"Don’t call it resistance. Don’t you see that we have been merciful?" Meng Qibai and Ge Xu’s triangle formation surrounded three people.
Among the three people surrounded, one has been seriously injured and passed out, while the other two people are holding the seriously injured and unconscious person, and the other one is unwilling to watch Meng Qi, who doesn’t seem to want to hand over their tokens.
Meng Qi frowned and said, "If you don’t hand it over, you can’t blame us for the pain killer." After that, Meng Qi three people calmed down the psychic fluctuations and stirred up again.
Katoey phyle, who was seriously injured, said impatiently, "Hand it over, big brother, or we three brothers will really have to explain it here this time!"
The man turned to look at the second brother who was seriously injured and the third brother who was almost exhausted. He clenched his fists and said, "Then!" Say that finish is a token flew out from him.
Meng Qi took it and nodded to Bai Tong Gexu and said, "That’s it. Let’s go. We’re three pieces short."
Baitong Gexu nodded and then followed Meng Qi to leave this place and stay where he was. The eldest brother of the three people is still unwilling to look at Meng Qi’s three people far away.
The third brother said, "eldest brother, let’s get out first. Second brother’s injury is in danger if it is handled from time to time."
"Dragon Valley Dragon Valley Hum I remember," muttered the eldest brother and waved and said, "Let’s go out."
Meng Qi three people said after flying away from a certain distance, "Let’s take a rest here. You try to recover and I’ll be alert."
This is not the first time, so Bai Tong Ge Xu doesn’t refuse to sit in situ and take out the Lingshi, which is to restore the spiritual power.
And Meng Qi also took out LingShi, but it is a high-order LingShi. After all, his consumption is not small, which can make Bai Tong GeXu recover his inability to recover faster, so he should cheer up and be alert.
Chapter DiErWuSan Fire clan
Chapter DiErWuSan Fire clan
About an hour later, Bai Tong Ge Xu was recovering from July 7th, and suddenly Meng Qi felt that several psychic fluctuations were coming in his direction. Meng Qi quickly said, "Someone is coming, get up!"
Bai Tong Ge Xu was shocked and quickly collected the achievement method. Then he got up from the ground and came to Meng Qi behind him. Meng Qi asked, "How are you recovering?"
The two men replied, "I’m almost done" and "I can fight again."
Meng Qi nodded and sneered, "I don’t know which team actually found us, so hum." Meng Qi snorted and said, "I’ll hide first and kill them off guard for a while."
Say that finish is shipped up the shadow dodge disappear Bai Tong Gexu is not the first time to see Meng Qi cast shadow dodge avatar, so it is not surprising that is embattled waiting for the upcoming three people.
In a short time, there were three figures appearing in front of the two men, and the bearer, without saying anything, was offering a magic weapon to fight towards the two men, but there were two people.
The other one is watching around Baitong Gexu warily, because they saw two people in Baitong Gexu and a team, but there are three people and the other one doesn’t know where to hide. It would be miserable to be ambushed if you take precautions.
However, the gap between the two men, Bai Tong Ge Xuxiu, is not big. Four people split up after a meeting.
After the separation, the two sides looked at each other, but the person who didn’t do it looked at Bai Tong Ge Xuran, and then there was a flash of fire in his eyes and he was quite surprised and said, "Dragon?"
After hearing this, two people next to him asked, "Is it a dragon? Isn’t that the Longgu people? They are our fire clan’s enemy in qualifying this time. "
The man nodded and said, "It should be them, but there are two of them?"
But that guy who didn’t talk all the time said, "isn’t it right that there are two people? Take this opportunity to kill them first, and then there is only one person left, which is difficult to support. "
The one who spoke the most shook his head and said, "fire pao, can’t you use your head? How can they divide it now?" I knew that the guy who didn’t show up must have hidden some hidden body spell and waited for an opportunity to sneak attack when we started. "
"In that case, it’s up to me to solve the two guys opposite the fire Yan. You will be good for us to prey on the array." Say that finish, it’s already unbearable and blunt go out again
And fire Yan see fire Pao is already rushed back to pull is already can’t pull, then hurriedly call fire blazing with fire Pao one-on-two losses.
Such as fire Pao fire blazing Bai Tong Gexu met after the fire Yan is carefully pay attention to the surrounding movement.
Meng Qi didn’t have a hug when he saw the other three people, and the guy who made himself feel the most threatened knew that there was no chance of sneak attack when he was on the alert.
However, Meng Qi did not hesitate to show up and waited for the opportunity to come. After all, the other two people on both sides were almost inseparable for a while.
And fire Yan looked at nearby is in full swing fighting heart waves sneer at want to come to the hidden guy is probably don’t know if I have to wait to wait for the fire Pao blazing looking for opportunities to display converging attack method that two guys must surely be defeated.
Therefore, although he is on guard, he hopes that the hidden person will not appear so soon.
While Meng Qi watched from the sidelines, he felt something was wrong. Although Bai Tong Gexu seemed to have a little wind in the battle, Meng Qi felt a little uneasy when he looked at the vigilant face across the street.
Maybe he can’t wait any longer, Meng Qi thought, but he’s not going to start work directly, but he’s going to gather spiritual strength and prepare to display his field.
This is the second time that Meng Qi has made Professor Longgu’s secret method exert its power in different fields. It took Meng Qi three sticks of incense to display it, but now it takes only half a stick of incense to display it after nearly a year.
However, it is difficult to display the field, which will cause strong psychic fluctuations. Although there are powerful hidden spells such as shadow evasion, Meng Qi estimates that at the end of the day, it is also a method to cover up.
But at that time, it was impossible to stop the formation of his field, but Meng Qi also had no chance to sneak attack
Meng Qi’s side is in the field of display, while the fire is blazing when fighting, which intentionally brings the two people closer together.
However, Bai Tong Ge Xu did not doubt that because the two were in the wind, they naturally wanted their companions to hold a group and seek joint resistance.
And gradually, the distance between the two people is getting closer and closer. Suddenly, the fire roared, and then a burst of latosolic red flames came out all over the body, and then all the flames gathered in his hands, but at this time, the latosolic red flame had already turned into an orange flame.
Then the fire Pao is to throw two fist flames at Bai Tong Gexu respectively. Naturally, two people saw that the blow was severe and they were not prepared to meet hard. But this flame is a fire Pao’s proud stunt. Where is it so easy to let two people hide?
The two flames followed the two people like tarsal maggots, and when Bai Tong Gexu dealt with the two flames, it was also a latosolic red flame.
However, the flame of his body did not condense on his hands like a fire, but turned into a streamer and injected into the fire.
After that latosolic red flame was injected into the body of the fire, the momentum of the whole person soared, and then the two flames changed from orange to almost yellow, and the most important thing was that the speed was several times.
Where did Bai Tong Ge Xu know that this flame would suddenly become so fast? One or two people were hit by this flame, and after a strong explosion, the figure of Baitong Gexu was revealed.