Lei Zhen knew that it would be time for Lei Di to escape into reincarnation in the mirror and quickly said, "I am following the instructions."
The thunder emperor said, "I have made friends with your master, the true master of Lingxiao Daofa. At the beginning of my monasticism, I beat all the opponents of magic stars, but I didn’t know until I was in the hands of your master. Later, I learned that the biggest secret of your master’s school was to come to the Seven Stars until one day, when your master, Tianmo Daojun, led a large group of people from the fix-true world to attack. Although your master could hide it, he didn’t want to teach me that I was still with another man named Taibai. I didn’t know that Dao Jun really killed two of his senior brothers ―― your grandmaster also dealt a heavy blow to Taoist Taibai, and my magic army and I were almost wiped out! "
"In the end, I made the teacher start your master’s ancestor" Tianmen Seven Evil Fighters Array "to kill the heavenly demon Daojun, and at the same time, some friends and foes killed all the people in Lingxiao’s divinity department. At that time, I was fighting fiercely with the 13 dharma masters of the demon king in the mountainside, but I was lucky to be killed temporarily, but I finally fought seriously with those high people. Only when I knew it was impossible to save, did I turn the Yuan God into a blood baby. * * I took a trace of blood to nearby people and waited for an opportunity to rebuild my body.
Reddy continued, "In fact, there’s nothing wrong with you being me. I sealed me in your spirit. You should have increased by more than 1000 years! The most proud achievement in my life is the combination of magic and Taoism to create my own magical power-the dragon slaying tactic is now in your meridians, making you as skilled as me. I feel that you have many strange things besides a seal in your body. You are a natural talent, but the greater your ability, the greater your burden! I hope my efforts are not in vain! Since your master doesn’t say anything, I can’t talk. All right, my people, please, goodbye! We will meet again! Mark my words ~ ~ "
After that, the Guanghua flowing in the mirror and the shadow of Lei Di gradually disappeared. The mirror showed a few lines: "The Emperor’s Soul and Thunder Avenue returned to the three souls and seven souls and reincarnated to another plane."
Lei Zhen just stood there for a long time, and the sudden change couldn’t call him to return to absolute being. The wind made a lot of waves blowing in the hall. When Lei Zhen raised his hand, a golden golden golden wheel appeared in his hand. One after another, the moon wheel of the waterway method, the green seedling belt, the flaming glow, the earth cloud shield and other magical powers were demonstrated one by one. At this time, Emperor Qingyi quietly appeared behind Lei Zhen and looked at all this coldly. Suddenly, when he lifted his hand, a dazzling light hit Lei Zhen’s back, Lei Zhenmeng was pushed into the reincarnation mirror. The hall immediately flashed and thundered, and
A shrill cry at the corner of melon lane was accompanied by a call to sky blue Guanghua, and all the silence was broken.
The first assassin to jump out was Susie Ridge’s "Luo Sha" plan, which made him confident and kicked over Lamian Noodles’s booth with his hands stretched out for 500 Qinbing. Immediately, a post of high ice wall appeared around it. The wall was spiked on the ground. On the basis of more vines, who wanted to fall down even if he took two steps? But Shan Gui was not afraid of this. The vines were like catkins. A hut suddenly exploded. Shan Gui fought like a god, holding up a giant axe and picking up the head of the four tigers of Ma’s family!
Blood splashes and rage at the same time. Four tigers, three wolves and three wolves "Kuimu Wolf", "Grey Tail Wolf" and "Dundi Wolf" just want to fight before, but they are blocked by a serial blade wind knife for a long time. On that side, Ma Mawu has been in distress. Five mysterious black shadows are covered in black robes, and five colorful brilliance hits Ma Wuwu with a knife, and he can’t move at once. One person breaks out of the ground, and one Zhang Er pike is inserted into the horse’s belly. Blood is showered like rain ~
Xu Shaozheng was entranced, but the woman turned around to Xu Shao’s surprise. There was such a beautiful girl here. She could not conceal her skin. The glow was cool and mellow, like wine, and the song gradually became smooth. The girl’s gaze made Xu Shao reluctant to move her eyes again. At the same time, the sound of the piano sounded like an array in all directions. When there was a little war, two kinds of sounds came up again in Xu Shao’s mind. Xu Shaoma felt that it was wrong to practice her luck at once. The sound everywhere was like a hammer knocking on her brain. She was about to move her eyes. Xu Shao’s eyes oozed blood and had to sit on the spot and turn to Sunday!
