Xia Yu felt that his body trembled and his brain forgot to think, so he couldn’t help but respond with his hands around his shoulders.
Just as they were tired of kissing, Xia Yu inadvertently glanced at the desk of the room. Suddenly, I remembered that this was the office. I couldn’t help but open my eyes wide and pushed Ji Yu. Oh, my God, what did I do to kiss in the office and I still enjoyed it? I was embarrassed and shy, which made Xia Yu blush like a cooked shrimp.
Xia Yu awkwardly lifted his forehead and flowed into the sea. "Excuse me, President, where is my office?"
Ji Yu pointed to an extra set of desks and chairs in the office and casually said, "This is your office."
Xia Yu looked at Ji Yu’s office. There was an extra desk face full of confusion. It didn’t come yesterday, but it somehow came out today.
"I applied for the manager’s secret, not yours."
"apply for director Zhang didn’t tell you? Is it the general manager’s secret? O
O general manager to do the secret is not the company secret? "Xia Yu argued that black and white eyes are full of confusion.
Ji Yu’s face showed a scornful smile, but the smile passed quickly until Xia Yu’s root didn’t notice it.
"The so-called general manager’s secret, as the name implies, is the president’s company secret." Should I say that my wife is stupid or simple? She was scolded and helped count the money.
Xia Yu’s brain is running at a high speed. No wonder the receptionist is so enthusiastic and Director Zhang is so unnatural. All this has been reasonably explained. It turns out that Ji Yu knew he was coming for an interview early in the morning and arranged all this to invite you to the urn.
I’m still silly to interview on my own strength, but it’s really silly and naive to think about myself when I don’t meet Ji Yu at work.
Xia Yu looked at Ji Yu’s eyes with a little bit of anger and later turned into a little bit of frustration. His shoulders unconsciously crossed, and he just came to the interview to fight instantly:
Chapter 27 Treat me like a monkey
Xia Yu’s dusty face turned around and wanted to leave the back. Looking at Xia Yu’s back with loneliness, Ji Yu couldn’t help but feel a tight grip on Xia Yu’s hand and wouldn’t let her leave.
"Ji Yu, do you think it’s fun to play me like a monkey?" Xia Yu even lost his anger and strength.
Looking at the calm summer language, Ji Yu’s face shows fear. "Wife, I miss you so much. I don’t want you to work so hard." The tone is full of flattery. There will always be such a humble moment in Ji Yu. Maybe there is no such thing as humility in love.
Xia Yu’s power to break away from the seasonal domain has become very urgent. In the seasonal domain, Xia Yu is held in his arms tightly, so that Xia Yu has no chance to break away. This embrace is warm, strong and powerful, and the heartbeat can shock the heartstrings. The breath of Xia Yu is gradually stable. I have to say that this embrace is very wide and warm, which makes people feel inexplicable.
"Well, can I work now? Can I let it go?" Xia Yu gently pushed Ji Yu’s face across a red cloud unconsciously.
"First of all, I’ll keep the office serious and don’t cuddle." Xia Yu looked disgusted and retired to keep a certain distance.
All day long, except seeing Ji Yu seriously presiding over various meetings and negotiations, she talked about everything in every way and read magazines. Xia Yu couldn’t sit still. This is not what she wants. She is not coming to supervise.
I have to say that Ji Yu works very hard, and his two knife-shaped eyebrows are extremely serious and sexy, his lips are closed, his eyes are shining and he is very focused.
Xia Yu made signal with the lips. Although she didn’t want to worry about Ji Yu, she was really in a panic.
"President, I’m here to work, not a supervisor." Xia Yu’s eyes were wronged and he watched Ji Yu’s expression more wronged.
"I’ll ask Linda to come and help you. You should start with the basics." Ji Yu’s eyes are really closed. It’s really impossible for Xia Yu to work here, which will affect work efficiency. He also wants to work with his wife tonight.
What basis to learn is to learn some coffee and sort out some files? It’s better to have something to do than to have nothing to do. Xia Yu secretly lamented in his heart.
In this way, after a day of chatting in every possible way, I finally want to slip away if I want to hold my bag directly.
"Lu Xia Yu you wait for one" Ji Yu has long been keen-eyed and wants to sneak Xia Yu.
People have to bow their heads in the eaves. Xia Yu has to stop her hurried steps. "Hehe, it’s class time now." Xia Yu kindly woke up with a little guilty eyes.
