"A Leo Chris"
"here!" Leo came out and strode hard in front of him, but he already knew the assessment results.
Pulling up the iron sword with both hands, clenching his teeth, and seeing the sweat stains on his forehead, the iron sword finally waved slowly, and his posture was also very strange, as if he would fall at any moment.
"Bang!" After two crunchy iron swords, they rubbed off the stake and fell to the ground with a little skin, and almost hurt Leo himself.
Having finished the examination, the children burst into laughter, but only when Adam was present did they dare not laugh too much. Farr moved his lips at Leo and scolded "You can’t even hold your sword, punk"
Leo walked to the back of the team with his head down and his heart depressed. He has experienced this scene many times, and he will practice hard after each assessment, but he always tries to catch up with the rest of the children.
Adam came to encourage Leo a few words, but at this time, the guards made soldiers come to Adam and whispered something to him. After that, Adam hastily told the children a few words and left nature in a hurry. Today’s assessment is here.
When Adam left, Farr couldn’t help but send all the grievances to Leo. The rest of the children were young and Farr followed. Only Leo, who was quite old, left with Adam because he became a trainee soldier
"pick up your sword, punk." Farr held his proud head and looked up at Leo.
I can’t help it. Although Leo is thin, he is not short. How come buffard is nearly five years old? From the appearance, he should bully Farr, but the fact is just the opposite.
"I’m not a loser." Leo confronted wood blade Farr and wood blade.
It’s not the first time that Leo has been defeated every time, but he is not reconciled. He feels that he is not as strong as Farr, but his basic swordsmanship is more solid. It is hard work day after day and year after year. If he has the same strength as Farr, then the failure must be Farr.
It is precisely because of this that Leo has the confidence to continue exercising. He firmly believes that one day he will become strong and cultivate quarrelling and become a real soldier.
But not now, Farr waved Leo’s sword with both hands holding the hilt and struggled to resist, but he was still as instantaneous as the past, and wood blade was cut off and Farr wood blade was put on his neck.
"Ha-ha, everyone, come and see the rubbish." Farr shouted happily and bullied Leo who was older than him, which always made him happy.
"Leo is so useless that he can’t even hold a sword and wants to be a soldier."
"He’s a fool, but he’s still a blacksmith. He’s as thin as a bamboo pole, not to mention that he can’t afford a sledgehammer even when he’s a soldier."
"I don’t think he’s even as strong as my sister."
"Shame on you, Leo. You are a disgrace to our Karla town."
"Shame …!"
Leo just stood on the spot, his eyes were red and he shouted, "I’m not a waste or a disgrace to Karla."
Leo’s hot-blooded brain didn’t hold back for a while and punched Farr.
"bang!" I didn’t expect waste Leo to dare to hit him, but how dare he?
"Leo, you’re dead meat." Farr kicked Leo out on the spot, clutching his bruised face and turned him to the ground.
Then there was a punch and kick, but Farr was very clever and didn’t hit Leo in the face. He kept kicking Leo in the chest and back. If Leo didn’t hurt his father Adam, he wouldn’t know.
For a long time, he seemed tired of playing or afraid of killing Leo. Finally, Farr stopped and scolded a few words. He spat and cried, "You punk, don’t come to the martial arts field again or I’ll beat you to death."
"Brothers, let’s go. No one is allowed to help this loser."
It was getting dark, and Leo struggled to get up, black and blue, and quietly returned home without saying a word. He ran into his room and locked the door, and finally tears could not stop flowing.
"Can’t I really become a soldier? No, no, I, Leo Chris, am definitely not a waste. I train harder than others. I am too weak. One day, one day … "A burst of blood surged. Leo couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood from his mouth and he fainted.
As night fell, Leo rolled over in his sleep, frowning as if he had pulled the wound. This turn also made the green crystal ball in his pocket roll out, and the crystal ball rolled into Leo’s blood. It seemed to be stimulated by something, and the instant light shone like day in the cabin …
At the same time, Leo’s wound bloomed with golden light, and his heart beat violently like a war drum, but the family in the next room didn’t feel that outsiders could see the light in the room as if it had been given a boundary by mysterious forces.
And the mysterious crystal ball also poured a streamer into Leo’s body.
Blood of the king
Leo woke up in a daze and his face was itchy, as if he had been swept by some animal fur. It took him a long time to turn his eyes around to get the focus.
"Where is it here?" Leo muttered to himself. At this time, his back was against a towering tree, which was so huge that it seemed to be the only one in the world.
