Feng Qing grinned and smiled so hard that the bowl of medicine in his hand looked less bitter.
Pan Hui seems to have been dyed by the mood of the Qing dynasty and smiled gently and asked, "What time is it? You don’t practice either? I don’t need your company over there? "
On hearing the punishment, Qiao Yin sealed the face and cried, "The teacher elder sister … can you stop that woman … now I have a headache when I hear her name, let alone want me to face her. I know that there are so difficult women in this world! I have promised her that I will be given a birthright by the child, so that the child can grow up safely in Changxuan, but she still has to force me to give her a birthright! Who are these people? If I really marry her, my mother will not be angry! "
Pan Hui sloped laugh out quipped, "isn’t that good? Punishment Qiao Yin if really can make ShiShu angry is one of the home. "
"Don’t! The teacher elder sister, don’t tease me. "Feng Qing handed Pan Huidao the medicine that had been blown cold while begging for mercy." I was afraid of her anyway! I said never to see her again! I’ll get someone to send her away after the baby is born! What a ghost! I didn’t expect to see her again in my life! I came to save you in a hurry, but you came back with such a trouble when you were not saved. I said at that time, leave her alone! Considerable Lan Fei said that I can’t let my blood flow out. I must bring people back to Changxuan. Now the whole Changxuan has been frightened by her. The third brother has not given me a good face for several days! "
"Chicken fly a dog to jump? What’s the matter? " Pan Hui drank the medicine juice in one breath, leaned forward slightly and looked dignified for a few minutes.
If this punishment Qiao Yin really dares to make trouble in Changxuan, she doesn’t mind teaching a lesson. Anyway, this is her territory. It’s not necessary for her to teach a punishment Qiao Yin and just charge a few people herself.
Feng Qing took the medicine bowl from Pan Hui in a dog’s leg. "It’s just that she wants to eat this for a while, and then she wants to eat something else, and then she hates our poor cooking skills in Changxuan. After saying that there is no fresh fruit, she is tossing people in the name of children!"
It’s time for Guanlan to add, "I didn’t toss too many people, but I just tossed a child’s father and was more accommodating."
Bai Qiao is a man who came back with Qiao Yin, so he was tossed together.
Speaking of which, Guanlan had to admire her ability to recognize people, but it was only after a night of contact that she saw that she was white-mouthed and soft-hearted.
Guanlan didn’t say it’s a good thing that Pan Hui actually didn’t believe in Feng Qing’s speech. He felt that Feng Qing was annoyed at most and ran to her to embellish and complain.
In her opinion, penalty Qiaoyin is a person who knows the limits, and it is not enough to make a fuss in Changxuan. This woman knows better than anyone how to protect herself and fight for her own interests.
But Guanlan’s words made Pan Huimei’s heart frown deeply.
Punishment QiaoYin unexpectedly dare to instruct the third senior!
It seems that she needs to teach this woman well. Not all nice people can bully at will, even nice people are protected!
Pan Hui’s face sank cold and said, "Take me to your place!"
"OK!" Feng Qingyuan was interrupted by Guanlan, but Pan Hui wouldn’t care about it. At this time, she was overjoyed to see Pan Hui’s black face. She threw her Chinese medicine bowl and squatted in front of Pan Hui, consciously contributing her back.
Pan Hui lay down without saying anything, and did not forget to ask Guan Lan, "Are you going?"
Guanlan’s body moves to catch the seal and throw it into a flying bowl. It’s a so-called stand of hands and says, "Let’s go together."
Pan Hui unconsciously looked at Guanlan more and felt that Guanlan was getting closer and closer to being sealed, especially when she just stood her hand.
Feng Qing didn’t give Pan Hui too much time to observe Guanlan. After hearing Guanlan’s reply, he flashed out of the room and ran away towards his place of residence.
For a few days, Feng Qing was almost bored by the punishment of Qiaoyin. If Bai Shu was not caught to help him today, he might not have a chance to come and ask Pan Hui for help.
Duane will definitely not care about this kind of thing, and others are also happy to see him tearing his hair out about it. The only thing he can turn to for help is Pan Hui. Although Pan Hui can’t walk now, he subconsciously recognizes that there is Pan Hui who can clean up the punishment.
Chapter 53 Pack punishment qiao Yin (a)
Feng Qing didn’t guess wrong, but it was really Pan Huineng who got the punishment.
When seeing Pan Hui, Qiao Yin’s momentum was somewhat weak. Even if she saw that Pan Hui could not walk, Qiao Yin consciously shrank her neck and her eyes became more timid.
Pan Hui patted the shoulders and immediately consciously put Pan Hui in the only couch in the house and casually brought the only quilt on the bed to Pan Hui. After covering it, she didn’t notice that Qiao Yin was stiff because of his actions.
