The aura here is extremely abundant, enough to drive the top spiritual vein of the Witch Temple for three or four miles. There are hundreds of nearly ten thousand kinds of elixirs growing in the boundary of Fiona Fang, and even Liang Yi has never heard of them.
Although there are many spiritual objects here and the quality is extremely high, if the monks find this place in the general distraction period, they will be excited and crazy. But for Liang Yi, there are only more than ten rare spiritual plants in his own medicine garden that really attract him.
It took Liang Yicai less than half an hour to transplant these more than ten muti and some fairly precious muti to Yu Lingzhu in Bilingtian. Although Liang Yi is not very precious, he didn’t refuse to accept the truth. After all, these things can be worth a lot of lingshi when they are refined into pills and sold.
When Liang Yi was preparing to harvest the remaining elixir, a Wang Qingquan in the depths of ZH not ng y ā ng was banned, but it attracted Liang Yi’s attention.
"Haha, it’s hard to get through the iron shoes!" Liang Yi’s figure flashed and he came to this Wang Qingquan by crossing nearly a hundred feet.
But I saw that there were about forty or fifty drops of Se liquid with colored glaze in the clear spring, and a layer of invisible colorful streamer was flowing around the liquid.
It is exactly what Liang Yi’s entry into the far north ice field is exactly what the mysterious Y and N ghost water is.
"So many pieces can be refined into a dozen pieces." Liang Yi was delighted to put this mysterious Y and N ghost water away carefully in the jade bottle that had been prepared long ago.
Liang Yi just received the Xuan Y and N ghost water, and he felt that the ban sent out a deafening impact. Liang Yi looked up, only to find that a flying monster with white feathers and a wingspan of 40 or 50 feet was bombarding the light blue Se ban and a pair of lanterns-sized red Se eyes filled with hatred and looked at himself.
The lion’s head, the eagle’s body, the African claw, and the straight one-horned Liang Yi, who pierced the deep red sky, recognized the origin of this beast almost instantly.
Ancient God Beast-hentai God Beast has J and jīng pure Fūjinmon blood, flying speed and attack speed far exceeding that of human monks of the same order.
I found that Liang Yi was pleasantly surprised and surprised because he was bound by this mysterious prohibition. Liang Yi leaned out to find out the depth of this ritual, so I didn’t know that this beast was really happy because it had a strong wind source blood. If we can kill this beast and take its blood by secret means, we can help the high wind carving break through its own blood shackles.
The flurry carving has become the most hopeless in Bilingmen because it has broken through the shackles of blood for a long time. The flurry carving seems to be resigned, but Liang Yi doesn’t want to look at the right-hand man so depressed. Now that he has met this beast, he has to plan it well.
"Let’s go out and try the depth of this Liao first. If you lose, then come back to find it later." Soon Liang Yi made up his mind to quickly collect the elixir left in the forbidden area.
Liang Yi’s herbal medicine-picking time that hentai God beast didn’t stop attacking the ban at all. However, Rao is that this beast has tried its best, and its one-horned African claws are constantly bombarding the blue Se ban. Even the surrounding area is rippling because of this beast’s attack. However, although the strange light blue Se ban is swaying, it shows no signs of being weakened.
"I don’t know if this ban is more easily broken?" Liang Yi, who has been paying attention to this dynamic, is also wondering that this ban is different from the law. Generally, it is made of some treasures of monks, and a small number of them are slowly evolved from special natural environments. If it is made by monks, it is easy to say that it is generally a defense ban, but it is not a natural ban. It will be bad if it is blocked from the outside or from the outside.
"Try it first" Liang Yi’s right hand refers to a pinch, and a three-foot-long colorful firm but gentle SHE is attacking hentai God beast outside hentai God beast. Liang Yi’s move, a trace of ridicule emerged in his eyes.
Yi-five se firm but gentle strike in the mysterious ban was a trace of invisible ripple was turned back.
"It was a natural ban and still so strong" Liang Yi face a dignified Se dragon hate double ring was solemnly recruited by him.
At present, Liang Yi’s strongest attack is different from the fact that the dragon hates the ring and beheads the mixed yuan Tu Lingjian, but he comes to melee combat and display the group attack sword skill. The strongest attack power is indeed worse than the dragon hate ring. Of course, this is a brute force attack. If he is flexible, good at melee attack and sword skill, Liang Yi prefers the mixed yuan Tu Lingjian. This dragon hate ring is only big when he competes with magic weapons and trapped enemies.
