When Lan Chen came back, Xiaoqi was still awake and took the medicine. She was not so uncomfortable just now and her spirit was much better.
"Would you like some water?" The blue morning sound is very gentle, and even the door is very careful.
Xiaoqi nodded. Although he didn’t really want to drink water, at this moment he didn’t want to brush Lanchen’s mind.
"Wang Lao said that you were caught in the rain and had a cold rest for two days, so it wouldn’t matter, but …" Lan Chen handed the water to Xiao Qiyi’s awkward pair.
"But what?" Xiao qi took a sip of water and asked
"Wang Lao said that your liver and spleen are out of order, and your anger hurts your liver and hurts your lungs. You should take good care of it."
Xiaoqi casually "oh" for a while, and the old man loves nothing. The whole thing is estimated to be a lot of prescriptions!
"Xiao Qi!"
Lanchen called for a sitting beside his bed and conveniently took away the cup in his hand.
"Is it because of …?" Lan Chen was so worried that he didn’t dare to look at Xiao Qi’s eyes. He was afraid that if he saw the pain in Xiao Qi’s eyes, he would be tempted to kill that bastard now.
"What? !” Xiaoqi can’t understand. He has a fever. Why are you pulling that bastard?
"Don’t be afraid, I will avenge you."
Swear tone with malicious definitely cold Xiao Qi back a cold busy way "you don’t mess around and it’s been so long, you should know that Vice Mayor Luo has the ability to keep the position of vice city after retiring from the mayor’s high position. It can be seen that they have an unusual connection and leave. You are more reasonable than me to kill a Luo Yi, but you are not alone in the trouble that follows."
"But he … he …" Suddenly blue morning violent chest ups and downs, of course, he knew the meaning of Xiao Qi’s words. If he hadn’t worried so much, Luo Zao had been killed by him to be continued.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-six Master, don’t love me!
It is rare to see Lan Chen so furious. Xiaoqi is also surprised, but he is more curious about what Luo has done to offend this statue of death.
Did he know that Luo San was plundered to the hotel?
It’s impossible. Even if Lan Chen is well informed, it’s impossible to know what happened in the dark, right?
Was he followed by the Blue Morning Man?
This is even more impossible. If someone follows him, he will be rescued at the first time instead of saving himself.
But think about this person’s abnormal attitude these days. He just gnashed his teeth at Luo Xiaoqi and was not sure.
"But what? What happened to him? " It’s just a fantasy. It’s better to ask directly.
Don’t want to blue morning gu stared at him bite a tooth even words all don’t say.
Unwilling to Xiao Qi asked again, "What happened to you? Say it! "
Lan Chen looked at someone’s curious face for a long time before he angrily said, "How can he treat me? I dare not lend him ten more bravery just like he did."
This makes Xiao Qi more curious. Didn’t he do anything to him? Why do you look indignant?
"What do you want to avenge me?" Damn it, he didn’t really know about that, did he?
Lanchen stopped talking and left her face sulked.
Xiaoqi "thumped" in his heart. When he saw this, he really knew it for a long time and sighed and said, "Did you know all that?"
No wonder the man rushed back to China the day after the accident. No wonder these days …
"This ….. in fact, it’s nothing but a flesh wound. It’s just a man’s minor injury …"
Xiao qi hasn’t finished yet. I turned around and saw Lan Chen darting up with an evil spirit.
"Nothing? A flesh wound? !”
Lan Chen stared at Xiao Qi’s eyes so savagely, but the expression in his eyes was the opposite. It was a deep pain.
I don’t know how this look made Xiao Qi breathe and his heart hurt inexplicably.
Damn it! How come…
Suddenly Lan Chen grabbed Xiao Qi and pressed him hard to his chest. "It’s okay, Xiao Qi, it’s all my fault. I swear I will avenge you."
"Hey, don’t mess around. If it’s someone else, it’s okay to solve it, but it happened that he’s a child of Luo Sanshao’s vice city. If it’s a little bit of a mistake, even if it’s backed by your uncle’s house, it’s futile. You should know the seriousness."
"I know!" Lan Chen said that holding Xiao Qi’s hand is more powerful, and he will not know it.
"Blue Morning, we can’t bear this responsibility. Besides, things have passed and I haven’t suffered any losses. People like me are not worth it." Xiaoqi is good at persuasion for this stubborn donkey
"Who said I killed him?" Lan Chen is not happy.
Xiaoqi rolled her eyes in her heart, but still coaxed, "Even if it is me, it is not worth it."
"How can it be worth asking you to see which man’s wife has been held by others … others? I can’t swallow this tone. I have to cut his dick and make him a eunuch."
When I heard that Xiaoqi was very refuting, I suddenly felt overwhelmed.
That’s all. Go to bed!
Xiaoqi silently pulled the quilt and didn’t think much of Lan Chen’s hind feet. He pulled the quilt and stuck it next to him.
"What are you doing here?" Xiaoqinu
Lan Chen looked smug. "Aunt Ye Shushe said to let me take care of you."
What are you pretending to be? Is he deaf? It was Xiao Xun who came out just now, and Ye Shu and her aunt went back to sleep at ease. When did you ask him to take care of it?
Even taking care of … Don’t sleep in the same bed?
Damn it, this scale is big!
"Go!" Xiaoqi kick
"Don’t go!" Lanchendu
"You give me let go … get out!"
"Don’t let go. Aunt Ye Shushe told me to take care of you."
"I don’t believe that" there is such a care for people?
"Ask them if you don’t believe me!"
"You …"
"Stop fooling around and go to sleep!"
"…" Xiao Qi opened his eyes and didn’t talk.
Lan Chen can’t help but give herself three likes!
A turn of mind reminds Xiao Qi of her mouth.
"Oh, I forgot to tell you one thing."