Holding Ouyang Tiange and whispering comforting words in her ear, Chen Tiancheng felt strange from Ouyang Tiange’s body trembling. He looked up and saw that the red Dan gas the size of table tennis had arrived. He didn’t know what it was. He was amazed at Song Ouyang Tiange and even took a few steps back. Fortunately, this thing was unhappy and his flying sword was cut toward the red ball.
To his surprise, the ball didn’t hit him and floated to Ouyang Tiange’s shoulder and suddenly sank. Poof, Ouyang Tiange staggered and spit out one mouthful blood. Her body ban has been broken up.
Still hurt her. He felt a pain in his heart and screamed, "Run!" But the sound may be heard only by himself.
Ouyang Tiange stumbled towards him, Chen Tiancheng was stunned and grabbed her arm. Ouyang Tiange reflexively cut to his pulse door. It was the silver mans knife that was different earlier. After all, it had harvested 200 souls.
Chen Tiancheng didn’t care to see Ouyang Tiange’s silver awn retreat, but he couldn’t come with a knife. He naturally didn’t care if he turned his hand to Ouyang Tiange and grabbed it, so he would take the knife from Ouyang Tiange’s hand.
But now he suddenly controls his body by himself, and a strong force has dug something out of his brain. He tore his soul like a pain, and when his eyes stood out, he saw several ghosts grasping himself and suddenly lost consciousness.
Ouyang Tiange didn’t look at him and ran towards Levi. She kept calling Levi Levi. She held Levi tightly to her chest and sobbed, "Levi, you almost scared me to death just now, don’t you know? Don’t scare me later, okay? "
Li Wei stretched out his hand and touched her pale face, and the dust mixed with tears on her face, and wiped her face like a Xiaohua Mall. Li Wei smiled and said to her, Baby, I have no strength. Please run away and leave me alone.
Ouyang Tiange didn’t listen to pull him up and carry him behind him. Li Wei was already naked at this time, and there were not many strands of cloth, but neither of them thought about this problem. Of course, this is not a problem in their hearts.
She was carrying Li Weike, Li Weike was taller than her, and her legs almost dragged to the ground. She simply turned around and picked Li Wei up and put it on her shoulders. Although she was a practitioner, she naturally had little strength to carry a person for a short time, but how far could she run against Li Wei, who was so big and burly? Li Wei is saying Tiange, let me run. She won’t let me go even if she doesn’t talk. I will stay with you even if she dies.
The root didn’t run far behind, and Xu Wancheng sounded "Little bitch, what magic method did you kill Tiancheng?"
Ouyang Tiange still ran forward without saying anything, but his feet were covered with gray fog.
Li Wei suddenly shouted, "Stop the song!" She was surprised to look back. There was a thick fog behind her, and she couldn’t see the direction when she came. Then she looked back at the front. The thick black fog came to me with a chilling and cold breath. In an instant, the thick fog had covered the sky and the eyes could see the front two or three meters.
Li Wei asked Tiange to let him walk slowly. In fact, there is no problem. There is a kind of collapse and he feels weak all over.
Ouyang Tiange pulled out a knife and Li Wei told her to put it away. If she hurt herself, it would be over. Although it is unlikely, he took out the Yan sword and gave it to her. He looked around at the black fog and hugged Ouyang Tiange’s arm unconsciously. Today is likely to be run.
The fog is getting thicker and thicker, twisting and rolling, and some places seem to be as dark as ink. Every time there is a thick black fog, a ferocious face emerges in the black fog. When it floats to a lighter place, it will dissipate, and the temperature drop around them will drop. The hot air exhaled by the two of them has condensed into white fog.
Levi, they have taken a few steps, but they have lost track of the direction. They have decided to move forward in one direction. Now they have no strength, but their minds are full of stuff. He knows that it has been refined. Now they can’t restore some Dan spirit. The most important thing is to remember that two Dan spirits were just taken out and held in their hands, but now the method automatically operates. There is nothing in my hand to think about it. I threw two Dan spirits into my mouth.
Ouyang Tiange said, "Li Wei, the second person you killed was my brother Zhang Tianyi. Although he was also my second teacher’s apprentice, he was very nice."