The dragon hate ring Liang Yi shape rises slowly, and the momentum is constantly gathering in the hands of the dragon hate ring. At this time, it also condenses into a whole, and the ring is dark and silver, and the purple Se ray is becoming more and more prosperous.
Outside the ban, hentai God beast also stopped attacking, staring at Liang Yidong intensely, with a hint of incredible God Se in his huge red eyes.
Half moon chop chop!
Liang Yi gently hum a arms holding dragon hate ring flung forward,
Ang-the dragon hate ring gave a dull sound, and a round of nearly a hundred zhangs of silver Se knife was chopped in the blue Se ban.
Boom Kaka silver Se nimbus blue Se forbidden contact point appeared a crack of one or three feet in Liang Yili’s blow, and the crack disappeared with the blue Se forbidden flash.
Blow the light blue Se ban turned out to be no sign of being broken. Liang Yi’s face showed a trace of bitter Se.
The natural prohibition is different from the monk’s refining and banning. The monk’s treasures can be gradually weakened by continuous strong attacks, but the natural prohibition can’t. Because the natural prohibition can always absorb the force of the surrounding heaven and earth to recover itself, unless the attacker can destroy it with a strong attack, or the attack is strong enough to absorb the force of heaven and earth, it can be weakened.
But just blow Liang Yi has sentenced himself. Now the strength root can’t weaken it, let alone destroy it with one blow.
Seems to see Liang Yi dilemma that hentai god beast instead stopped attacking banned impulse.
This hentai god beast has been waiting in this ice and snow for hundreds of years. It’s a pity that it’s not enough to repair the forbidden area. While practicing here, while waiting, it didn’t think that this human being had somehow entered the forbidden area. He also regarded the hentai god beast as more valuable than the life of Xing. The mysterious Y and N water was stolen, so he was desperate to attack the forbidden area. Now he has no way to get out of the forbidden area. Instead, he is at ease. Instead, he flapped his wings and slowly landed in the blue Se forbidden square and closed his eyes to practice.
Looking at’ sitting on his head’ hentai god beast Liang Yi face couldn’t help revealing a smile. This Uber is really disgusting.
"It seems that I can practice until the distracted period and try to break the ban again." Liang Yinai shook his head. "I hope I can play this ban after the distracted period."
Liang Yi has just advanced to the late stage of Yuan Ying, which is still a long way from the peak of the late stage of Yuan Ying. Fortunately, Liang Yi has carried a large number of top-class Dan medicine and massive Lingshi with him, and Liang Yi’s mental state has become perfect and the realm is enough. It is a good choice to break through the distraction period here.
The fourth volume Five Babies Chapter 363
Xuanmu busy in Hongtiancheng, Bilingmen and Zizhu Garden is very satisfied. Looking at Wang Han respectfully in front of your face.
In just over a month, Wang Han succeeded in breaking through from the peak of air-entraining period to the foundation period. At this time, although Wang Han’s strength is still low, he has a faint sword-repairing style, and the whole person has a faint sense of fierce domineering.
"Good didn’t make the preconditions for Dan to succeed" Xuanmu busy nodded with satisfaction, and Wang Han’s face showed a smile.
"If you succeed in building a foundation, you must choose the post-cultivation skill. You are a five-element spiritual body, and there is a skill that is just right for you." Xuanmu busy solemnly took out the jade slips that had already been prepared and said to Wang Han, "This skill is called" Five-element Chaos and Meteor Spirit Tactics ",which was left over by an ancient monk in Du Jie, but I found my respect in an ancient site. This skill is also the skill. Do you want to practice?"
"Is it also this merit to master cultivation?" Wang Han heard that this work was left by the monks in Du Jie period and knew that even his master’s practice was this work. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he nodded, "My brother will take this work."
I have long expected this scene. Xuanmu’s member smiled and gave the jade slips to Wang Han. After careful explanation, he added, "There are still several kinds of achievement methods when you major in achievement methods, but you and I have to practice."
