But the man just stopped laughing and was a little surprised. "I have something to do, but it’s still a long way to go." He drank without looking at what was going on in his body. He snapped a butterfly, and Du Lin’s glasses snapped a shattered person. It was like being beaten up and screamed at the head and flying backwards. Seven meters fell to the ground, and two pupils burst and blood kept flowing.
Magic eats itself, so that when magic is countered by the other side, the magic will be on the caster.
Keliman and Orina are frightened that Du Lin is a magician, but the fighting magician has a magic value of 500 and has rich experience in magic warfare. It seems that Du Lin’s numerical judgment is wrong to fight back his magic value, which needs at least twice as much as him.
Kleinman’s grim-faced cane pointed at the man and shouted, "Kill him."
The two enchanters took ten meters in one stride and rushed to the front of the man. The four giants staggered at the man and attacked him. The man didn’t dare to meet and dodge. The two enchanters attacked them. These two enchanters looked like bears, but the attack power was at least three times as fast as that of a giant bear. The huge body was not heavy at all, and the silver body was as invulnerable as metal.
"White" Olina released the flame again after hearing Keliman’s cry. This time, the circular flame will confine the demon and the man, and then shrink it to engulf the demon and the man together.
Keliman’s magic can withstand a high temperature of 1000 degrees, which is also the way to withstand the fire attack caused by temperature. When you finish thinking about making the magic, you are surrounded by the man who makes the magic contain the fire.
The man didn’t expect that a mere human being could make such a tactic. His three attacks hit the magic body and hurt the magic, and the amazing degree also made him retreat. He couldn’t be swallowed up by the flame. The man was furious. "Rats, if you want to die, I will become you."
"Ziwei Beidou Gankun ever changes" As an object in the human voice swimming pool flies out and falls into his hands, a tornado-like white fog wraps him around and burns the flames, but the flames everywhere in the fog are immediately extinguished.
Olina exclaimed that when she picked efreet’s gloves and threw them on the ground, she was quick to see that efreet’s gloves were melting as quickly as they were corroded by sulfuric acid, and the color of the hot sand was changed from bright red as a burning flame to dark gray, just like water-soaked charcoal.
The man who broke the magic of Olina’s flame was caught by two demons. He snorted and fell backwards. He even took two demons and flew into the swimming pool with him. Six rays of light were emitted from the swimming pool and fell into the water. Two demons kept the original sword from entering the body, and rust spots were quickly produced in the water.
When Cleman saw something wrong, he tried to take back the enchanter, but the enchanter was out of control. For a moment, the two enchanters were like a statue that had been beaten by wind and rain for a hundred years and was corroded by rust spots and shattered in the swimming pool.
"This is … south fighting god? God, how is this possible? " An exclamation came from Huo Junzhong who just entered the swimming pool.
"I can’t believe I recognized the southern fighting skill." The man rose from the water and landed on the shore. "But it takes days for you to die."
Huo Junzhong watched the man drink and asked, "Who the hell are you?"
"Who am I? How can you know how to be white?" The man proudly said, "Get out of here if I kill you and get dirty."
Keliman didn’t expect this person to let him go, waving a cane and screaming, "Wait till you don’t, our association will let you go once, and you can’t escape." While putting malicious words, he turned and ran away with Olina.
In comparison, when they ran away with their heads held high, they were better than the 100-meter athletes, and there was no image at all
Seeing that Zhao Xueping and Huo Junzhong were not leaving, the man looked gloomy and asked, "Why don’t you get out?"
Zhao Xueping pulled out a gun and pointed it at him. "Not long ago, you killed my prisoner in the Los Angeles police station?"
The man doesn’t deny that "LAPD is good. I killed him."
He frankly admitted that Zhao Xueping was surprised by her. "Why did you kill him?"
The humanitarian said, "Someone made a spell pass through the tunnel. I was seriously injured in heaven at that time, so I tried to do something for him when that person was ordered to kill that person."
Zhao Xueping asked, "Who is it? Who told you to kill him? "
The humanitarian said, "I don’t know who it is. I’ll kill him after my soul returns. If you want to know who it is, you can go to hell and ask for it yourself."
Zhao Xueping asked in horror, "Why did you kill him?"
The man sneered and didn’t answer Huo Junzhong’s way that "exorcising the gods, ghosts, ghosts and gods will be hated by ghosts and gods."
The third volume Wizard Chapter III Father ()
Zhao Xueping worked hard and finally got this answer. She was disappointed. She didn’t shoot the man. "Then what are you doing here to kill the people in this town?"
