Chen Han showed the most strength in the forest of Qingmeng Mountain, that is, the third period of martial arts. It can be seen that he didn’t reserve anything at that time. However, in less than half a month, his fighting capacity suddenly rose to the second peak, and it would be impossible for him to be an ordinary person, even if he was a gifted wizard and had a famous teacher to guide him to practice advanced meditation without three or five years.
After getting along with him for a short time, we can see that Chen Han is not the kind of braggart. If he can say this, he must rely on it
My brother is not allowed to practice core martial arts, and he also knows that the only possibility that he can say such arrogant things without advanced meditation is that he has got some kind of treasure.
Maybe that’s why I was chased by my master. Maybe I met a chance after being chased. Anyway, it doesn’t look like a river of words.
After getting it, Qin Yang finally made up his mind deep in his heart and completely put his life on the cold body.
Eyes were fixed, but several people’s faces were swept over and they were eager to ascend and repair Chen Han and said, "Qin Dage, can you help me with one thing?"
"After all, we are our own people. What can we say to help or not?" Qin Yang patting his chest for sure.
"That’s it …"
Chen Han hesitated for a moment and finally embarrassed to say with smile, "I want metal. I don’t know how to say it is very important to me. The best way to think about it before I know all the metals is to buy some of them so that I can identify them."
All kinds of metals?
Although Qin Yang’s education is not high, he also knows that there are more than 100 kinds of metals in total.
Some of them, such as radioactive metals, can’t be bought with money, and some of them are so expensive that even if he loses all his money, he can’t buy a large fingernail. It’s so cold that he can say what he says on the surface and think that he can do his best.
I ate a meal for nearly four hours, from four o’clock in the afternoon until the moon hung high, and Maotai drank thirteen bottles, of which Chen Han killed more than three kilograms. It happened that he was the only one who was not drunk.
Even though Qin Yang has been practicing for many years, he is a little wobbly, and the other four people are confused about the southeast and northwest.
I have been following the boss for many years, but due to the ancestral rules, the Qin Yang family’s method can’t be taught at most, that is, teaching them some fist and fist kung fu and basic hard qigong. It’s good to get up with more than a catty of white wine per person, and it’s also cold. It’s comparable to a stone body that can stand alcohol, but it’s not too big for him.
"Old … old brother metal things early in the morning brother will help you do"
Qin Yang slightly Lickitung hug Chen cold shoulder to go outside the room "go! Today, the brothers are happy to continue drinking in the resplendent imperial room. Haha … "
A line of people fell away from the incense building, and a younger brother had already hit the door and waited for a few cars to leave in the envious eyes of passers-by
Splendid KV
This is not someone else’s site. It’s located in the most prosperous Hongyun Street in the Jingyunhui site, that is, Su Yunfeng wants to exchange lots between the two streets. Unfortunately, that guy is lying in which hospital bed now.
The most upscale entertainment place in Tianhua City must be very lively when it arrives at night. It’s so cold that I’ve never touched it before. In my master’s school, I either meditate or sleep after dark, and it’s dark everywhere. How can the lights be on like here?
No sooner had the car stopped outside KV than a few waiters greeted it.
Qin Yang didn’t have a horse to go inside. I faintly felt something was wrong from the waiter’s expression. The qi was running rapidly. As far as possible, I forced the alcohol out of my hands and held the high guy and the ghost hand to input the qi to help them force the wine down. I said, "Don’t go in there for a while. There is something wrong. The younger brother is replaced at the gate."
In the underworld for many years, ghost hands and others Ma Qing woke up a lot. Qin Yang turned to Chen Han. "Brother, do you remember Su Yunfeng who made trouble in the afternoon? I don’t even know where he came from. When he left, he said some cruel words. Maybe he really found some master. "
Being chased by his master and practicing the emperor’s extremely shocking records led to Chen Han being very sensitive to murderous look. He vaguely felt the breath coming from KV and his heart suddenly froze.
"I’ll go in first."
He took the lead and walked into the gate. Qin Yang and others looked at each other, and the wine strength also eliminated most of them, followed closely and went straight to the hall.
Just entering the door, the music came to an abrupt end. There was no usual sea of people. There were three people on the dance floor.
When six people came in with their accompanying younger brother, they slowly walked out from both sides. Two people blocked the circuit. A dozen people were lying on the ground screaming. They were all resplendent and magnificent. The messenger had been knocked down long ago, which means there were five people on the other side.
