It seems that the media Valencia coach Chang Sheng has a heated argument with the Spanish Football Association, the Referee Committee and the Arbitration Committee.
But in fact, the root of the team has not been affected, because the firepower is in the head coach of Changsheng.
Moreover, Chang Sheng has not left the team for training and preparation under such circumstances.
AC Milan lost 1 away.
Although Valencia lost a lot of red cards in a league game, it was banned from the national league and the Champions League, but the Spanish Football Association could not care about it. Valencia was still able to send the strongest team in this game.
There are some changes in the forward position.
Reyes replaced Vicente angulo and Villa. Both of them were injured.
Vicente’s injury is not serious, but he still needs to miss the game for half a month.
AC Milan is quite underestimating the enemy and feels that it is not necessary to play such a team that is troubled by foreign troubles.
As a result, Valencia got one at half time and found that something was wrong. Valencia didn’t seem to be disturbed
In addition to scoring goals, they also performed well.
This excellent performance made AC Milan feel dangerous.
So Carlo Ancelotti made a decisive adjustment at halftime to make the team shrink its defense.
It’s okay to lose one goal away from home, but losing two goals is a big problem.
Finally AC Milan left Mestalla with a goal.
Although we won the game at home, this score can’t make Valencia sure that it will be difficult to play away from home.
But at this time, winning has been taken care of.
The 29th round Valencia vs. Osasuna at home.
Although he can’t play this game, he can arrange troops and make the game skills the same, and he can control the game by his own means.
This game is my first game after the "Lopez tragedy"
The team suffered heavy losses, and he didn’t want his team to lose the game. Although he personally conducted the game, he didn’t want people to be embarrassed.
After playing the Champions League with AC Milan, he focused on the league.
This is his war with the Spanish Football Association, and it is also a war between Valencia and the Spanish Football Association. If you can’t give up,
After the last day of training before the game, I often win the team and say to them, "I have one request for you in the game, that is, I don’t accept the result except victory, so someone can defeat us. This is an opportunity to tell them how wrong they are!"
After the team was dissolved, Chang Sheng said to Guardiola, "Please play in the next day."
Guardiola nodded. "I’ll do my best."
Changsheng frowned. "Have a little confidence!"
"Okay, I’ll do my best."
Always win the language.
Osasuna is not a strong team and is away from home. This game is a suspense.
But who called Valencia worse than them?
The head coach and assistant coach can’t appear in the coach’s seat, and the media don’t even know who will conduct the game on the spot.
As far as players are concerned, as many as four competitions have been suspended.
Canizares got his fifth yellow card of the season when protesting against a game, and the game was automatically suspended.
Albelda, Ba Laha and Carvalho were all suspended for receiving red cards.
Even a complete pair of waist is not enough.
If Guardiola didn’t want to direct the game as a temporary head coach, the winning streak would definitely have made Guardiola start.
Now, after some adjustments, Valencia has given up the 433 formation.