The main garden of the castellan’s mansion is not far from the main entrance, wearing a veranda and then turning two corners, and a line of people appeared in front of the garden entrance, and everyone got up.
I have seen Long Rui before, and this time I got up and came in with him. Several people greeted those uninvited people. Most of Cong Hua and Wan Wenbin knew Cong Hua, Wan Wenbin and Long Rui, and walked in front of each other. Hu Yingxue and several other people reached out and couldn’t be looked at.
Before Long Rui led Wan Wenbin to sit down first, Cong Hua and Hu Yingxue took their seats in turn on the left side of Wan Wenbin according to the default ranking. When the five places on the right side of Wan Wenbin were ready, they immediately asked for wine or tea before a beautiful maid. When they got instructions, they slipped the wine glasses and handless cups in front of the party.
Hu Yingxue chose tea to serve the Duke’s mansion in Kuocheng, which is much more exquisite than her usual tea making. Not to mention the taste and aroma, such as appearance, it is amazing enough. A small white jade tea cup is filled with light green tea soup, and several tender green leaves are slowly turning in it like a tender chrysanthemum.
Tea that Longrui can take out to entertain guests is naturally not ordinary tea, but spiritual tea called Lingze, etc. Although there is a baby’s fist in the small tea cup, the aura absorbed by such a cup can be less than seven days of penance, but this tea will be halved three times in turn after the first drink, and it will no longer benefit from tea.
At this time, someone raised a glass to Hu Yingxue. "I heard that Hu Yingxue’s Taoist friend is not only good at alchemy, but also good at brewing spirit wine, spirit tea and other things. I wonder if Li can taste it today?"
As a host, I just brought good wine and tea. Is it enough to say this sentence at this time? Is it narrow-minded? Most people will recognize that the person who said this is disgusted with the host’s family. It is not good to think about it. It can be understood that this is to provoke the Lord’s adult and Hu Yingxiu Long Rui, who is not a saint. Naturally, his face is a little black immediately.
I noticed that Long Rui’s face turned black and Hu Yingxue smiled. "Sorry, I can’t take out alchemy and spirit wine at this time. It’s all my little interests. Except for Dan medicine, I often exchange it for something. Everything else is shared by my relatives and friends."
On such occasions, unless you want to be a public enemy, you can’t say something again. It is said that if you can’t get it out at this time, no one will order Hu yingxue to take out everything in her ring or simply give it up. However, the eyes still sweep from Hu Yingxue from time to time, with a little Yin evil in them and no cover-up. Hu Yingxue can’t help but be a little angry.
Not Hu Yingxue, the man also has the same eyes from time to time. Compared with Hu Yingxue, there is a little convergence when he looks at the crimson pearl, but he feels a little reckless, but he is not surprised that there are some Yingying Yanyan behind him, that is, Hu Yingxue has two women and Yan is quite beautiful.
It’s a good way to test Hu Yingxue’s suspicion, but you must count the vinegar altar around the beautiful woman, especially the vinegar altar where the vinegar is quite strong. Mu Tianxuan was about to move a threatening god knowledge and pressed it over the man.
Estimation is that I didn’t expect anyone to make moves on such an occasion. The man didn’t do anything to guard against it. Although the cliff can’t compete with coercion before making peace now, it is getting more and more fashionable in those days. Even if the two men are evenly matched, they are still crushed by Na Wei’s throat. A sweet instantaneous explosion of qi and blood almost didn’t gush out. In contrast, secretly making moves to the cliff is just like he didn’t make moves just now.
No matter for what purpose, the man’s roots were not attacked. From then on, he seemed to keep his eyes in check. He didn’t continue to move back and forth in Hu Yingxue and crimson beads. He had turned over a new leaf and noticed that his eyes passed away with anger, and he knew that the estimate was not over.
Hu Yingxue doesn’t care much about what this person thinks for the time being. After all, this is the city of Fengkuo, and he has to consider Long Rui’s face. I believe that what the man said earlier has offended Long Rui, but Long Rui has to worry about the others present and can’t get angry.
The owner of this place, Long Rui, took the initiative to beat away. The man made a silence and raised the glass in his hand. "Long Mou proposes a toast to all Taoist friends. It is a great honor for all Taoist friends to get together like this today."
Everyone raised their glasses in response to Hu Yingxue, and naturally lifted the white jade handless small place in front of them, took a sip of it, and it was cool and refreshing. Shu seemed to feel that all the pores in the whole body were playing, and the body suddenly absorbed more reiki and turned it into a part of the real yuan.
There are more people who started talking with Long Rui. They didn’t talk about any divination. They all said that they were practicing. Hu Yingxue didn’t participate. She just sat quietly listening to the occasional corners of her mouth, but she gained something. But this is not the purpose. It is said that it is shallow and the gains are not too much.
