Dragging a half-dead body on the Wang Jia, he shouted loudly "Run" to his master. Then he took the lead in fleeing to the distance!
Now it’s not just a matter of morale, their number is far less than that of Ming Jianzong!
After all, the attack circle of Ming Jianfeng has not been completed, so the attack distance is not too big, but only the people who blame Hyun Yang Zong are too close to Ming Jianfeng, and they crowded there, and in their efforts to escape from its attack range, Hyun Yang Zong’s half-life fairy has been erased!
That’s not a hundred, but nearly a thousand people! ! !
The number of people is at an absolute disadvantage, and the morale is even lower. What can we do but escape?
Originally menacing. The immortals of Xuanyang Sect, who vowed to level the Ming Sword Sect, suddenly lost the courage to stay and fight. All fled to Ming Jianzong at the fastest speed.
However, Ming Jianzong refused to stop and could not stop …
Five or six hundred immortals of Xuanyang Sect fled before, while nearly a thousand immortals of Mingjian Sect chased after them, leaving no order. Chasing only seeks revenge by killing as many people as possible, and at that time Guanghua once again spread all over the world.
The battlefield is obviously shifting rapidly to the west. The true immortals and little immortals of Ming Jianzong only feel more and more quiet between heaven and earth, but they can’t even watch the war. The immortals on both sides have already flown too far …
Xiao Wen, who is at the peak of Ming Jian, is also somewhat uncomfortable. Two cases are still in the war, but he can’t see the situation. This is really too urgent!
But who let him just a middle-level true fairy, it is impossible to catch up. And that battlefield is too dangerous for him.
At this moment, a red cloud suddenly rushed to the west of the sky, getting closer and closer to Ming Jianfeng!
Between the hissing wind and the hooves rolling, it was already rushed to the square of Ming Jianfeng. Xiao asked not to be overjoyed, but jumped on his horse without saying anything, and subconsciously stretched out his hand toward Nan Yunqing. Nan Yunqing grabbed his hand without suspicion. When he made another effort, he heard a "shout" sound. Nan Yunqing also landed on his horse and sat down behind Xiao Wen.
The next moment, the hissing wind will scream, the magical power will be fully opened, and it will rush towards the battlefield in the west at the fastest speed!
The speed of the hissing wind is obviously faster than most of the fairies on both sides, so we have caught up with our own people who fly slowly in less than a lamp of tea, and then we have surpassed them all the way, and finally we have caught up with those who fly faster in Ming Jianzong!
These people have bitten the tail of the fairies of Hyun Yang Sect, and are nibbling at the slower flying people of Hyun Yang Sect. One side is to take revenge to the death, and the other side is to survive, and the fight is also quite fierce.
Xiao Wen stared at the crowd and looked for it. Finally, he saw his master and quickly flew over.
"Master, you asked the hissing wind to pick me up?"
"How did you rush here? I asked you to watch the battle, not to charge. " Zuo Ning is clear and urgent.
"Nothing, the wind is flying fast. I’ll just be more careful."
"Just step back and watch carefully."
This time is not the time to be wordy. Xiao asked clearly that Zuo Ningqing asked the hissing wind to pick him up just to broaden his horizons and improve his spiritual realm, not to let him die, so he stepped back for about half a mile.
Both Ming Jianzong and Xuan Yangzong are pursuing and fighting, without considering how much shock their great war will bring to the big and small clans and ordinary people in the whole celestial world!
Ming Jianzong is in the east of the core circle of celestial beings, and Xuanyang Sect is in the northwest of the core circle of celestial beings. The battle between the two cases was actually transferred from one end of the core circle to the other. I don’t know that many people saw it!
Their battles are not above the clouds, and they don’t avoid people. Once those who dazzle Yangzong are forced to be nasty, they even flee to the towns below, but those who sing Jianzong can’t let them go, so they also chase them to the towns …
Therefore, this war, which should have only brought great influence to Xuanyang Sect and Mingjian Sect, actually affected half of the celestial world at once. Before the two sides finished, this war had already spread to the celestial world!
Fairy’s physical strength and resilience speed are extraordinary, what’s more, quite a few immortals on both sides actually only need to fly, so this pursuit actually lasted for a whole half a day and another night!
The next morning, both sides suddenly saw the gate of Xuanyang Sect!
Unconsciously, the people of Ming Jianzong have actually caught up with the door of Hyun Yang Zong!

Chapter two hundred and forty-nine Chonggong
It is impossible to say that you are not tired all the way. At this moment, the people of Hyun Yang Zong saw their own mountain gate, and the strong sense of belonging from the vision made them j and ng, and they didn’t know where they got the strength, so they flew faster. However, Ming Jianzong’s party was still full of morale, because they were constantly eating away at the people of Hyun Yang Zong, and at least one or two hundred Hyun Yang Zong immortals were killed this day and night, so. Not only that, everyone in Ming Jianzong still remembers it. Their 19-pulse was flattened for a whole nine-pulse, and a clan door was destroyed by half. This revenge can only be truly reported if it rushes into the site of Xuanyang Sect and wreaks havoc!
Zong Wangren can say, dazzle Yang Zongjin’s gift of ri, and I will repay him ten times as much as Jian Zongzong! How to return it ten times? Everyone knows that, it’s nothing more than a tooth for a tooth. But what everyone doesn’t know is that this sentence will be fulfilled so quickly! This place has only experienced a day and a night!
It is the reality that this great wish can be realized rapidly that makes the people of Ming Jianzong feel more confident than ever. cāo dazzles all the mothers of Yang Zong, and Lao Zi has revenge! ! ! Are you ready? ! ! !
From a distance, everyone saw that there was a battle of about 400 or 500 people in Xuanyang Zongli, which was the immortal force that Xuanyang Zongli stayed at Zongmen Headquarters. Not long ago, they received an arraignment and assembled as quickly as possible, but they didn’t dare to make a move because they didn’t know how the situation was, just waiting at Zongmen headquarters.
And at the moment, it’s finally time for them to make moves!