In the four dark alleys, a number of shadows with knives and swords were concealed and killed. A tall and thin shadow laughed wildly in the houses. "King Qi today is your brother’s ascension day!"
I waved my hand and drank away, and the prince of the devils retreated to the shadows. In the Valley of Letters, everything was decided by the prince of Zhao. Who dared to defy the prince of Zhao? Of course, everything was decided by the Valley of Letters. He was a ruthless man and a strong man, and he was even more daring and resolute. He killed the enemy on the battlefield and rushed to the last rest in the first night, including a big official. He also had to be as confused as everyone else when doing farm work!
Generally speaking, it is difficult for foreign envoys to see Lei Di and Zhao Wangyi, but no one wants to face the death repression with Zhao Wang, so that no one can breathe. It is lucky to come back from Zhao Wang alive.
The envoy of Wuji Kingdom is no exception. His legs are shaking before he enters the account of Zhao Wanghu. Looking at the pike on both sides of the road, there are heads of generals and rare fierce beasts. The wooden cage is waiting for the execution of criminals and prisoners of war. The spies need two assistants to help them enter the dark hall of Zhao Wanghu. When they come in, the murderous look and darkness enveloped him. He scared the white fat envoy to see his pants on all fours. I hate this kind of people very much and immediately decided to help him. "What person! If there is an emergency military situation here, if there is any concealment! "
The man fell to his knees and said, "Little people are ordered to come here. I don’t know anything about the rest!"
Extremely angry, "I don’t know anything, then what are you doing here!"
The man dared not lift his head with his hands on a shaft, saying, "Lord Zhao forgave me. This is an urgent letter from our country."
A ghost boy accepted the letter with a wave of his hand, and his luck melted the wax. When he saw it, it turned out to be a landscape figure. Several fishermen were fishing by the stream and shouted angrily, "What the hell!"
When I looked up again, four bright sunshine charmed several old fishermen. I was surprised to see him in the distance with beautiful mountains and rivers and beautiful rivers and lakes. How did I get into the painting? There are also several huge scarlet letters in the sky on the left-"Yingzhou Tang and Yuan Dynasties painted on the South Fifth Lake"
When the envoy saw it, he knew that he had been tricked. At once, the two deputies danced with him with their own hands to summon the Kun Dao, the glass sword and the axe that were hidden in the body and killed Zhao Ji, the tiger throne twenty paces away!
Lei Zhen lost control in the optical flow, and the speed was faster than Lei Zhen’s own perception. A moment later, there was a voice in the optical flow, "Where do you want to go, young man?" [Quick search, please Baidu search:]
Chapter two hundred and forty-one Wooden clan
[Please remember the domain name.
Chapter two hundred and forty-one Muzu Lei Zhen said, "I want to go back to the entrance of Shenmu Hall." The sound said, "This simple majority of people come to me, either to another plane or to the underworld. It’s rare to see you like this." Lei Zhen said, "I was thrown in." The sound burst out laughing. "Hehe, then you are a lucky man. How many people can’t come if they want to! You know, I’m a sacred gate leading to the Seven Realms, "Lei Zhen said." Then I thank you and send me back. "The sound said," Good horse, I’m a mirror spirit. Come and play with me again. "Lei Zhen said," How can I find you? Mirror spirit? " In the light flow, a seven-se light and shadow flew over to make a beautiful elf with long ears like a child, or rather a five-or six-year-old girl. The elf said, "You are so young. Come to me. These are all old guys, and few of them are alive. If you want to play with me, just say’ I miss you as a mirror spirit’ to it." After that, I handed it to Lei Zhen. It was the magic face of heaven and earth that was inlaid with a shiny little mirror by the mirror spirit.
Lei Zhen laughed. "Ok, I’ll come to you again. I’ll give you a gift, too." Lei Zhen thought for a long time and found a weapon left by Lingxiao Cave like a small wooden stick and a small star base, which was a children’s toy, so he handed it to the elf.