"What secret method?" Wang Han listen to master said solemnly, even asked
"I’m not busy." Xuan Mu’s busy body slightly waved his hand. "I’ll tell you something to pay attention to in practice. The foundation of cultivating immortals is the most important, and every step must be solid. Many monks plan to have a good time and do not pay attention to consolidating the foundation. At first, they practice quickly, but in the end, most of them will get stuck in the bottleneck until they die."
"There are three key criteria to judge whether a monk’s foundation is solid. The first is the purity of the true element and the purity of j and jīng. Some monks with solid foundation are several times as many as the monks of the same order. These people will be easier than the monks when they break through the bottleneck."
"Second, the strength of god knowledge and strong god knowledge can better understand the realm of heaven and earth. At the same time, whether the strength of god knowledge is also the key to whether the monks can advance to the Yuan infant period and the distraction period, especially the distraction period. Its main obstacle lies in god knowledge."
"The third body is tough. No, most monks pay attention to the cultivation of Yuan God and mana but ignore the body. The breakthroughs in the major realms before the distraction period really don’t require much for the body. After the distraction period, the refining period and the fitting period are the most important physical cultivation, especially the fitting period. If the body is not strong enough, it will be promoted by the law, or the body will collapse and the Yuan God will be scattered. From then on, we can take the road of Yuan God."
"Exercise period, combination period?" Wang Han looked at Liang Yi in horror. He never thought that the master had such high expectations for him. Suddenly, his heart was full of lofty sentiments and he secretly vowed never to let the master down.
"This is an auxiliary achievement method called" Tai Hun Yuan Jing ",which is mainly to let you wake you up during the foundation period. At every stage of the foundation period, the" Tai Hun Yuan Jing "must constantly refine your true yuan until the true yuan j and ng are pure and vigorous, and then you are allowed to enter the first order. Although this achievement method will greatly slow down your practice progress, it will be of immeasurable benefit to your practice after ri."
Wang Han has now reached the point of blind worship for Liang Yi, but the smell speech is readily agreed.
"This is the so-called first achievement method of" Broken Clouds Tactics ",and you try to refine it. If it fails, you can put it aside for a while." Liang Yi smiled and handed the "Broken Clouds Tactics", which is the first magical skill of the witch family, to Wang Han. To tell the truth, Liang Yi didn’t have much hope for Wang Han’s own refining this achievement method. Liang Yi had to eat nine Xuanzi Longguo to refine this kind of witchcraft achievement method.
I’m afraid "Broken Clouds Tactics" is the only way for witches and terrans to learn how to flow in two communities at the same time. Except for the different names, it turns out that there is no difference at all and the difficulty of getting started in cultivation is scary. Think about it, there are only a handful of witches in the whole lich domain who can practice it.
"Master, rest assured that my brother will go all out to achieve this feat." Wang Hanwen’s words raised a sense of losing strength and even fear of his chest.
Liang anecdote is smiling without saying a word. "It’s also interesting to make this snack suffer. Give him two pieces of Nine Xuanzi Longguo to try after he fails to practice."
Wang Han didn’t know what his good master wanted to see at this time. He smiled and said that he was very happy with his performance.
Later, Liang Yi gave Wang Han a part of his early rubbings on jade slips, and some tips on cultivation and some swordsmanship and fighting skills. After giving him a piece of perched phoenix wood, he sent himself to cultivate Yu Dan’s medicine treasures. Liang Yi didn’t give him a little green light at all, but the deacon in charge of paying salaries and welfare in the concession door gave him three times the treatment of other core brothers of the same order.
Liang Yixin wants to polish Wang Han’s cultivation resources through his own efforts, but he doesn’t want to take special care of Wang Han. However, considering that Wang Han wants to cultivate the Classic of Too Mixed Yuan, he needs to repeatedly refine the real Yuan, and the cultivation speed will be greatly slowed down. If there is not enough resources, he should be afraid that he will not be able to bear the elixir for a hundred years.
After Wang Han was sent away, Xuanmu was busy and ordered Ling Huying to ask several elders to protect the Buddha and be trapped in the forbidden area. It may take many years for them to ventilate.
Soon the small white head Liang Yi’s hearts arrived in full.
"Why did the master bring everyone here? Is it a big deal?" Since Liang Yizun’s trip, Ziyi has moved to other places for some psychological reasons, which makes Xuanmu busy in distress situation.