This shows that Poseidon Beads must be hiding some secrets.
"Yes, when you were attacked by a monster on the crystal wall, I sensed that the beauty pearl was there. I have already ordered the crab Lord to let it take you to the sacred palace of the sea when it meets you."
"You’re really trying to win this beauty bead." Cheyenne sneered at the Poseidon Palace, which was so treacherous.
Poseidon Palace Master waved his hand and said, "I can give you something better if you hand over the beauty beads and then send you away safely."
"I won’t give you the beauty bead," Cheyenne said firmly.
The face of the Lord of Poseidon Palace changed. "Don’t push me!"
"Haha, can you endure me?" Cheyenne arrogance laughed and said
"Good good!" The Lord of Poseidon Palace said three "good" words in a row, raised his hand and summoned a purple crystal halo to put Cheyenne and themis in it, then smiled coldly and Cheyenne and themis disappeared in front of it.
"Since I can’t kill you myself, let other aliens kill you!" Poseidon palace palace master to himself.
With a flash of light, Cheyenne and themis were forced to be sent to the crystal maze, and a player appeared in front of them. It was Thor Hammer, the president of the savage royal family.
Kill someone with a knife!
As soon as Cheyenne saw Raytheon’s hammer, he immediately understood the intention of the master of Poseidon Palace. Obviously, he wanted Cheyenne’s hammer to kill each other, while he watched two tigers compete in the dark.
But why doesn’t it do it itself? Cheyenne pondered carefully and suddenly remembered what the Lord of Poseidon Palace had just said, and realized that it was probably because of the beauty bead to be continued.
Chapter 316 True and False Palace Master
Cheyenne finally understood why the Lord of Poseidon Palace didn’t do it himself.
The palace master of Poseidon Palace said that it gave the beauty bead to Cheyenne just to prevent Cheyenne from killing it. This said that the beauty bead has strange power, which made Cheyenne speculate that this power is likely to be mutual, and the palace master of Poseidon Palace may also attack Cheyenne who owns the beauty bead.
The crystal door disappeared automatically after sending Cheyenne to the maze.
What a vicious scheme to drive away that wolf! Cheyenne knew that he had been cheated by the Lord of Poseidon Palace again, and when he got back the Beauty Pearl in France, he thought of other players in Lihai Palace.
Raytheon Hammer saw Cheyenne and themis grinning. "You asked me to find a good job and hand over your beads. I won’t kill you!"
"How dare you!" Cheyenne sneers that he is not a good man and a woman, and the other party is so unreasonable, how can he be willing to show weakness and immediately meet him?
As soon as Raytheon saw Cheyenne’s skill, he knew that the other party was not easy to play, but he still forced the other party to fight recklessly out of self-confidence. The two men were forced to retreat at the same time, and the distance between the two sides was actually a few.
Raytheon hammer is surprised in his heart, but the strength growth of the shield warrior profession is the highest in all occupations. The other party can’t see that the specific professional miscellaneous equipment can be evenly divided! This fruit has a great impact on Thor’s hammer. He thinks that his exercise, equipment and attributes are the top level. If his strength confuses him, the shield warrior is definitely the enemy, but his performance in front of him is really beyond his expectation!
This recklessly, both sides are ordinary attacks without the only influence of skills. The result of this blow is the strength attribute. The Raytheon hammer thinks that the strength is the top level. How can the other side’s equipment be neither fish nor fowl? Then the only possibility is that the other side is stronger!
After Thor hammer came to this theory, even he himself had some ways to be sure that he was already a master at the highest level, but the other side was even stronger than him!
Cheyenne is never better than this, which makes his hands numb. The strength of the other side is really not to be underestimated. If he hadn’t learned some skills of using force, he might not have been able to fight against Raytheon hammer.
"Come again!" Raytheon hammer roars at Cheyenne with a spike shield in one hand.
Cheyenne, hey, hey, smile. Unless he’s stupid, he’ll fight with Raytheon Hammer again. His king’s sword picks at the side of Raytheon Hammer Shield and lets the overshoot come over Raytheon Hammer.
