The player ID database is directly connected with the game account database. Players can hang their valuable DV in the game and collect it, so that the virtual currency is copper, silver and gold in the game.
With the idea of making a fortune, Wu Chi went to the official forum and saw that Ma blindsided. Hundreds of DV players in Dog Tail Village have been hanged in the forum, and the price of each DV has slipped all the way. Now it is.
Mom, everyone is a child prodigy. Wu Chi’s wishful thinking is naturally indignant
A post has been held high for 100,000 times. It must be the first player to hang up DV. When Wu Chi saw the post, he could not help but scold, "I didn’t steal my business because I was cheated by this gentleman again."
In addition to these DVs, there are a lot of comments about this event. A player post signed "Falling Red for Thousands of Times" has been clicked hundreds of thousands of times, according to the top title-"A Great Analysis of the Apprenticeship Event in Dog Tail Village"
The fifteenth flash of golden rainbow sword
It’s not good for me to go to your grandmother or go out to fill your stomach. Wu Chi is not in the mood to browse this post. He got up and went out to prepare for a delicious meal at the Beijing Roast Duck Restaurant next to the community to comfort his broken heart.
Wu Chi unexpectedly met Zhou Junyi in the ladder to see this person with yellow eyes and a gaunt face. "What did you do? What a loser! Wu chiqi said
"Hungry boss, I haven’t eaten for two meals." Zhou Junyi said miserably.
"No, if you are hungry, you should have experienced me because your eyes are shining. Don’t fool me. I have no sympathy. Remember where to get some money. It’s been a month. Now I’ll wake you up or you’ll be there."
"Know know had been at ease Angkor, you put one hundred heart I will pay the rent" Zhou Junyi see Wu Chi face cold sweat came out to this matter.
"Actually, you bring your sister to me to have a look. Maybe I’ll become your brother-in-law." Wu Chi knew that Zhou Junyi had a sister who studied at the Foreign Languages Institute in this city, but Zhou Junyi never brought her to her residence. Wu Chi didn’t know her.
"Don’t be ridiculous, Angkor, where do you see my sister?" Zhou Junyi was a little angry. He was very fond of his sister and couldn’t be teased by others. But he was his creditor but he couldn’t lose his temper.
Wu Chi still has to talk about it. At this moment, the ladder door came to the ground floor, and Zhou Junyi was busy jumping out and taking a brisk walk without looking back.
Damn it, if it’s not your Zhou family, I don’t think it’s your rent. I don’t … charge half of such a good thing. What a shame! It’s really ignorant
Wu Chi shook his head and went to the garage next to him and bought his own open-door sports car-Chevrolet Corvee. It took Wu Chi half a year to rent the car. It roared and flashed through the automatic gate of the residential area, but it reached the front of the roast duck restaurant in half a minute.
Wu Chi ordered roast duck and some Cantonese cheat sheets, and then took a bottle of Japanese sake. In the middle of eating, several customers entered the hall to see if their costumes should be students or nearby college students.
The students sat noisily while waiting for the food to come, and they talked excitedly. "Damn, if only I had been born in Dog Tail Village." Wu Chi became interested as soon as he heard it. It seems that these players are also players in the world sword fairy game.
"Yes, more than 100 people have joined our school. It’s really refreshing. I’m now at level 1, but no sect is willing to accept my dog tail village. It’s a blessing." A man with a flat head sighed with envy.
Cool my ass. I’m a dog-tailed village. Why didn’t I feel that it was a blessed place? Wu Chi stopped paying attention when he heard that he was depressed.
Hurriedly kill the food, take away half a bottle of sake, have a drink at night, and Wu Chi went home immediately after eating quickly. Even the students are level 1, so I still have to work hard.
Go home and rest for half an hour. After digesting the food, Wu Chi once again lies in the coffin and enters the game of "The Record of the Sword Immortal in the Universe". He is still in Dog Tail Village-no, now there are few players in the square village of Chivalrous Village. It looks very deserted.
Wu Chi was thinking about whether to go to the training. When it was a rosy cloud, she appeared in Xianlin Lvhua. She went to Wu Chi and said, "Fang Daoyou is still here, and I have something to find you."
What a bird! If you hadn’t bewitched him to get a junk registered brother status, he would have become a formal brother and gone to the sect to learn skills. You are a jinx. It’s really bad luck to meet you. Wu Chi is dissatisfied with this NPC three in his heart, but he dare not show his face as a 12-level big BOSS. Anyway, he has to give some noodles, and maybe he will have a deal.
"Green China Taoist friends want to see me for anything, although they are commanded to follow the immortal law."
"It’s nothing. You should be able to recruit younger brothers from the three sects after Tianrui Shenjun’s death. You don’t want to be selected. Since the elders recognize that you are already a registered younger brother and your qualifications are multiplied, you decided to let you experience it and then be included in the door wall. This is that I missed you." The white fairy is obviously a little guilty, but the tone is as cold as before, but the apology is very obvious.
Yes, of course, people’s 119NB attribute qualifications are multiplied, otherwise you wouldn’t call me a registered brother. Because your elders don’t accept me, it’s because of unified instructions, but you know that I’m not a NPC in charge.
Wu Chi saw Gu Shexian’s sincere tone, and his anger also subsided a little. He had a little affection for this NPC. Anyway, people gave you a magic weapon and returned your registered brother. Now he’s apologizing. It’s really useless to say.
"It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m going to experience something to increase my knowledge, hone my mind, lay a good foundation, and then go back to my master’s school. So practicing this technique will definitely get twice the result with half the effort. My elders are better than me, and I know very well." Since you are a disaster, even if you patted those elders in the capital, you will praise them casually. Anyway, it’s no strength. Wu Chi’s kowtowing to the past really saw a miraculous effect
Show that Lin Luhua’s affection for you has increased by 1 point.
