208th chapter night fighting be sycophantic.
Even if Xiao Wu broke his head, he couldn’t think that the head of the black wheat pirate group on Pearl Island in the Caspian Sea was actually a sycophantic son, but at the moment, he stood in front of him in a very real and pretty way. Unveiling her veiled fox, her beautiful eyes full of deep affection, her creamy face, her beautiful eyebrows bent like smoke and weeping willows, everything seemed so unreal and beautiful.
But Xiao Wu feels that all this is like a long dream.
Before waking up, the truth, deception, exploitation and disaster caused many painful things. Xiao Wu experienced depression, but it was replaced by a kind of My Sweetie’s deep warmth to see the sycophantic son disappear in an instant.
After a long hug and silent look at each other for a long time, the fox pushed Xiao Wu away: "You guy, something happened to you as soon as I came. Do you know that you scared me? I didn’t sleep for seven days and seven nights during your coma."
"I know that my wife loves me." Shaw five will be sycophantic son in his arms again.
"You heartless bastard only eats my tofu." Be sycophantic son just symbolically struggled and let Xiao Wu hold her in his arms. Although he pretended to be angry, his heart was full of joy.
The thief’s hand is sliding on the sweet buttocks of the sycophant. Xiao Wu whispered in the ear of the sycophant: "Where are Mei Qingqing, Chloe and Lan Mei?"
"You have a little conscience. I still remember their three sisters at this time." Foxy’s finger drew a circle on Xiao Wu’s chest and said softly, "Qingqing, Chloe and Tang Lan went to the Shenyu family."
"Go to Sifang City? God fish family? " Xiao Wu was taken aback. "Why?"
Be sycophantic son a powder punch on the chest of Xiao Wu tut way: "it’s not for your sake? You think we don’t know what you’ve been doing all this time? I can tell you that although we are in the Pearl Island of the Big Wave Caspian Sea. But I know everything about you. We know your current situation like the back of our hand. Chloe and Qingqing went to Sifang City for the mirror of light. Without it, we can’t leave here. Tang Lan’s trip to the Shenyu family was purely diplomatic pressure, otherwise the fish would have come to deal with you. It was only yesterday that I got the news that the fish sound was actually your person! How many women have you played with when we are not around you! "
We were supposed to talk about things, but when it comes to women outside. Be sycophantic son is unbearable a jealousy directly began to xiao five army.
"I am a jade." With sycophantic son, Xiao Wusa is so flustered that even he has no confidence in himself. Because the fox is the fairest fox among his four women and the woman who knows him best in the world. In front of her, he seldom fooled the past.
But the sycophantic son has swept away his previous unruly and willfulness and said softly, "Don’t lie to me about your man’s little playboy. I didn’t know you could be the Lord of the monster beast prairie. Naturally, someone wants to win over your beauty and wealth. I know better than anyone what my own man is."
Xiao Wu’s face suddenly turned red.
Foxy added, "I don’t care about such a thing. But don’t tell Chloe that they admit such a thing, you know? "
Xiao Wu doesn’t know whether to nod or shake his head, but what is certain is that there is such a considerate fox wife. He felt a sense of pride and pride. Shaw five will be sycophantic son tightly in his arms again.
"Mei Er, how did you get into this world?"
"It’s not because of you." Foxy gave Xiao Wu a charming white look. "We found it very hard while you were away. Later, the secret of Shitao Wonderland was revealed. Maybe it’s because both Qingqing and Tang Lan have powers. Keer is also a blood clan in ancient times, and we were dragged into the blood river by some unexplained way. "
Xiao Wu said with some distress, "Then why didn’t you come to me?"
"Looking for you?" Be sycophantic said, "We came to a prehistoric civilization where we are strangers and women want to take advantage of us. Men don’t know how much to cope with. Besides, at that time, we didn’t even know that you were a Lord in the monster beast prairie, otherwise we would have swam across the Caspian Sea to find you. Hmm … What are you doing with your hands?" While listening to the story of sycophantic son, Xiao Wu’s hand has quietly lifted the skirt of sycophantic son along the leg and touched and kneaded the man with a smooth and tender ass.
"Go on, I’m listening attentively." Xiao Wu said brazenly. At this time, Xiao Wu seems to have changed back to Xiao Wu, who works as a security guard in the beauty and body building.
Xiao Wu’s hand made the sycophant feel tender and intoxicated. Where did she want to resist? She said breathlessly while letting Xiao Wu’s thief fool around: "We know that if we want to find you, we have to have a force of our own. We hired mercenaries with power and thought about setting up sects, but these were not practical. So we were helpless and hesitant for a long time when we came to this world, and then we were lucky to the extreme. We met the former Black Wheat Pirate Group. Long Engel Jones took us to Pearl Island. In fact, at that time, the Black Wheat Pirate Corps was suffering the biggest disaster in history. There were traitors outside the enemy, and my ability was given opportunities and space in such an environment. I used my fox family’s shipbuilding technology to transform their pirate ship and do business with several families in the blood river community, so that the Black Wheat Pirate Corps could gradually get out of the predicament. Unfortunately, Engel Jones died in a battle. She asked me to take her place before she died … "
"What happened later?" Xiao Wu murmured that his hand had slipped through the narrow fig leaf into a place where it shouldn’t have slipped, and his tentacles felt soft and moist.
"Well … damn it, do I have a future like this?"
"Wife" Xiao Wu suddenly whispered, "We haven’t been together for a long time. How about we go to bed?"