The Ministry has done a good job of sealing off the Qing Dynasty and gave Pan Hui a decent beating on the shoulder and rubbing his legs. He smiled very flattering and looked afraid that Pan Hui would not contribute.
Pan Huishu twisted a neck, stretched out his hand and patted Feng Qing, leaned forward and laughed. "Go out and I’ll call you when you’re done."
"OK!" Feng Qing smiled more heartily at the moment. He helped Pan Hui grind you up and was bowed. "I’ll just wait outside and call if anything happens."
Pan Hui she chuckled to glance at punishment qiao Yin way "can have what thing? You, the teacher elder sister, I’m back, but besides, this is our site and it shouldn’t be me if something happens. "
Words with a three-point smile but let punishment qiao Yin hair directly blown up look at Pan Hui that a pair of wonderful eyes is full of fear and alert.
Pan Hui squinted at the punishment in Gherardini way. Qiao Yin waved to Feng Qing and waited until Feng Qing left the room and cleverly left the door without leaving a gap before turning to look at the woman who was already pale and saying, "It’s just the two of us left to have a good talk."
"You … what do you want to talk about?" Punishment Qiaoyin tried to make her voice sound calmer. She didn’t know what happened to Pan Huishen in just a few days. It turned out that a woman would suddenly become unruly and vaguely bloodthirsty.
It was obvious that Pan Hui was satisfied with the punishment, so she bowed her head and looked at her nails carefully. She felt as if she had grown some and needed pruning.
"Where is the punishment really?" Pan Hui’s face has lost her smile, and even the tone is cold and cold, as if she were asking about an urgent person who hates life and death.
Punishment Qiao Yin suddenly relieved to stiff back and relaxed "I … I don’t know"
"Don’t know? ! Qing-er said he found you when he arrived. Would you know if the punishment really went? Don’t make me search your soul. "
Pan Hui still didn’t look up at the punishment. Qiaoyin continued to study her nails carefully. It seemed that if she continued to look like this, her hand would grow a flower.
Punishment qiao Yin is really startled "you … you fix …"
She just heard Pan Hui say the last sentence to Feng Qing, and she was still holding a little luck that Pan Hui was just scaring her at most. I didn’t expect …
Search the soul! If the fairy can’t be put to good use!
Pan Hui looked up and smiled very warmly, even her eyes narrowed slightly with the smile. "You didn’t hear me wrong. I have recovered. I can’t walk now, but my repair seems to be a little higher than before, which is more than enough for you. Do you want to try?"
Punishment Qiao Yin at the moment is not only a pore fried goose bumps are up, she looked at Pan Hui in horror, smiling, and the sound can be controlled to tremble. "You … I … I’m pregnant with your teacher younger brother …"
Pan Hui eyebrows continue to smile "so what? It’s just the blood of my Changxuan Dengzu. Didn’t I have the blood of Dengzu at the beginning? It’ s still gone, and it’ s also the blood of Deng Zu. Why can my child not have you? "
"…" Punishment Qiao Yin didn’t dare to speak. The only thing she can do now is to hold herself tight so that she can feel a little encore in her trembling body. Her heart is still clamoring for her horse to escape from Pan Hui’s eyes with a strange biting cold.
That’s not looking at people, that’s looking at dead people!
"Qing son doesn’t seem to expect much from this child. Maybe he can help him solve a burden without the child!" Pan Hui changed a posture to make herself lie more comfortable. This posture allowed her to see clearly that the punishment was clever and timid, so she continued with satisfaction, "It is enough for you to have one heir to Bai Changxuan. Since I am the first wife of Chang Xuan, this heir naturally has to be mine. How much weight can this really have in your stomach? ! Anyway, you’re a child who’s not justified. I won’t … I don’t know! "
Punishment Qiao Yin consciousness to protect his belly looked at Pan Hui in horror as if the other party would make her horse lose everything for a moment. "You can’t do this …"
This is the only chip she has left now. If the child is still there, she can still make a comeback. If she wants to keep the child!
If … if she is lucky enough to have a baby boy, she will do everything possible to leave the child with Feng Qing in Changxuan.
Long Xuan Deng Zudi bloodline is sure to inherit the main position of Long Xuan in the long run! Then … If she wants her to live, she can control Changxuan!
What if it’s a girl …
With her means, she will certainly be able to raise the children!
Honey trap is the simplest and tried-and-true trick.
Punishment Qiaoyin believes that her child will grow very beautiful because she and Feng Qing both grow very well.
Pan Hui noticed the punishment Qiao Yin’s eyes but didn’t guess what was going on in this woman’s head at the moment. It doesn’t matter what tricks Pan Hui thinks. Anyway, it’s not that she can’t see the intrigues of others, but she doesn’t like to play dirty.
It’s like Aoqing said that intrigue is worthless in the face of absolute power.