Ji Yu smiled again and again. "I didn’t say I couldn’t let you work together. I also worked together. Let’s go home together."
"Ha ha no, you must have a lot of things to be busy as a big president, and you are always busy. I won’t wait for you."
Looking at the chattering mouth, I want to block the impulse. Ji Yu’s eyebrows are frowning and a little angry. "Who stipulates that I can’t work at this point?"
"I didn’t say you can’t work at this point. You are the boss. Of course, it’s up to you to go back together or go our separate ways." Xia Yu made a signal with the lips. She didn’t want the company to know her identity. She wanted to interview on her own today instead of relying on the company to learn that all this was arranged by Ji Yu. She felt very frustrated.
However, in Ji Yu’s view, Xia Yuhang just wants to keep a distance from him and doesn’t want to admit him, which makes Ji Yu very angry. Is it so difficult to talk about it with him? Is it a shame to be with him?
Reason is swallowed up by anger bit by bit, and Ji Yu’s eyes slowly turn scarlet. Ji Yu can’t help but hug Xia Yu’s shoulder with one hand and don’t give her a chance to struggle, even dragging and dragging Xia Yu into the ladder.
Looking at Ji Yu’s gloomy face and spoiling Xia Yu, I feel inexplicable for a second. People say that women are fickle. It seems that men are more fickle than women.
Step out of the company. Xia Yu carefully covers her face for fear of attracting unnecessary gossip. You know, people say that she doesn’t want to be an object of discussion among company employees after dinner.
Xia Yu accelerated the pace, but Ji Yu just did the right thing with her, which seemed to slow down the pace of Xia Yu. It was hard not to be noticed at the peak of duty, and it was even worse to be around the president of Domain City International.
The employees coming and going in the lobby on the first floor threw strange expressions, and their mouths were so big that they could be stuffed into an apple. A stranger was in a hurry, and the president ran naked and hugged a woman.
Everyone is curious that this woman is a sacred person who can capture the heart of the cold-faced president. Xia Yu’s bag blocked most of his face, but there are still sharp-eyed colleagues who found that the heroine is a new colleague. Many women have cast envious eyes on Xia Yu.
Chen Yishan, who just wanted to walk out of the company’s door, was always attracted by this commotion. Her brother actually hugged a woman, and in public, Chen Yishan had an unbelievable face and a little panic in her eyes, but she soon recovered her calm. No matter which base woman doesn’t deserve to have her brother Chen Yishan’s love, her eyes died of malice, but this vision passed.
Chen Yishan was greeted with steady steps. "Brother Domain, you are also working. I don’t have a car today. Can you give me a ride?" Her face was sweet and her eyes were bright and calculating. How could she miss this opportunity to get along with brother Domain?
It’s almost time to step into the door. This sudden Cheng Yaojin is staying here, and Xia Yu is afraid of being such as these.
Peak sexually woman eyes kill Xia Yu secretly condescension way
"Well, are you used to class?" Ji Yu smiled and her eyes were full of charm. This little girl was so afraid of being seen and wanted to leave Ji Yu quickly, but she didn’t want to do so.
"Not bad." God knows it’s a handyman, but Chen Yishan is still very flattering because she is afraid of giving Ji Yu a bad impression
When two people come and go, they take Xia Yu as their anger. Xia Yu Nai rolled his eyes and pulled the skirts of Lajiyu, suggesting that he should get out of here quickly.
How could Ji Yu not know her little thoughts? It’s not difficult. She walked out with his long legs, dragging her, and walked out because Ji Yu’s long legs couldn’t keep pace with him, and she was always dragged in makeup.
However, Chen Yishan can easily walk side by side in the season. Xia Yu secretly lamented that being tall is different. Of course, she didn’t ignore Chen Yishan’s disdain. She is not stupid. Of course, she can see that Chen Yishan should not care about her special feelings in the season, but she just can’t help but get stuck in her heart.
Chen Yishan took the co-pilot seat first, while Xia Yu was able to sit in the back seat. Alas, I finally got away with it and breathed a sigh of relief. Xia Yu put away her face and bag.
"Alas, aren’t you the servant that day?" A casual sentence can make Xia Yu lose face. The words are harsh, but Chen Yishan’s face is full of laughter.
After nearly a second of embarrassment, Xia Yu was reluctant to "amount"
I still made a "scoff" in the angry season, and I didn’t have the mouth to explain more, but I suspected that I gave Xia Yu a blunt knife and felt a pain in my chest, but I tried my best to hide my heart loss.