Be sycophantic son took a white look at Xiao Wu and didn’t promise or not. In fact, her feet were a little soft when she heard this sentence.
"You are not ashamed to play during the day …"
Xiao Wu picked up the sycophantic son in two steps and pressed her on the soft bedding.
"After that, let’s start looking for Qingqing, Chloe and Tang Lan at once, okay?"
"You have slept for ten days, even if they are already on their way back."
"What?" Xiao Wu was so excited that he burst out laughing, and then he pressed the sycophantic son on the bed. "Then we can rest assured that we will be happy to do it!"
"Death!" Be sycophantic son poked a finger on Xiao Wu’s forehead, but coquetry has already moved the fox’s innate top obsequiousness.
Slowly separate the fox’s left leg and slowly separate the fox’s right leg. Xiao Wu’s movement is as light as turning a white omelet for fear that his tender legs will break when he tries hard.
"I said … how do you ink up? Why are you always touching your knees? "
"I want to see you." Xiao Wu’s hand slipped forward a little bit, and it slipped forward a little after touching it twice in the thigh of satiny …
"Blare ….." The coquettish son whispered a wink, closed his delicate red lips and slightly opened his white shell teeth, biting his lower lip gently, looking like a miserable and charming girl.
It was a faint landscape painting covered with cotton cloth soaked in water. Xiao Wu’s fingers were on the cotton cloth, counting the warps, wefts and hairless lines one by one. He tried to squeeze excess water out of the cloth, but it backfired. More and more viscous water made the beautiful, hazy and mysterious landscape painting clearer. On that hillside, the folds of rocks are deep and clear, and the mountains, streams, springs, green grass and luxuriant flowers are beautiful.
Shaw five suddenly gather together too much to …
"Oooo ….." Be sycophantic son’s waist suddenly arched and his fingers gripped Xiao Wu’s head tightly, but at this moment she didn’t know whether to lift the man’s head or simply … plug it in … The empty feeling had made her lose her mind mysteriously.
Enough tossing, as if enough tossing.
"Brother, you haven’t done it for a long time …"
"hmm." Xiao Wu nodded fiercely.
Xiao Wu is still that Xiao Wu. His tenderness is usually in some irrelevant places.
"I told you to be gentle!"
"Isn’t it very light?"
Be sycophantic and "turn your ass up."
"Don’t become warped … oh! I, I … Become warped … "
Be sycophantic "…"

Chapter two hundred and nine Eat tofu
At one time, I thought that Xu Qingqing had fallen into the hands of the ever-changing venerable master, and the whereabouts of Foxy, Qin Keer and Tang Lan were also unknown. Now they all appeared. Although only Foxy was around, it was a gift to Xiao Wu.
How did Qinglong take away the six-level divine power and the ever-changing immortal spirit of the venerable Xiao Wu didn’t know how it was reborn. Xiao Wu didn’t know why Qinglong didn’t kill him after telling Xiao Wu everything. Xiao Wu didn’t even know that things had reached this point. Xiao Wu didn’t even have any idea. All he could do was wait.
The defeat of the big demon country did not rally troops to fight back in a short time. Eight-armed apes and armored crocodiles were killed on the spot by the king of the four monster beasts, such as the three-eyed ghost tiger wings. All the monster beast soldiers under their command surrendered or were killed, and the monster beast prairie returned to its previous calm. Xiaohe finally met his present, and the three-eyed ghost tiger wanted to take him away from the fire. Although he was very reluctant, he had to say goodbye.
The king of the four monster beasts of the old generation declared that Xiao Wu was the Lord of the monster beast prairie, but did not recognize that the monster beast prairie was the territory of the Sanqing Dynasty. In other words, even if Princess Moonlight comes with a giant knife army, they will be attacked by the monster beast army without the consent of Xiao Wu.
Plus Feiluo and Bailong monster beast prairie, there are now six monster beast kings, and the older generation of monster beast kings have returned to their own territories, and Feiluo and Bailong have stayed in Xiantao City. This ending is undoubtedly the best for Xiao Wu, because the six monster beast kings are loyal to him.
After dealing with the post-war affairs, Xiao Wu will climb to the summit of Wonderland Mountain every day to look at the direction of the Caspian Sea and the direction of Sifang City. The status of lords, the military strength and wealth of Xiantao City are all floating clouds for him now, and he wants to get the land most. It’s just a reunion with Qin Keer, be sycophantic, Xu Qingqing and Tang Lan.
But I haven’t seen Xu Qingqing and them come back for four days. Xiao Wu is impatient. On the fifth morning, he arrived at the top of Wonderland Mountain early in the morning.
The mountain air is very fresh in the morning. All kinds of natural energy reserves are abundant. Xiao Wu took a deep breath. At most, he just practiced his powers. He lost his six-level Long Li, and his Long Li returned to the initial bud. It was too late for him to practice from scratch.
Fortunately, however, Xiao Wu’s four powers originated from his four women, and now the sycophantic son has returned to his side. Every night, his weakening and toxic immunity powers fly up. And as long as Tang Lan and Xu Qingqing they come back to the other three powers will surely improve quickly. This makes Xiao Wu, who lost the sixth level of Longli, feel a little gratified.
As in the past, I absorbed enough metal elements, and Xiao Wu stood up. The armor of the power born on him was faintly reflecting the sunshine. Eyes rested on a tree ten meters away in front of Xiao Wu suddenly punched him from a distance. A black shadow came out to sell. With a bang, a metal fist hit the trunk like a shell, followed by a bang, and the tree as thick as his thigh was broken from it.