It’s so beautiful. The tree is full of fruits. These fruits are strange and green, and some of them seem to be curled up in the fruit. Leo, a little white man, has never heard of it. He feels like dreaming.
"Terran children"
"Who is who talking?" Leo quickly got up and looked around, but he saw nothing except the trees, which were surrounded by green clouds.
"The child is me, I am the elf world tree." A branch suddenly fell through Leo’s heart.
This made Leo stunned and stood on the spot, but he didn’t feel any pain. Instead, he felt that Bishu seemed to be bathed in his mother’s arms, and several pictures flashed in front of his eyes. It was an elf born from the fruit, and the tree of life was the elf mother.
"Boom!" An explosion suddenly bloomed from Leo’s body, and the harsh golden light soared into the sky like light, and the vision of heaven and earth was amazing.
Another beast roared deafening. Leo looked up through the branches and saw a huge lion in the vault. The lion had a head as if it had no body, or its body was hidden in golden light. The lion was so terrible that he held his head high and roared, even the stars shook as if he would fall to the ground at any time.
It’s not over yet, and then a few branches stretch through the void, and a bloody rose blooms. These roses are extremely beautiful, which is more beautiful than anything Leo remembers. He has been stunned and forgotten when, or whether it is reality or illusion.
This moment seems to be eternal! Until it made him feel warm again.
"My son, your king’s blood has activated me to plant it, and it also takes root in your body. After your king’s heart is together, you will also be a tree child in the world. As you grow up, your blood will breed your quarrelling and magical talent."
"Disaster is coming, the inferno is about to invade the holy city, and the elves in mainland China can’t be lucky. I hope you can protect this land and drop the inferno."
"But but I’m too weak to hold the iron sword," Leo replied softly.
"Don’t be a child, you have to believe in yourself. You have a noble king’s blood flowing in your body, which is more noble than the elf royal family. Remember that this is your destiny. When you wake up, you will forget everything that happened here, including what you saw in the forest of Warcraft. Maybe you will remember it when you see me again."
Leo was in a hurry and shouted, "Wait, can I become a senior soldier? No junior soldiers are ok. "
"Boy, you are too lacking in confidence. This is not a good thing. When I wait for you to merge, I will leave a mental imprint to help you have high spirit and element affinity … and your king’s blood has a strong self-healing ability …" Gradually, the sound is getting weaker and weaker.
And the world tree that was so big began to shrink rapidly and finally merged into Leo’s heart along the branches …
The world tree was born hundreds of millions of years ago, which gave birth to a noble elf family. Leo’s fusion at this time, although it is a world tree, is enough to make him change dramatically in the future
But all this, as he woke up, he forgot that Leo felt a little strange after waking up. He was injured yesterday and somehow recovered.
Karla Town is very beautiful in the morning. Hard-working people get up early, but Leo obviously gets up earlier. Dad and sister’s door is closed. Leo didn’t bother. He took some tables of brown bread into his mouth and shook himself. Linen cloth was full of energy and went out.
"Leo got up so early again today."
"Well, Aunt Reese, I’m going to practice my sword."
"When will Little Leo become a trainee soldier?"
"Soon, soon. Bye, Uncle Gandhi."
Leo’s feet are like the wind, and the residents of the small town are warm and kind, and their faces are not depressed at all. Yesterday’s unpleasant experience has been swept away.
However, there are still some psychological shadows outside the martial arts venue. He didn’t bring wood blade today because he wanted to understand that it is better to continue practicing basic swordsmanship than to practice strength. With increased strength, he is sure to become a soldier.
With firm steps, he walked into the huge martial arts field, and no one, Leo, silently went to the corner to prepare for hard training and strive to make progress before the next examination. Who knew that Farr came at this time?
"Waste, you dare to come to the martial arts venue." Farr shouted at him. Although he was ten years old, he was very imposing, but he arrived late. Today, Adam, the instructor, had something urgent to deal with temporarily, so he could not go to the martial arts venue to ask Farr to inform the apprentices to have a holiday and rest today.
Farr didn’t expect Leo to dare to come here. How can he not be angry that Leo should regard his warning yesterday?
"I’m not a loser, Farr. I’ll beat you one day," Leo replied.
"Really?" Farr’s eyes came up with contempt step by step and pulled out the iron sword on the weapon rack and asked, "So now waste Leo, do you dare to compete with me?" If you dare not, you are a waste. "
Leo is equally angry, but he glanced at the weapon rack and didn’t get the big iron sword in the end. Because he couldn’t hold it steadily, he couldn’t even hold the iron sword. How could he compete? And he, wood blade, didn’t bring his first silence in the face of Farr’s challenge today.