Don’t want to wave good tea in vain. Hu Yingxue simply spits and drinks slowly with a cup, and at the same time, she will transform her aura into Lingyuan. At the same time, she didn’t forget to secretly observe the people around her.
Be careful, and it won’t take long for you to see a clue. Several people always look like they can’t help but sweep the epiphyllum in the middle, and most of them look up at the sky when it moves from the bud of epiphyllum.
Today, the weather is not good. There are stars, stars and a pea-like crescent moon. It is estimated that everyone who says this will have to give birth to a bad cold. However, some people especially like to look up at the sky.
Hu Yingxue drank the tea in a small handloom, and when she smelled the faint fragrance, she immediately turned her attention to the eternal epiphyllum in the field
This epiphyllum is very huge. It looks like a emerald hill from a distance. The plants are well cared for and the branches are well fixed, which will not hinder the growth of the branches. The baby’s fist big bud sticks out from the gap and sweeps it down, then it blooms together. The jade petals tremble with the wind, which is beautiful.
At this time, Long Shijie began to sound, "I heard that my father told me that this 10,000-year-old epiphyllum was a great-grandfather, and I got it from a friend. I have been asking people to take care of it carefully. I asked the servant to count the buds and grow a total of 9,999 buds."
The number of 9,999 made Hu Yingxue’s eyes flash to several of his senior brothers and Mu Tian Xuanyin. "It seems that our previous guesses were all wrong. Suddenly, so many people came to Kuancheng because this 10,000-year-old epiphyllum is going to spend."
Many ordinary plants are different after a certain year, but epiphyllum is a special one. Unless the demon epiphyllum is turned into a demon, no matter how long it lives, it can’t get rid of the common flowers and customs. Only when a epiphyllum grows 9,999 buds will people pay attention to it.
If 9,999 buds can bloom, one of them will definitely be golden. Even if one bud fails to bloom before the golden bud is released, the golden bud will wither immediately, which is why the golden bud is even rarer.
The golden epiphyllum is actually not very beautiful. Hu Yingxue prefers the white epiphyllum, except for the color, which has no medicinal value. However, every time the golden epiphyllum is released, it will attract a fifth-order monster named Qi Bird. Follow the golden epiphyllum and Qi Bird, and you can find a kind of life. One of them is that it can help to dissipate and reunite.
Not all practitioners can succeed in Du Jie. Some of them will become scattered immortals at the last minute, and they will not go through reincarnation for nine times, so they can soar like Mahayana. The world should suffer a lot before, and scattered immortals will be stronger than ordinary practitioners after soaring, but few people will take the initiative to do scattered immortals. It is very easy to escape this situation because of scattered practice, but it is rare in heaven and earth.
If you know that there is a 9,999-year-old epiphyllum here, even if there is no invitation, people will be sent to the cloud nine, and scattered immortals will have the opportunity to add some guarantees to them. How can you let it go? Presumably, people are staring at the epiphyllum at this time, and that’s where talents come from.
Look at Long Rui and Long Shijie’s father’s performance. They don’t seem to know the secret story of golden epiphyllum and bird-opening. This is not surprising. It is natural to know that the fewer people, the better. This is a problem. Long Rui, they didn’t publicize it everywhere. Where did these people get the news?
Chapter 279 Here comes the bird.
Looking down at the letterhead in his hand, his face is very bad. I know that I think I am a true friend. Not only did I design them to meet and make friends, but I also set up a set to let him and his family drill. No one will look good. He didn’t go on the rampage, but he controlled his emotions well.
In fact, the other party’s plan is very simple, that is, it deliberately lures him to beg for the eternal epiphyllum, and then sends the news to the neighboring major sects and families or other forces with certain influence when the epiphyllum is going to spend. When the news is received, the main doors of Columbia include Fengkuo City, which is adjacent to Wulong Xianzong, but it is not the same as Fengkuo City, which is adjacent to Jiutian.
There are so many clans that have benefited from the news, but they have not benefited at all because they have not received the news. This can be said to be a big scandal. If someone does something in it again, they will probably have to stand against the cloud nine, which is absolutely not good for the dragon family.
That’s why seeing a golden epiphyllum blooming will attract birds and then find Su He grass. At first, he was ecstatic, but the horse broke out in a cold sweat. I can’t help but be glad that Wan Wenbin came. It’s time for his grandson to send an invitation to Hu Yingxue.
Because I don’t know who will come to the cloud nine to send out the invitation, Long Jia didn’t miss a word. Someone asked that Wan Wenbin was invited to the duke’s mansion, so that his friend didn’t know that the cloud nine people would attend the flower viewing banquet tonight, or Long Qi wouldn’t have received the letter in his hand.