After opening his eyes, Zhang Kai was surprised to find that his practice had risen to a level measured by his own method, and his heart was pleasantly surprised. Suddenly, the call from the deepest part of Yuan God rang again.
For this situation, Zhang Kai is not used to frowning, and Zhang Kai will follow this call to see if he is calling himself.
But before he left, he saw a light coming towards him. Zhang Kai was suddenly surprised.
Time came to Zhang Kai only to find that this time is an ancient clock.
The clock flew straight to the top of Zhang Kai’s head, then turned around Zhang Kai, gave a light sound and disappeared.
"What is this?" Zhang Kai was puzzled at the closing ceremony, and Zhang Kai found that the ancient clock was hovering in his own spirit.
"acknowledge the Lord?" Probe some kind of Zhang Kai some can’t believe that this clock has automatically recognized the Lord. It is really hard for him to accept at the moment.
Suddenly, the clock hovering in Zhang Kai’s celestial spirit gave off a light and a lot of information flooded into his mind.
"chaos clock tianbao first? Hahaha, it seems that my luck is not generally good! " Digesting part of the clock information, Zhang Kai finally knew that this automatic recognition of the primitive simplicity clock was actually the first Tianbao chaos clock, and he couldn’t help laughing.
With the information of chaos clock, Zhang Kai now has a better understanding of his own cultivation. According to this celestial connection, he is now in the late stage of quasi-saint, and further, he is the mixed-yuan pick Jin Xian, also known as a saint. Zhang Kai is in a good mood.
At this moment, Zhang Kai suddenly felt that six powerful spirits were moving close to his mind. chaos clock once again appeared on Zhang Kai’s head, and Zhang Kai was ready for a defensive counterattack.
Soon Zhang Kai saw six magic weapons with different styles appear in front of his cave. Did they come to seize the treasure and Zhang Kai thought that he would take the initiative?
But I haven’t waited for him to shoot the six magic weapons, and they have all broken away, which makes him very puzzled. However, since the other party left Zhang Kai now, they are too lazy to pursue it, and they sat cross-legged to digest the information of chaos clock.
Chapter one hundred and fifteen Wooing failure
Chapter one hundred and fifteen Wooing failure
"Brother Buddha, that chaos clock is related to my Buddhism!" Sitting by the pool of Bao Gongde, the Buddhist paradise Lingshan must have a face of silence and said to Amitabha beside him
"Yes, I didn’t expect that chaos clock would choose an ordinary monk to confess the Lord automatically at the moment when all the saints robbed chaos clock. It was a big surprise to you and me!" Amitabha nods
"I expected that even the Sanqing didn’t expect such a result!" Quasi-laughs
"chaos clock has said that if I expected it, a big robbery will come soon. My Buddhism, the protagonist of this robbery, must be the first to bear the brunt, and my Buddhism is born with no treasure to suppress the fate robbery. Then Sanqing will definitely fall into the well. I am afraid that our tens of thousands of years of operation will turn white and eventually end up with the same result as Tongtian leader!" Amitabha said with concern.
Must smell speech was silent for a while and said slowly, "Brother Buddha’s worry is unreasonable. If this is the case at this time, his words are too pessimistic! If we can bring the new owner of chaos clock into my Buddhism before the catastrophe, our chances of being safe in Du Jie will naturally be scored. Brother Buddha, don’t forget that the new owner of chaos clock is a sect! "
When Amitabha heard this, his heart was also a joy. "Brother is right. Why didn’t I think of this? I’m going to say that he had to let the old people take the lead when he entered my Buddhism. This is not good."
"Brother Buddha, don’t be in such a hurry. You are a saint. How can you easily go to woo him? Wouldn’t that make him underestimate us in vain?" I must shake my head and say with smile.
"So what should I do when I see you at this time?" Amitabha asked
"It’s not too late to send a younger brother to marry him first, and it’s not too late for us to act according to circumstances in the future. Besides, I don’t believe he won’t be tempted if we still have one thing in hand!" Quasi-replied
Amitabha nodded when he heard this. "It’s also a good thing that my brother was far-sighted and had this thing in his hand. How many people can’t help but be moved!"
"White lotus boy, go and invite the holy Buddha to come here?" Must smell a smile to the white lotus children’s way
Bai Liantong didn’t dare to hesitate when he received the sound, and immediately drove to Huaguoshan.
After half a column of incense, I saw that Sun Wu, the holy Buddha of fighting, still came outside Lingshan. "My brother Sun Wu was called to see you?" Sun Wu to respectful way
"Well, come in!" Quasi-channel
"Brother, see the two leaders. May the sage teacher be blessed with longevity!" After going in, Sun Wu paid homage to Zhun and Amitabha.
"Wu, get up, just after such a vulgar ceremony!" Amitabha nodded to Sun Wudao.
"Thank you, master. I don’t know what the master wants?" Sun Wu got up and said
"Let your teacher tell you!" Amitabha Buddhism Road
"You did well in the battle for chaos clock before Wu, and the teacher really didn’t mistake you!" Quasi-laughs
"My brother failed to bring chaos clock back to the negative teacher, and I hope the teacher will punish him!" Sun Wudao
"This is an act of god you! It is right to call you here this time. You have to come from chaos clock. "
"The teacher asked my brother to kill the man and get chaos clock back again?" Sun Wu asked
Must smell speech immediately broke a black line on the top of the head to look at Sun Wuliang for a long time before saying, "Why is it so heavy that you have become a Buddha and killed your heart? Besides, chaos clock automatically recognizes that this is God’s will. Is that person free to kill?"
"What does the teacher mean?"
"You go here and make friends with him. If possible, when lobbying him to enter my Buddhism, remember never to hate that person. Are you white?" Zhundong
"Not white!" Sun Wu simply replied, "But I will try my best to do as the teacher says!"
"Before it’s too late, you can go!" With that, it was a golden light that told Sun Wu where the new owner of chaos clock was.
"Brother, leave!" After saluting Amitabha and Zhun, Sun Wu turned and left.
Out of Lingshan, Sun Wu set up a somersault cloud and quickly went in the direction that must be told in his mind.
It wasn’t long before Sun Wu came to the famous mountain peak and went down to the cave where Zhang Kai was located.
At this time, Zhang Kai was continuing to digest chaos clock’s information in the cave, and suddenly he felt a powerful spirit force sweeping from his body, and he was naturally alert. He couldn’t help but frown, collect his mind, release his whole body and get up to see what people are so presumptuous.
"Strange strange! Interesting! " Feel Zhang Kai exudes momentum. Sun Wu’s light path also exudes momentum to continue to go to the cave.
Soon, a hairy-faced Lei Gong appeared in front of Zhang Kai in a cassock. Zhang Kai looked at it and seemed to remember a strange figure he had heard of since he was a child. "Monkey King?"
"No, no! The Monkey King has become a thing of the past, and now the poor monk is a Buddhist and a holy Buddha. "Sun Wu laughed.
Say that finish sun Wu also carefully looked at some kind of Zhang Kai eye dew smile and said, "I can’t believe that in this famous mountain, there will be such a quasi-holy realm as you. You have it in that chaos clock, right? Wrong novel network many words "
Zhang Kai heard that he was murdered all over. "Why do you ask?"
"Don’t be nervous. I’m not here to win the treasure. I want you to get married!" Sun Wu smiled as if he didn’t feel Zhang Kaishen’s murder at all.
"Courtesy is either rape or theft!" Looking at Sun Wu and smiling, Zhang Kai remembered a popular saying on the earth.
"No, I don’t need it!" Silent for a Zhang Kai said coldly