Just as Yun Xuan is not sure whether Ma is in the right evolutionary direction, Ma also feels that it is the most correct and perfect way to choose evolution.
The two of them spoke to each other.
But it doesn’t matter.
They can coexist peacefully without much interference with each other.
In that case, there is no need to be hostile to each other.
Of course, occasionally showing some rivalry in front of Yun Mingyuan can relieve Yun Mingyuan’s pressure, so they are willing to do it.
At this time, Yunmingyuan didn’t know that all kinds of childish rivalry dramas of former Yunxuan and Ma were actually self-directed and self-performed dramas of Yunxuan and Ma.
Now he has devoted himself to the machine that Li has just made, leaving a mark in this time so that Yun Mingyuan will not deviate from this time.
Chapter 7 Too ChuYu
Yunmingyuan was silent for a few seconds when he heard this name.
"That’s a coincidence."
Qian Yunxuan and Ma told him about Pei Ding and the prison.
But at that time Yunmingyuan didn’t care much about the idea of revenge.
It’s not that he can really laugh off the former hatred, but he hasn’t found Han Xiumo Yunmingyuan and has no time to deal with the former things.
He was quite surprised that Han Xiumo fell directly near the prison.
It happens that he can also go to prison to see his former friends.
Han Xiu ink listen to YunMingYuan tone is not quite right one leng "what’s the matter? Is there anything wrong with this prison? "
"No, it’s just that there are a few old friends in it." Yunmingyuan Wen Han Xiumo said, "You wait for me there and I’ll pick you up soon."
"Good" Han Xiumo noticed that the message from Yunmingyuan disappeared and took one look at the prison gate with some wonder.
No, Yun Mingyuan can have any old friends in prison.
He suddenly remembered that Yunmingyuan had been calculated before he reached the realm of fixing truth.
Although Qian Yunmingyuan also said that if they were not calculated, they might not have the opportunity to meet.
But Han Xiumo still can’t do it. Don’t mind those people!
Speaking of Yun Mingyuan’s old friend in prison, I’m afraid there is also that person, right?
Yunmingyuan told him that the Star Empire was a country ruled by law.
The empire forbids killing.
If it is in the field of fix true, some people calculate that Han Xiumo will definitely make them regret living in the world.
Generation altruism that master and brother have long been his calculation bones.
However, in the world where Yun Mingyuan lives, he can’t kill the culprit who caused Yun Mingyuan to cross to fix the true world.
Han Xiumo felt that she could not stand this injustice.
But this is an empire, and it’s not something you can do. Even if you are dissatisfied, you must hold back your temper and thoughts.
What’s more, the man who framed Yun Mingyuan has been put in prison. If he does it in the imperial prison, it will attract attention.
Han Xiumo took a deep breath and walked away from the prison to avoid being suspected that he wanted to do something to the people in the prison.
Han Xiumo, who is lonely around, did not pay attention to the surrounding situation.
Not far away, a voice suddenly came out, "Dr. Han?"
Han Xiumo is one leng.
Dr. Han, that’s what people who call garbage stars call it.
This sound sounds familiar.
But think about Han Xiumo, but I can’t remember where I heard it.
He paused to pretend that he didn’t hear at all.
However, this idea is obviously not successful.
Not far away, you can tell that you are not alone just by listening to the sound.
Han Xiumo can’t even think of himself as knowing nothing.
He took a deep breath and turned around.
Han Xiumo was really stunned when he saw the man not far away.
He has indeed seen this man.
When the empire sent someone to negotiate with him.
It’s about the potion and Yunmingyuan
Those people are also attracted by Han Xiumo himself.
The man in front of him was in the negotiating team at that time.
But he doesn’t seem to be feeling anything. Han Xiumo didn’t even bother to pay attention.
He blinked. If he is not mistaken, the man in front of him is now dressed as if he were an imperial monarch.
This is really … surprising.
At that time, there was also an empire in the team of negotiators with him.
But at that time, Han Xiumo said nothing about it.
Wanted to think Han Xiumo simply as if he didn’t know this person at all.
"What can I do for this gentleman?"
Han Xiumo tries his best to be peaceful.