Li Wei said, "Did he fly his sword to dance in front of me? Silly girl, you let yourself fall into the hands of your second uncle just because I killed him. Will they let you go? You mustn’t do this in the future. Remember that your own life is the most important thing. Those who want to kill us, I don’t care whether they are active or passive, they will all die! You follow me in the future and don’t make a fuss about such things. "Ouyang Tiange gently agreed that you are more important than me in my heart.
A gloomy voice sounded around them, "What a big hum!"
To prevent losing contact, please remember to reserve the domain name L A.
Levi’s exhibition of natural spirit department at this time doesn’t know whether this fog can affect the spirit up to more than ten meters away and the speaker is not in the range.
Levi wondered if these ghost masters knew that they had no power now, but his mouth sank and said, "Who are you? What’s this sneaky thing? "
Listen to the man said, "Qin Gong doesn’t know who we are? Now that you’ve lost your strength, do you still want to go out? We won’t take your lives until we’ve cleaned up this guy behind you. Hum, I don’t know if we ghosts dare to break in here when we’re working here! " The sound is drifting, but it seems to be getting farther and farther away
Levi, they walked for a while, but now there are more and more faces in the dense fog, and as soon as these faces are formed, they pounce on Levi and Ouyang Tiange. Levi is naturally not afraid of these faces, but he also knows that ordinary people, even ordinary practitioners, are extremely difficult to resist. The old man Xin was attacked by the animal soul, and a little bit of the animal soul fragments were unconscious for nearly a day, but these ghosts ran to your body and ate your body JingXie and soul. That huge spectre will also rob Rendan!
It’s not the way to walk like this. Ouyang Tiange has been in distress for several times. These black gas condensed into faces and almost fell on her body. Li Wei put out the ghost with a little purple fire. The girl is more afraid of these ghosts and ferocious things. She has turned pale and could not help screaming several times.
Take out heavenly jade, Li Wei, and sit cross-legged in front of him, let Ouyang Tianxin shrink and snuggle up in front of him. Although he is almost naked now, he doesn’t have time to appreciate this glamorous posture. He doesn’t care if his hands are protected in front of Ouyang Tiange, ten fingers will spit out purple fire, and a face will come or a finger will snap or a little. These ghosts are more fierce than ordinary ghosts. Naturally, they will be destroyed by fire!
However, these ghosts seem to be exhausted and know where they are. Li Wei is so absorbed that what he sees in front of him seems to be thousands!
Li Weifa held Ouyang Tiange in one hand, and the purple fire soared around his body, waving a piece of devil may cry and counting ghosts being refined. He felt that his mind was like a balloon on the verge of explosion, and he couldn’t stuff anything any more. He could let the dragon catcher stay a little longer and refine his soul several times in succession, and the dragon catcher could react unexpectedly.
Is it because I keep drawing strength from the dragon in front of me that it is angry? Or is this guy stuffed? Although his head has been swollen and groggy, Levi still can’t help thinking.
However, the reiki in Tianxin jade slowly infiltrated into the meridians of the body. Although the meridians still can’t sense the flow of Dan gas, the body feels much better, but it’s a pity that it can’t take the initiative to absorb it, otherwise it will increase Dan gas by nearly 10% for a while. He can’t help but feel a little regret.
All of a sudden, a few muffled grunts came from a distance, accompanied by Holland’s strange call for a person’s footsteps to come here, and it can be concluded that this person has been injured.
The second volume The world of mortals Chapter 10 Red se Ghost King
The second volume The world of mortals Chapter 10 Red se Ghost King
In Li Wei’s arms, Ouyang Tiange never dared to open his eyes. At this moment, he also heard the noise and said softly, "Someone is coming." Li Wei nodded and motioned for Ouyang Tiange to get up and conveniently put Tianxin Jade back.
There is no Dan gas to condense into a big sword. He took out his former ordinary flying sword. These days, Levi has almost forgotten that he still has a flying sword.
Sure enough, the man stumbled and rushed from the black fog, and the sword came to Levi. Levi didn’t have the strength to dare him to recklessly take a wrong step to pick his sword to the side. Who knows this sword has no strength? Levi actually picked him up with a sword and turned him around. As soon as he stabilized himself, he screamed and cut it to the side.