When that sharp white Tiger Claw came, there was a deep echoing tiger roar that shocked his mind.
At first, it is thunderous. If Qin Chu’s strength is slightly weak, it can definitely kill Qin Chu instantly.
Qin Chu was very calm. He didn’t hide or flash his arm, but he pulled up a series of phantoms and appeared around his arm. When Rox saw this, his face suddenly changed.
Leitian sharp claws landed on Qin Chu’s arm, which was just blocked by Gege. Qin Chu’s clothes were instantly fragmented, but his skin was intact, as if the roots of Leitian claws had not hit Qin Chu.
See yourself exploratory blow didn’t cause any harm to Qin Chu leitian face suddenly changed.
"A million catties of strength is just so much," Qin Chu said lightly. "Leitian, if you are lucky enough not to die, I will accept you as my servant today, just like your brother."
"Dreaming" Leitian roars his arm and suddenly swells up. His clothes are torn. The whole arm is instantly thick, and a circle of steel needles grow out. His strength is as white as tiger hair. With the explosion of his arm, Qin Chu’s arm is pressed hard. At the same time, a Tiger Claw has flashed to Qin Chu’s lower abdomen godhead.
"No, I didn’t even move my strength just now," Qin Chu said lightly. "I don’t want to pester you. Watch."
Leitian found himself suddenly lost Qin Chuying in horror.
"Watch your back." Locks exclaimed that Leitian felt bad in his heart. He didn’t panic in the face of chaos. His first reaction was not to look back, but to lash out at his legs. The powerful anti-shock immediately made him shoot forward like a cannonball, thinking about this and avoiding Qin Chu behind him.
"Shifting and Transposition" Locks has manipulated and helped Leitian move his position.
Leitian sneered in his heart, "I have rox to help you. How about faster?" This piece is controlled by Rox, and Rox helps people change directions at will.
"No" Qin Chuyin once again sounded a chill in Leitian ear, and Leitian found something beyond his expectation.
Qin Chu, like a ghost, has been following behind Leitian to escape Qin Chu’s pursuit.
"heaven and earth turned upside down"
At the edge of Locke’s heart, he was surprised that he had not thought that the speed of blocking Qin Chu in himself could be so fast. Not only that, even if his own control ability changed Leitian’s position, Qin Chu didn’t have the slightest astringency to chase after him.
Of course, Locks was not only surprised … He felt more angry.
Humiliation. This is naked humiliation of naked luo.
I am the top three master of the Dragon God, but I can’t cope with a young player who has just soared?
Locks frantically moved his own strength to prepare to suppress Qin Chu desperately.
Qin Chu found leitian suddenly lost sight in front of his eyes, and then felt a huge force attack behind him.
"Tear the white tiger roar" white initiation to drink one or two Tiger Claw directly caught in Qin Chu’s back and then frantically pulled to both sides.
A burning pain came from the back. Qin Chu felt two huge tearing forces, like tearing his body from it, but his body was wrapped up by a huge force.
A raging anger roared from Qin Chu’s heart.
"You are dying." Qin Chu said slowly, and then his power finally stopped covering up generate’s powerful power
Qin Chu’s body suddenly burst into a sudden, and the force that wrapped him was instantly torn like tissue paper, and the feeling of being tied behind your back disappeared instantly.
"What?" Locks opened his eyes wide in shock. "How could he break free from me? Is his strength really just soaring to the god man? "
Qin Chu has turned around and grabbed the leitian behind him.
"Tiger Mountain" killed his eyes in vain, and his body instantly showed his true body. His strength was 100% explosive. His huge tiger body was as white as white claws, with a height of three feet, and his momentum was overwhelming like waves.
He made a mountain gesture with his forelimbs pressed, but he slapped Qin Chu with his huge claws.
"Shifting and Transposing" Locks used the same trick to make Qin Chu attack and let Leitian attack have an attack effect.
"Go to you and change your paralysis" Qin Chu exploded in a body and suddenly burst into a powerful suction. A huge chaotic virtual shadow appeared around his body. Two huge wings were broken in pieces, and then the chaotic virtual shadow slammed into his mouth and the cracked fragments were directly swallowed into his stomach.
Locks just blocked the cloth and was destroyed by the huge virtual shadow. The African claw has split into pieces and was swallowed up by the huge virtual shadow.
"What’s that?" Locks didn’t know that the virtual shadow was a Kunpeng monster, but watching the huge monster with eagle wings suddenly broke his blockade made him feel afraid from the bottom of his heart.