Raytheon hammer body staggered forward body suddenly a blunt unexpectedly also don’t return to themis.
"Too treacherous!" Cheyenne saw where Raytheon’s hammer move was still not white. His intention was that he actually wanted to shoot themis. themis fucked Cheyenne. Even if she woke up, she would flash Raytheon’s hammer attack.
Cheyenne is not in a hurry to turn around and rescue. Hey, hey, smile. Take a shot at themis with Raytheon hammer.
Themis saw Raytheon hammer coming, and he was not afraid of his feet. As soon as he took a step, Raytheon hammer shield came head-on to her head.
I can’t hide!
Themis saw the whirring shield and wanted to flicker, only to find that he couldn’t come.
Seeing that the shield was about to fall in front of themis’s thor’s hammer, the impulse suddenly froze his feet and he couldn’t move any more. It turned out that he had placed a frozen trap before Cheyenne, and his shield was several centimeters away from themis at this time.
"It’s really shameful that the president of the savage royal family should be so despicable to sneak up on an unarmed little girl!" Cheyenne mocked a sign for themis to take out Poseidon Beads and leave, and he also took out Beauty Beads to prepare for retreating while Raytheon hammered away.
If Cheyenne would have a big fight with Raytheon Hammer in normal times, but now there are still Neptune Palace lords eyeing him secretly, how can he put the time wave on Raytheon Hammer? That’s not worth it.
Who knows that themis’s Poseidon Beads in Cheyenne’s hand burst into a strong suction like giving birth to induction, and directly sucked the Poseidon Beads in Cheyenne’s hand. themis’s Poseidon Beads touched a dazzling light to form a shock wave and violently rushed to the surrounding crystal walls. When the shock wave met, it was like ice and snow meeting a raging flame, which melted quickly!
Themis, with Poseidon Beads in her hand, was bathed in dazzling golden awns. Her appearance changed miraculously, and finally she became the owner of Poseidon Palace.
As the crystal wall dissipates, a number of sea monsters appear around Cheyenne and the urgent voice of the palace master of Poseidon Palace also rings at this time, "All sea tribes listen to orders to clear the alien parts of the holy palace!"
Sea monster heard Poseidon palace master command toward Cheyenne their position.
"You should also have the ability to command these monsters. Try it quickly." Cheyenne looked like a tidal monster and hurriedly woke up themis while he started Qiang Yin and disappeared.
"Get rid of that alien!" Themis was skeptical and pointed at Raytheon Hammer. All kinds of monsters respectfully avoided leaving a huge white area to go straight at Raytheon Hammer when passing by themis.
Further away, the two little friends of Raytheon Hammer struggled a little and went to the underworld for tea.
"It seems that the beauty is beaded." Cheyenne looked around and took the initiative to avoid monsters and felt a little relieved.
Themis was surprised. "I seem to be able to sense the main position of Poseidon Palace."
"Where is it?" Cheyenne hurriedly asked
"Not far ahead" themis pointed to the left side of the road.
Cheyenne looked at Thor’s hammer, which was about to be submerged by monsters. "Wait a minute, let’s see if Thor’s hammer can explode anything. He’s a good thing!"
In themis, the goods are still thinking about the black Raytheon hammer equipment.
Thor’s hammer is really brave. His shield warrior is not a vegetarian, but there are too many monsters in front of him. He is stuck in the monster and tries his best to resist it for dozens of seconds. After that, Thor’s hammer force falls to the ground.
Raytheon’s hammer died in Cheyenne, the crab Lord. Look at the score, something really exploded from Raytheon’s hammer body, but he knew that the crab Lord could see through his strong concealment. At this time, it was different from a trap, so he asked themis to command the monster army to attack the place where Poseidon Palace was located.
"All the fish terrans have heard that someone is pretending to be the palace master in the sacred palace of the sea. Go and get it for me!" As soon as themis ordered the monster group to go to Poseidon Palace immediately, the place where the palace master was located was to be continued.
Chapter 317 Poseidon bag