It seems that I see a god of death waving to myself. Even though I have a lot of precious medicinal materials, there are many treasures in the core area, but they are hardly at the same level as the immortal grass.
It is impossible for those fairy grass to recover as quickly as the immortal fruit, and the injury will heal immediately after the injury. With the increasing number of monsters, the trauma is getting heavier and heavier, and the efficacy of therapeutic fairy grass is becoming more and more unsatisfactory.
If the speed of repair can’t hurt the speed, there will be a dead end!
One day …
Two days …
Three days …
As a last resort, I haven’t seen the most precious treasures in the core area of several kinds of medicinal materials collected in the underground vein, and I have been left with a few.
Now the last immortal fruit is left, and with the help of this almost fate treasure, he has a chance to stay alive for a while, but only for a short time.
A week later, monsters were hunted down in droves, and they were all comparable to the super-order five robberies and scattered immortals.
I’m dead!
I’m really dead this time!
Looking at the last immortal fruit in his hand, Chen Han was about to plug it into his mouth. Suddenly, a monster appeared behind him to kill monsters and stopped.
It’s a monster with a metallic luster and a body shape very similar to that of a turtle. The difference is that it has nine huge heads, and it is lifeless like a moving hill, which obviously belongs to artificial things.
What really shocked Chen Han was not the head of Xuanwu God beast, but a man with the same overall characteristics as him except appearance on his back.
Black hair, black eyes and yellow skin
This is a Chinese people. He looks like he is in his twenties. He is tall, straight and elegant. Unfortunately, his temperament is greatly reduced by wearing clothes. The point is that the fur of wild animals is almost the same as that of human beings in the original society
He is holding a mace with a length of more than two meters, which is out of tune with his handsome appearance. He is a savage who crossed from the original society.
Listen to his mouth suddenly send out strange notes to kill Chen Han. The monster stopped not far away and turned and ran as if he had got some command.
"This ….. is he making these monsters? That his strength is not … "Chen cold heart is full of shock and awe.
"You are the first person to enter the third floor area for so many years," the young man said lightly, but Chen Han saw a trace of cold, murder and deep resentment in his eyes, as if he had a blood feud with himself, but he never remembered this person.
"What’s your predecessor’s name?" I am very respectful in my attitude of saving my life.
"For thousands of years, in the first floor area, those who are comparable to the puppet witch and beast at the beginning of Wu blocked almost all the people who fix the truth. It is rare for a person to enter the second floor area in a thousand years, and eventually he died. In the third floor area, the puppet witch and beast hand who is comparable to the strength of Wu can enter you, but the result will not be different."
"Did the younger generation offend the older generation?" Chen Han tried to make himself less shocked and angry.
He finally knew what the names of those monsters were, and the puppet witch beast also knew another kind of strength division of the practice, but he had never heard of anything that made the witch.
The young man looked at him coldly and said slowly, "You didn’t offend me, and I’m not my predecessor. I’m twenty-four years old this year, but it doesn’t matter, because I will personally end your life. Since you dare to invade the last place of the clan, you can’t get out of here alive."
Super-order six robberies scattered fairy!
The head of Xuanwu God beast exudes a desperate atmosphere, and a blue light is brewing in nine heads and mouths at the same time.
Young people claim to be twenty-four years old and impressively show the realm comparable to that of Du Jie’s late practitioners. If he didn’t lie, this cultivation speed is peerless, and I don’t know how many times faster than Chen Han.
However, Chen Han has no time to think about this problem, and now he feels that death is approaching.
Bang …
Nine balls of light were ejected from Xuanwu’s mouth, which contained conan the destroyer’s power. Almost at the same time, Han put the last immortal fruit into his mouth and held a knife with both hands to meet the ball of light.
Crack-destroy the sky!
Liu Yun combating Dao is driving with pure power, cutting through a long distance and exhausting all the power of Chen Han.
It is comparable to the super-order six-robbery scattered fairy strength. Even if there is no lighter, it is the purest energy attack, and it is not just a Mahayana attack. In the middle period, he can compete with the violent energy. The place where he extends along the phalanx is smashed into mud and bones. He piles all the yuan divine power around the Yuan God to form the last defense of life.
A large amount of blood and rain splashed and scattered in the void, and the magic weapon and battle clothes were also removed, so that his body was almost turned to dust.
The skin and muscles of the body have almost disappeared, and the bones of the arms are scattered, and the bones in other places are also densely covered with several gaps.
After the meridian breaks, the five zang-organs, the abdomen and the Yuan baby are on the verge of breaking up, and the whole person has become a skeleton frame that may dissipate at any time. Even the Yuan God, who is guarded by the Yuan divine power, has more than a dozen cracks, which is more serious than the last ray robbery of the five-color seize the soul.
"You are … no! You are not a true fix … Oh, my god! You practice is family center method or wrong … "
"Old clan, come and save people! I seem to have killed the wrong person!"
"Pure power how can he practice pure power …"
A moment later, the young man seemed to have made a mistake, and the child panicked and finally took out a strange stone and shouted.