"If you have any plans to go to the Alliance Department in the future, the Capital Royal Veterinary College is a very good place."
"Besides, it is the Shuilu Veterinary College, which is characterized by the fact that their water, wood and dragon veterinary departments are the best among all colleges."
"Because the founding of Shuilu College was the alliance of three pillars, the strong black goat."
"So Shuilu College is also a good place to go if you develop into these categories in the future."
"The advantage of Modu Royal Veterinary College is not that it has rich teaching resources, but that Modu is the city with the fastest economic and technological development in the alliance."
"This leads to the fact that students who graduated from Magic Capital can often find a well-paid job soon after graduation, and the prospect is very good."
"The words of Skyfire Veterinary College can be seen only from the name. Fire, rock and fighting are their specialties. After all, the Skyfire Veterinary College is full of volcanoes, and it is a paradise for fire veterinarians."
"According to your current development direction, Skyfire Veterinary College may be more suitable for you."
"Compared with the previous four colleges, the biggest feature of the Wild Animal Husbandry College in the end is cruelty."
Lu yuan heard for the first time that the characteristics of a university can be shaped by the word "cruelty"
"Well, it’s cruel."
"The teaching philosophy of Wilderness Veterinary College is that all resources must be won by students themselves after natural selection."
"This leads to the fact that the strong in the Wild Veterinary College are always strong and the weak."
"So every year, many students from Wild Veterinary College choose to drop out of school because they can’t accept this cruel teaching method."
"Besides the teaching philosophy, there is another feature that many students can accept?"
Lu Yuan asked curiously, "What are the characteristics?"
"That is, the students of Wild Animal College often need to join the fierce beast tide battle."
"Because the Wild Animal Husbandry College was founded in the westernmost wild area of the Union"
"It’s close to the wild land, and there are a lot of fierce beasts and alien invasions every year."
"In order to cope with this situation, candidates from the Wild Veterinary College often receive help to resist the tide of fierce beasts."
"This makes students die every year in Wild Animal Husbandry College, which makes many candidates avoid it."
"It is also this reason that in recent years, there are fewer and fewer candidates who are willing to enter the Wild Animal Husbandry College."
When I heard these words, Liu Yuan suddenly came up with a college to build a wild wasteland.
It’s true that cruelty is a feature of this college.
"Master Wilderness Veterinary College can still rank among the top five veterinary colleges with such cruel teaching methods, so it must have its own uniqueness?"
"Well, that’s what I came to tell you."
"Wild Animal Husbandry College can rank among the top five colleges in the alliance because there is an alliance in its wild field, and there is no special spiritual power anywhere else-wild spiritual power."
"Wild spirit force is a special spirit force in the wild field. If it is washed and strengthened by wild spirit force for a long time, it will reach a terrible level."
"It is also because of this special spiritual power that a new favorite beast, the wild pet beast, was born in the wilderness."
"Wild pets are not necessarily innate, but wild spirits can be cultivated through the day after tomorrow."
"This makes many animal warders who seek this power enter the wilderness every year to try to help them break through."
"But they also need to pay a price if they want to cultivate wild spiritual power."
"That is to talk about whether an organization or an individual wants to stay in the wilderness for a long time and must contribute to the wilderness, that is, to change the time."
"The biggest advantage of entering the Wild Animal Husbandry College is that you don’t have to spend your contribution to stay in the wild field during the four years of study."
"And the wild spiritual strength is not a pet animal to strengthen the flesh, even for the royal animal trainer. This is not small."
"Some powerful wild animal benders can compete with pet animals in physical strength."
"But the wild spirit is the Lord, which means that they also have the same for fierce beasts."
"This is also the reason why the wilderness requires outsiders to contribute to their stay. After all, it is too difficult to rely on people in the wilderness to resist the tide of fierce beasts."
After listening to these, Lu Yuan also had a certain understanding of five top colleges.
To be fair, these five colleges have their own advantages and disadvantages.
But there are two places that really attract Lu Yuan. One is Skyfire Veterinary College, and the other is Wild Veterinary College.
Skyfire Veterinary College is a sacred place of fire attributes.
Whether it’s Tam or holding the breath of purgatory, he said
Going to such a place is suspected of getting a rapid rise.
The Great Wilderness Veterinary College is equally attractive to Lu Yuan.
Can strengthen the wild spirit of the physical body
For a land source with that ability of "breathing" and "navy six style"
The attraction of physical strengthening is self-evident.
What Liu Yuan also came up with a bold idea.
That is, can you also integrate the wild spirit into the royal animal food?
In this way, the strengthening effect of your own life is likely to far exceed that of the average person.
But the shortcomings of the Wild Veterinary College are also very obvious.
From time to time to help resist the tide of fierce beasts.
Anything can happen in such a large-scale battle
With the system, is it necessary for him to take such a risk with wild spirit?
Just as Lu Yuan was lost in thought, a tender sound appeared that had not appeared for a long time.
"Master master to wild! Go to the wild! "
Liu Yuan was stunned when he heard the iconic children’s voice of the world tree.
Then I was curious and asked, "What makes me go to the wild?"
Chapter 136′ Life Return’ with’ Door Dunjia’
When I heard Lu Yuan asking about the world tree, I immediately began to explain.
"Master, I let you go to the wilderness because the wilderness is wild and Li Huang is a kind of vitality."
"In that environment, I will grow much faster and bring you more benefits."
"I know this because I was brought out of the wilderness by the dreamland."
"But I have a vague memory of it. I remember coming out there, but I can’t remember it."
Oh? There’s this thing?
Hearing the world tree say that Mang Li Huang is also a kind of vitality, Lu Yuan suddenly became interested.
Vitality is the most special force that land resources come into contact with at present.
In addition to the fierce beast ingredients will contain a little vitality
The only place it spread out when it saw the vitality world tree shadow Kirin knife.
His local land source has never encountered vitality again.
The vitality is not much to say whether to repair the body’s dark injury or improve the body’s strength.
Vitality is very significant.