The first is a 37-year-old man with cold eyes staring at Chen’s cold, which is the source of the leak.
Blocking the retreat, two people, three people on the dance floor, a total of five people came to play Qin Yang, not only did they not relax, but they were even more frightened.
If the other party dares to do this, it must rely on something. It is either scary or has a strong repair.
The middle-aged man glanced over Qin Yang and stared at Chen Han, but he seemed to control the dance floor aura without any true qi release, which made people feel inexplicable suffocation …
Chapter 9 Pressure on One
"You are Su Yunfeng looking for help?"
Chen Han didn’t care about staring at the middle-aged man in the past. Hey, hey, say with smile, "Beating the king’s egg is how the uncle wants to say goodbye in that d"
Suddenly, the man’s cold face seemed to melt with a gentle smile. "The little guy has a lot of courage and anger, but courage and anger can’t solve the problem in the face of absolute power, just as if you are not my opponent at all, which will make you lose your life in vain … Heaven’s law-rain!"
Just now, I was gentle and smiling, and it was very abrupt to attack and turn my face faster than turning over. David couldn’t help but scold a’ smiling tiger’
Like a ghost, it floated across a few feet, and the incredible speed appeared in front of Chen Han.
White right hand slowly raised a layer of pale gold gas strength enveloped Fiona Fang Zhang Yu was covered with gas strength and they immediately lost control of their bodies. Qin Yang was so scared that he went to most fighters. He knew better than ghost hands and others how terrible this man was.
Natural law
Zifengge Town School of Juexue can’t be put into practice without 20 years of intensive root cultivation. This is a truly excellent martial art. Even if you can cultivate your younger brother in the famous Zifengge, you are one in a million. Everyone has the qualification to be a first-class master.
The first-class martial arts master can’t fix the true spirit in the middle of the light!
Before the abdomen was not destroyed, the cold was just the second peak. Now the fighting capacity is a little weaker than that in its heyday. At present, it is impossible for the root to meet the law of heaven. However, in the astonished eyes of all, he turned his back and rushed away.
Qi Qiang’s aura binds the residence. Some people also have the true qi to cultivate Qin Yang’s dharma. Fortunately, Chen Han is not restricted at all.
Fist clenched and ringing, his eyes suddenly glared and roared, and his right foot just stamped and cracked the marble pavement with fine cracks.
Whoosh …
With the help of this counter-impulse, he shot like a left arrow, which surprised his opponents.
The light golden fist first came into contact with Chen Han’s fist, accompanied by a series of crackles and explosions. The skin seemed to be wrinkled by the breeze, and the water rippled all the way from the fist to the arm. There was a loud bang, and Chen Han flew backwards like a broken kite and smashed several tables and chairs before falling.
How strong is a blow to Su Yunfeng’s cold? Qin Yang and others have seen it with their own eyes. For example, he was slapped and the power of flying is really not covered.
The man frowned and shook his head and sneered, "There is nothing but a very weak brute force, and it can’t be a climate."
"Can you decide whether it will be a climate?"
Everyone agrees that the blow is cold and deathless, but the other person’s words just stopped and he has been unscathed.
Except for the slight skin damage of the fist and some muscle strain of the right arm, there was no other injury. After all, his physical strength is far ten times higher than that of the same martial artist.
"You …"
Men can’t help but look a little too unbelievable. They paused for a moment before nodding. "Outside the door, practice the golden bell?" I was mistaken, but it’s a pity that I can be beaten or not. Can you keep going? "
In my mind, a list of handprints and five elements of Xuan Qi run in a special way, and Chen Cold is somewhat rough and intertwined.
SHEN WOO seal can be controlled in the foundation period, and it is also the most basic Xuan seal for cultivation.
The breakthrough of the realm into the instantaneous memory of the photoperiod has another mysterious seal besides the corresponding cultivation method.
In addition, the color of the five elements of Xuanqi is strange, from white to black, and the black gas flows at the fingertips, emitting an ethereal smell. This is the automatic transformation of Xuanqi when it is just advanced. Before it is absorbed by the metal corresponding to the light period, it is necessary to control the light period. The number of Xuanyin Five Elements of Xuanqi is very small, and it can be started twice at most.
A symbol filled with black gas is rapidly forming. If there is a fix-true person nearby, you will find that point is the unique writing in the fix-true world-force!
The ofuda appeared on the top of the head like a teleport from the fingertips, and the black awn infiltrated into the body after being broken.