At the sight of Se’s face, the genie became very shaky. She caught it with her hands and cried. Lei Zhen tried her best to help her in the flow of sub-light speed. "What are you doing, son?" The genie said, "Do you really give me this?" Lei Zhen laughed and said, "Of course, I can’t trick you." The elf said, "My name is Miki, and this is the five magic wand of our elf family. Only at the clan level can I get rid of it soon." Lei Zhen laughed and said, "In that case, you can keep it. Everything is karma." The elf sobbed, "If I have to get out of the cage, I will definitely come to you." Lei Zhen said, "Well, if you have nowhere to go, come to me!" Lei Zhen took out the peach blossom stick and said, "Please give it back to Kuafu." Jing Ling laughed. "No need. Kuafu said it was for your master." A few thunderbolts made the emperor fall from the throne, and a Xuan Se whirlpool fell from the throne with great anger. "Why? Is there another thunder to hit me? " A golden light came not from thunder, but from Lei Zhen, whose white hair was gone, and his beard was gone, and his cassock became strong.
Except for the eyebrows, the skin is as snow, the black hair is like a waterfall, and even a beautiful woman is not beautiful.
Even Zilian can’t keep her mouth shut. "You, you have changed so much!" Luoying said, "Your breath has increased a lot, and you have almost reached the realm of complete breath." The Xuan Se vortex slowly closed a girl’s childish voice, "Goodbye, lovely master!" Violet lotus to hug Lei Zhen two lines of tears flow.
In a grassland in the north of Yinshan Mountain, the patrol in the north wrote that "the troops who broke the enemy tower have infiltrated in one word. On the night of the fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month, the red hair clan cooperated with the enemy generals Xu Shao, Ji, Wei Tuo, Ma Wu, Saint and Bai Lian to kill six people. You rectify 200,000 cavalry in the north of Yinshan Mountain and meet the password" Cave Moon "and" Haitian ".A blue Se flame swallowed the secret order and made the patrol in the north destroy the ice emperor’s eldest brother.
"Keep out the cold" A stand at attention and immediately mobilize 200,000 elite to move south. Your gun pointed out from the top of Ma Wu’s head and stuck a piece of white Se brains. Ma Wu looked straight at the moment ahead and lost consciousness. An attendant released a flag flower cannon into the sky. This was a distress signal. The patrol troops came from all sides for a moment.
"Wind knife" don’t hesitate to wave a hand and wave a silver Se wind blade to antagonize the horse’s five heads and even cut off the iron gun.
Carry an order into one’s hand
"Stone wall" covers the retreat of all people
"Stone Wall" Shi Shouxin recited a spell, and Fiona Fang Wuli set up ten thousand earth walls and highlands scattered like undulating ravines.
"Wind Blade" waved a hand, and all the people fled to the cellar of Beicheng with the help of the earth. At the same time, hundreds of residential buildings caught fire in the southwest suburbs, and thousands of people screamed and attracted the main attention of the defenders.
After the assassins retreated, one of the five hundred QinBing men walked out with a tall and thin soldier with moustache, which man threw his hat on the ground and scolded "Bah! This group owes! " Yingzhou Tang yuan
Although he thinks that he is still a painter, his painting is already many levels higher than others.
The emperors and princes of the four seas begged for a painting, but they did not hesitate to condescend to lower your price and buy thick coins. The world called him the legal yuan style and other painting styles.
However, the Tang and Yuan Dynasties really lost their schooling-
The painting method of "heaven and earth are magical" can’t buy Zhao Ji’s dozens of paintings, but the true god is unconsciously attracted into the paintings if Tang and Yuan Dynasties.
I’m afraid it’s hard to get away for a while. The dry Kun Dao, the glazed sword and the axe of killing god have been stabbed by iong and cut down as a pledge. When the ui is cut to the extreme, you can’t see your hands without leaving the painting, but you feel that the golden wind immediately swept away and kicked the axe of killing god. A big back escaped the double killing of the sword and sword. At this time, the temple warriors have rushed to both sides to fight. Suddenly, an old man in the painting chopped the fishing rod and threw it over, and his hands tied a French seal and a black shield.
Iong mouth for no reason shocked a big hole, blood kuangpen immediately fell to the ground and breathed his last. The three men laughed and threw it at many Shiwei.
