan’s smooth and perfect calf …
And purple Yan root hair guard against her to flirt with Xiao asked how can in turn guard against Xiao asked?
When she slowly relaxed, she didn’t feel that Xiao Wen’s technique had changed.
She thinks it’s really comfortable now. It’s comfortable when the moonlight shines on her body. It’s comfortable when the mountain wind blows on her body. It’s also comfortable to smell the fragrance of grass, and then her calf seems to be comfortable.
I don’t know how long it took ZiYan to react gradually. Her calf is not normal! Because the sense of comfort there has spread to her body and affected her whole body.
She felt that every cell was crisp and numb, and she wanted to amplify her breath and vent the cat’s scratching feeling in her body and mind.
At this time, she has entered another state!
Purple Yan finally wake up!
She doesn’t like men and hasn’t been touched by men, but it’s still very clear what she feels like.
Okay, you little question!
Was about to rebuke, but ZiYan suddenly thought that it was wrong. Didn’t she ask Xiao Wen to help him pinch his calf? ! And she just wants to be dishonest, and she knows Xiao Wen must also know this.
Look at Xiao Wen’s face again and see that this guy has put himself into it. There is nothing evil about Yin, but this guy is really enjoying it!
Violet Yan’s brain turns very fast. Is this small and unconscious into a state?
That’s not good. Just scold him and find another reason to shout him up.
However, it was this thought that she felt the numbness of her calf.
When Xiao asked his hands, it was like there was a heat flow, where he touched them, he became extremely comfortable, but when he was not touched, he showed a hunger and thirst, and he wanted to be touched by Xiao asked quickly …
This heat flow naturally follows her calf guide, making her thighs hot and numb, and then continues to spread to her body.
It’s itchy and refreshing. I want to go on …
Has been …
Violet Yan has been touched by a few people in my life, but it must be counted that her parents bathed her when she was a child. The most impressive time for her was that her teacher almost touched her all over when she first evaluated her qualifications.
In the future, it seems that there will be no fighting. It doesn’t count to be hit by a fist.
Seriously, this is the first time that she has been touched by an adult man like this, even on her calf.
She seldom gets emotional herself, and when she really moves, she will solve it herself.
And now the taste of being touched by a mature man is so different from that when she touches herself!
Its stimulation is actually several times stronger!
Speaking of which, even if she doesn’t like men, now she is a little more hated than Xiao Wen, and flirting with Xiao Wen has almost become their routine work.
And now it’s such a little man in her eyes. She’s been flirting with guys and it makes her so comfortable.
Even though she knew something was wrong, she was not so resistant.
Her heart is struggling, but her body is enjoying Xiao Wen’s touch.
The physical and mental stimulation finally made her breathe heavily, and her hands trembled slightly behind her …
Her beautiful, harmonious face was slightly flushed, and her lavender Se skin was particularly attractive when intertwined. She is a high queen, but at the moment she is a queen who is moved …
Hold back!
Wake up!
You must not make a fool of yourself!
Xiao Wen is an animal!
But no matter how much she yells in her heart, she seems so strong that she just breathes more and more heavily.
This dead Xiao Wen really killed me!
However, at this moment, Xiao Wen also felt something was wrong. The original purple Yan calf was very relaxed. Why is it a little tight now?
Then he noticed the purple Yan, which aggravated breathing and even turned hot around.
Xiao asked with a little vacant looked purple Yan and then saw purple Yan bright but some misty eyes and her particularly attractive face …
What happened?
Purple Yan made him white!
Purple Yan calmed down as quickly as possible, but her eyes were cold and she gently asked, "Are you happy?"
Xiao Wen didn’t answer, but he scolded me in his heart!
What’s going on when he comes here completely for nothing!
Then he felt his body change …
"Cough … it doesn’t hurt? It doesn’t hurt anymore. Why didn’t you say so earlier? I just want to be distracted. "Xiao asked face-to-face and took his hand from Zi Yan’s calf and got up.
At this time, Violet Yan had a man-eating heart, but Xiao Wen still looked at her with a bitter face and deliberately asked, "Why are you blushing?"
Being molested …