Li Dong’s face seems to have a little trace of beard, but his eyes have been shaved, which is quite similar to McGrady’s. It seems that he has not woken up, and he looks lazy.
"Hello" I nodded at him.
"I won’t introduce this. You met yesterday." Li Wei smiled at Zhong Xin.
Zhong Xin’s face was as cold as ice without looking at me.
I have nothing to say to her, and I turned my head to the five big brothers behind me and said to Li Wei, "Who are these five big brothers?"
Li Wei laughed. "They are the top players in the season to guide you in the details of alignment and team play. Let’s call them your assistant coaches. I am mainly responsible for the tactical layout of the head coach."
I nodded and sat down in Zhong Xin and Dan. The atmosphere of this game is so dignified. It’s not fun at all.
I cast a partial glance at Zhong Xin, who was still patiently practicing the knife. I looked at the buddies on the left and said to the coach, "Why is everyone practicing the knife?" What are we waiting for? "
Li Wei said, "Wait for the second team to play."
I nodded and said, "What time is it?"
Li Wei said, "Ten o’clock."
I made a custom and went in to practice the knife.
"First, I won’t say anything. You play according to your own thoughts and ideas. I’ll look at your wartime style and characteristics before arranging tactics," Li Wei said
This is very similar to Li Yuxing. That’s what he said at the time.
After practicing the knife, we all entered the game, and it was a match with the members of the second team.
The members of the second team are all kings, and their strength is strong. Generally, the players of the home team can’t substitute for something, even the members of the second team don’t know if they can win.
Both sides gave the popular heroes to BAN.
On our first floor is Feng Shanze BAN, the enchantress fox witch.
On the first floor opposite, there is a big tree wind queen in BAN.
Then there is the selection process between the two sides.
Then there is the selection process between the two sides.
Feng Shanze doesn’t talk. He holds a male knife on the first floor.
I chose them on the first and second floors opposite, and I took the little fisherman on the first floor.
I took the blind monk on the second floor.
We took vampires and lions and dogs on the second and third floors.
I took Raven and Lunma on the third and fourth floors opposite.
It’s my turn and Zhong Xin’s choice.
Chapter 227 Three kills!
Come to YG headquarters for the first game, and you must exert momentum anyway!
"Welcome to the Dreyfus Alliance"
I choose my favorite Draven in seconds without saying anything.
Zhong Xin glanced at me faintly and said, "Will you still be this hero?"
I chuckled "Life ADC"
Zhong Xin didn’t speak and took the hammer stone directly and then said, "I hope you can CARRY it later. I don’t want to help a loser."
"I CARRY up, don’t be afraid," I said seriously.
The opposite side assisted in choosing Morgana.
Finally, the two sides of the array came out completely.
we are
Zhongdan male knife
Single vampire
Fight wild lions and dogs
AD Levin
Auxiliary hammer stone
Opposite is
Zhongdan fisherman
Shan Ruiwen
Wild blind monk
AD lunma
Auxiliary Morgana
Both sides of the array are quite general, and the array is not too rigorous
"Li Dong eldest brother, right? I’m still reading the game "Let’s switch lines", I said to Shan.
Li Dong was a little unsmiling and said to me, "Do you still have to change the line if you choose a Draven round mother? Then don’t take this hero. Isn’t it better for the policewoman to resist pressure? "
I’m a little uncomfortable in my heart. Why does this single talk look down on people? Who are you afraid of when you always play Dreven?
I endure unhappiness and said, "It’s not the combination of Morgana and Lunma on the opposite side. It’s a combination with poor alignment ability, high randomness, but strong line pressing ability and self-protection ability. If you change the line on the opposite side, you can quickly take away a tower, and Devon will face the risk of being crushed. I guess they will change the line, and we will meet them if we change this one."
Li Dong said lightly, "So that’s good."
Entering the game, we have a tacit understanding. At five points, the enemy looks at the road, the triangle grass road, the isolated grass road, the isolated grass road and the triangle grass road.
We didn’t communicate in the bureau, and we certainly can’t hold a group of five people to the opposite side of the routine
Then I went back to the city with the auxiliary, and our side was blue, and we chose red. If I made a mistake, the opposite road was not a single route, but a combination of routes, then the estimated list still needed to be mixed with the wild to experience the second level.
My assistant and I went to the line first and hid in the grass closest to the other side’s defense tower. We need to get stuck here.
There is a line skill involved here. As we all know, if soldiers from all walks of life reach the line, then a ranged soldier will fight a melee soldier, and the damage of melee soldiers will be evenly distributed.
However, if we assist the body to resist a damage before the two soldiers confront each other, the soldiers will fire themselves briefly, and then walk into the grass to get rid of hatred after waiting for our soldiers’ field, so that there will be one target for the long-range soldiers to attack, so that if we don’t have soldiers A, our soldiers will die faster and the lines on the other side will accumulate until we control the lines on the other side of our defense tower, and we will not be able to eat any experience.
This skill is only used in line changing in the competition, and Kiki can’t play in the qualifying.
Although I guess that the opposite side will change lanes, I’m not sure that if the opposite side really changes lanes, it will be road 2V2, and our line control skill will lose its meaning. I did this just in case.
Soon after, the opposite mother and Morgana were on the line