Oh, NPC also eats this set. Haha, the game designer has a high degree of design AI.
"Now that Taoist friends understand the elder’s painstaking efforts and have such a wish, I am relieved that I have a flying sword here, which was left by the previous scattered fairy and presented to Taoist friends. In addition to exorcism, Wei Dao can’t compete with his registered brother Wudang Sword because of the martial arts, but it is also necessary to cooperate with this sword to make Tianyu Jianpu also be given to Taoist friends."
Wu Chi was overjoyed to take a look.
Flash golden rainbow sword quality ~ Third-order magic attack 40 ~ 80 additional thunder damage 80 points, and there is a certain chance to launch a thunderbolt stunning spell. Thunderbolt stunning ~ Triggering lightning lightning damage value of 100 ~ 140 per second. The attack range of Fiona Fang Wuli can last for 20 seconds. The speed of imperial sword is 60 ~ 80, the attack speed is 30 ~ 35, and the level of demand is 15, and the attack with Tianyu Sword Technique is increased by 10%, which makes Tianyu Sword Tactics and Motivating Attack increase by 30%.
Although it requires 20 levels, it is a third order. But why are you missing Tianyu Sword Tactics? Wu Chi hurriedly asked the fairy if she had a sword tactic. The white fairy shook her head and said, "This one is not. It seems that I have lost my Taoist friend. Now there are many things in the sect that I can’t stay long."
Say hongxia flew straight to the sky again and broke away.
Haha, it seems that I’m lucky. If I come here later and can’t see me, my third-order magic weapon is not going to be ruined. I don’t think I’ve heard that anyone has a third-order flying sword. I wonder how much it can be worth to sell it?
Wu Chi doesn’t know the game. Now, there are seven third-order flying swords. On the quality, this flashing golden rainbow sword is still at the top of the seven. If it is sold out, it will be sky-high, but even if it is sky-high, it will be everyone’s first priority.
Tianyu’s twenty-four strange swords refer to Tianyi Sword hanging upside down with golden hooks and plum blossoms, and the wind and snow are flying all over the sky, the sky is blazing, the angry swords are blazing, the flowers are raging and bending, jin hong is earth-shattering, the rising sun is rising, the bow is shooting, Changhong is pouring down the Tianhe River, the world is near, the snake is cutting the snake, the indomitable spirit is standing on the beach, the moon is printed, and the Excalibur is earth-shattering.
(End of volume)
The first volume Clouds gather in Wan Li. The second chapter reflects the banner with water.
Playing the sword for the first time
The first time I played the sword, I sang a crazy song, "Let’s try the sword, be pleased with life and enmity". A golden dragon seal character was engraved on the blood-like red sword body, flashing glass light. Wu Chi looked at the word and felt a tyrant’s momentum and came to the fore. Yuewei, like Chuanhai, turned out to be unable to stay up and even stepped back.
What a "sword to test the sky" and a "happy life and enmity". The former owner of this sword seems to be a arrogant and unruly peerless figure. Wu Chi once again picked up Jin Hongjian and stared at the word. Suddenly, he felt that if life could live like this person, it would be a great happiness.
"Your master has gone to cultivate immortality, but you can’t cut the head of the wicked and drink the blood of the enemy, but it’s also pitiful. Now, with me, you must drink the blood of the monster and cut the head of NPC. Hahaha …"
Wu Chi plays the sword with a long smile, and his heart is comfortable. This sword looks very good, and its style is very strong, especially the blood-red blade. Don’t give it a sharp, cruel and bloody taste. Although you can’t transport the sword, you will never be able to resist jin hong’s entry and exit into the Qing Dynasty, but you should have the style of an ancient swordsman when you hold it in your hand.
Hey, hey, it’s not time to be happy. I’ll take your sword and cut the sky. Wu Chi is arrogant and crosses the village with a rainbow in his hand.
A few players next to him are disdainful when they see his smelly fart. "It’s hopeless to show off the broken sword like this from nowhere, but it’s not like us to be an impenetrable teacher and eliminated."
"By breaking the sword? If this is a broken sword, then that one in your hand is a poker. "Wu Chi’s eyes stared and shouted back.
The man couldn’t help but take a step back when he saw Wu Chi’s fierce momentum. He also insisted that "you are a broken sword and a super broken sword."
How dare the sun talk back to me? I don’t know that I’m holding a third-order magic weapon now. It seems that I have to let this little girl see how powerful this broken sword is. Wu Chi hurriedly rushed to the little girl and grimaced, "Little girl, let’s go out and see if you are stronger with a poker or I am stronger with a broken sword."
Scum is scum. Wu Chi has a third-order magic weapon in his hand. What’s more, it’s better than that black guy in his hand. Dog tail is the highest in the village. It’s only level 11. It’s the strongest in freshwater Tsing Yi. It’s not as small as ten strong people. It’s also level 1, and there is a magic weapon that is absolutely dominant.
This will change for half a day ago. Wu Chi’s confidence would never be so full. It’s really lewd and extreme.
The man looked at Wu Chi’s blood mountain flashing Jin Hongjian, and then at his own hand. He felt that the potential was not strong and he shut up.
Wu Chi doesn’t insult others too much, forcing people into desperation. If the other party throws caution to the wind, it will be a deep enemy. Just bow his head. When he left, Wu Chi looked at the display function above his head. His name is "Lixiu"
After that, this man is a coward, and after he has obtained such a feminine name, he must be a transvestite candidate. His parents really gave birth to him for nothing. Men should not be transvestites, hehe.