"mihun bomb in the afternoon" was filled with poisonous fog, and the three people recited a spell and actually shrank into the painting. The picture automatically burned and became a wisp of ashes for a moment!
"Tianyin kill array" is the unique skill of Tianyin School in Mobei.
There are only three masters of the "Three Talents, Tianyin kill array" Tianyin School. They are Tianyin Zhangjiao.
"Qin Magic" Jade Valley, Big Elder
"swordsman in the cave", the prairie goshawk and the newly rising young generation master
"Magic" Dolly
"Tianyin kill array" has been forgotten, but the previous generation of masters were deeply impressed. In those days, the magic was the highest, and the Grenade Emperor Kung Fu was trapped for five hours before he found a flaw and broke away, but he was also seriously injured and almost deaf.
Master Qu Huozhen-the first master in Yingzhou
According to the experience of "Fire Baby", it was almost the only time in his life that he quit the battle without cutting the enemy, and it was also the only one alive in his life.
Nowadays, the reappearance of auditions in kill array has besieged Xu Shao and Xu Shao, who arrived in kill array. The frequency changes are often difficult to find a rule. Let alone analyze the frequency of bo. The terrible thing is that each section of bo contains three parts. The murder song disturbs the interest and almost makes people go crazy. The sound of the piano is like flying cymbals, and it almost breaks the road. Protecting Xiao is like a bit stabbing the brain and making people go crazy.
The most harmful thing is that the eyes can’t be separated from the witch Dolly’s iong department, and the golden light is like an iron-painted silver hook, which stings Xu Shao’s eyes.
Seeing that Xu Shao was exhausted, he suddenly drank for a short time, disrupting bo’s truth and destroying Fiona Fang’s dozens of feet. Xu Shao also lost his strength and his eyes seemed to be blind.
At this time, the three men suddenly entered the body and three small thiong swords were inserted in Xu Shao’s mouth, abdomen and neck respectively.
When the three men saw their success, they immediately turned and fled and hid in the dark alley. The explosion attracted the patrol for a moment, and everyone rushed to see that Xu Shao was dead in a pool of blood.
The next day, all kinds of messages came from Hangu, a city with a population of millions, saying that Lei Zhen was missing and might die in Shenmu Mausoleum!
It is also said that Dodge Wang, Zhao Wang and Yun Wang are all dead and assassinated! Others say that more than that, Muzuxing ji was angry with the ghost, and even the saint, Marshal Ma and the elder were killed by the ghost. Now it is possible that several female generals in the valley of letters are still in the rest of the main generals, either missing or dying of illness!
At that time, all the streets and alleys were full of rumors. Who didn’t see several princes get up early to patrol the city today? Maybe something really happened?
In the teahouse and the wine shop, there were even small comments and big regrets. Several mysterious people in the corner listened for a long time and immediately got up and left.
Until noon on Sunday, at noon, the Three-pole Taixu Hall called a total of 1,000 middle and senior generals, generals of the General Assembly and heads of various reserve forces to attend.
It was Lei Di who presided over the meeting, which surprised everyone, because Lei Di was an incarnation of God and rarely attended such a meeting. Generally speaking, Zhao Wang presided over the meeting.
But after all, it was Lei Zhen who proved that Lei Di died in Shenmu Mausoleum. It seems that other messages will be broken.
For a moment, the soldiers of the Leidi Hall stood up to pay tribute.
"long live!
"Concise and uniform ui ceremony Kara told Lei Di that we are one of the most capable troops, and even the chief executive is brave enough to take the lead and use his courage to signal Lei Di to sit down (this is a phenomenon that the prince of Zhao will have no).
"Boom!" A group of generals took their seats. Lei Zhen said, "Our army practiced hard day and night!" Taiqi said, "Serve the country!" Lei Di added, "Now, there are already small military generals in our military martial arts practice, and all of them are masters. Please be prepared for a moment and don’t relax!" People suddenly replied, "Yes!" Lei Di’s voice is not loud but clear into everyone’s heart.
"The generals said outside the city that our generals were killed, but there were indeed several assassinations. However, our first army strategist and left-wing Ma Su expected the enemy to attack first and suffered real losses. We will please go back and prepare carefully. It is estimated that the enemy will attack everyone in a month or two. During this period, we should live in a shallow place and avoid the enemy from assassinating our generals."