The man frowned slightly. "People here are just ants. I didn’t want to kill them."
Zhao Xueping gritted her teeth. "You lied and killed so many people. You actually said you didn’t want to kill them?"
The man said unhappily, "If I say no, it’s not cheating you. What’s the matter?"
Zhao Xueping sneered. "Who knows you said that people here are just ants? What kind of animals are ants?"
The man’s face suddenly changed "to die". With a wave of his hand, a splash of water splashed out of the swimming pool and turned into a one-horned horse sports car in the middle of the water and flew into two people.
Although this is a changing horse with condensed water, it is frightening to run. If it is hit by a horse, Huo Junzhong will definitely not be much better than the real one. Zhao Xueping’s gun is horrified, but the bullet penetrates the horse’s body. Huo Junzhong stopped her in front of her and cast the fastest luck in her life. She shouted "Juan Peng Hebo leads the way to build a dragon" to curse and break the water magic.
When the water horse was about to hit the two men, it was just a distance away. The form was broken by the spell, and the mana was re-transformed. A wave of water made Huo Junzhong and Zhao Xueping drenched, and the impact made them unstable and rolled over to the ground. "You are the alchemist of Dan Dao" by Huo Junzhong, and the man broke the spell. Instead of being angry, he was as happy as a treasure. "Well, it was good luck. You have a convenient place in the wild. Since you sent the door, I will accept your elixir."
When Huo Junzhong heard this, his heart was shocked and dark, but he kept calm on the surface. "Ge didn’t say that he was a god and actually wanted to rob me of a small gas refining Dan. Only ghosts and monsters can rely on taking away Dan to strengthen themselves. You are not a god but a demon."
The humanity "Who cares about your Dan’s coming to practice, but if I want to return to heaven, I will use the power of the universe and the source of humanity. This body is too depressed. Although I have found the spirit of the universe, this body can cast spells stably. Although Dan is still too weak, after all, I can avoid this physical desire and cast spells stably and return to heaven with the help of the spirit of the universe."
When this was said, Huo Junzhong understood that although the three people sent by the spell fierce association were instantly defeated by him, he failed to master this body, which was controlled by the original habits of this flesh from time to time. He would have raped Louis a few days ago, and now it is impossible even if he wanted to escape. This man’s spell is hard to imagine, whether he is a god or a demon, he is definitely not a character. If he doesn’t want to be killed by Dan, he will fight to the end.
Although his strength is far from that of Huo Junzhong, Huo Junzhong is not as desperate as he is, but has strengthened his confidence in confronting him.
Huo Jun roared and asked, "Tell me, if you don’t intend to kill people here, why do you want to cut off the way out here, create this fog, release so many animals, and what are so many people who have died?"
Although this man is powerful and arrogant, he has always answered their questions without hiding them.
The humanitarian said, "That’s just the natural influence caused by my divine power, just like when you walk and step on an ant. It’s not intentional to step on it. I’m going to knock on the door of heaven and earth, and I’m going to make divine power away from your wild place. Although my power can swing ten percent because of arrival, it’s already a great power for this world. Under the influence of my divine power, the world has become a different world, and some of the world’s life has been affected by my divine power. It’s those Warcraft who attack this town, not me."
Is he really a celestial deity? Huo Junzhong has added a little bit to his identity after listening to his words. He believes that only by means of mortal flesh can divine power have such a great impact on the surrounding environment. If celestial deities don’t come by means of flesh, then maybe they just enter this world to make the world fall apart.
The man may have not talked to people for a long time and was not in a hurry. Instead, he continued to say to Huo Junzhong, "You guys in this wild area are full of rotten stench. I can’t stay for a minute, even if I go against my will, I will fight against heaven and earth. Even if I am in danger of falling to pieces, I will leave your broken world. It’s like a sewer here."
From his words, it is more dangerous for him to hit the heaven and earth gate and the road to heaven, but people are too bad for him, and he will not hesitate to leave this world even if he takes such a huge risk.
Zhao Xueping, who was so insulted by him in his own world, couldn’t help but scold, "Since our world is so bad, why do you come? Since you are so good in heaven, can the magician still tie you up with a rope?"
The man just glanced at Zhao Xueping indifferently and disdained that "summer insects can’t speak ice"
Zhao Xueping has never been seen so young in her life. Her face is red with anger and she shoots without raising her hand, no matter whether the gods are born or the demons are in front of her, the elder sister is provoked to beat her.